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WMDs: Hussein recordings found.

S3nd K3ys
Worldnetdaily wrote:
Saturday, January 7, 2006

Intelligence Summit to unveil secret recordings

Posted: January 7, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

WASHINGTON A former intelligence analyst currently working as a civilian contractor will unveil publicly what he believes to be recordings of Saddam Hussein's office meetings discussing his program of developing weapons of mass destruction at an International Intelligence Summit in the nation's capital next month.

The highly confidential audio was overlooked when it was found in a warehouse along with many other untranslated Iraqi intelligence files, according to the contractor. The recordings are very significant because they may contain audio of Saddam's secret intentions regarding weapons of mass destruction, he says.

There's also recordings sent to Hussein by Russian intelligence, recordings of private conversations between Bush, Blair, and Berlusconi. How Russian intelligence managed to record it, I have no idea. But the conversations were made in the same month as the Downing Street memos, so, if any such recordings are to be released, I'd like to see that these be released as well:

At least, after the war is over, there is absolutely no reason why the government should have to keep it a secret. (BTW, weren't Russian resources involved in moving material between Iraq and syria just prior to invasion?
I suggest you stop quoting your sources.

In the beginning we actually thought you'd make an effort to use something un-biased...

Also on WorldNetDaily

[First Page ]

Need I say more? Laughing

Unbiased just went down the hole with you didn't it?

More on WorldNetDaily:

(In The Face Of Evil (TM) heh heh)

Come on you guys... could atleast TRY to get some REAL sources/news can't you?
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