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is s3ndk3ys bill o reilly ?

seems this 'no spin' rhetoric is popular with both s3ndk3ys , and bill....maybe they're the same piece of shit ?
s3nd k3ys wrote:
maybe they're the same piece of shit ?

<sarcasm>while I share your suspicion of both being the same person</sarcasm>

I would like to ask you not to use "flaming" prone language.

More rhetoric popular with s3nd k3ys and Bill O'Reilly

" I don't Care ! "

" I could Care Less ! "

and other lines similar to : " Personally, I don't give a rat's *ss ! "
somnific hit the nail on the head,

i like to record samples from fox news , for sound stuff i do , , its unbelievable that guy's spiel is broadcast across the world , none the less - i have to admit i find it entertaining in a kind of masochistic , disgusted way

apologies for the potential 'flame-bait' nature of this thread......but s3ndk3ys is such a relentless nazi , i had to let loose.
Idea You cannot fight a Nazi by becoming one can you? Wink

Exclamation Note: the word "fight" here is purely explanatory.
thats debatable. the US forces air bombed large buildings with huge red crosses painted on their roof. ....that was when they fought the nazis.

seems to me , they defeated the nazis by 'becoming' them (which came first , the chicken or the egg?)

while you or I might not condone it , that does not make it untrue

I don't think the American War plan included Concentration Camps and the systematic annihilation of entire communities.

I have a collection of lectures and interviews of karlheinz stockhausen compiled by robin maconie.

I've just got the book from my bag , and I'm typing this for your benefit....this an account from when karlheinz was a medic , during world war 2

when it became clear that the war was lost, the decline in human morality took me by no surprise. morals no longer meant anything. i learned that death was nothing i would be afraid of. several times i came close to dying. i saw that when people were determined to win, as the americans and english were then, they wouldnt hesitate to choose the most inhuman methods to win by. there was an enormous red cross painted on the roof of our building, clearly visible from the air, but they had no problem in shooting at it, right into the wounded, every day, and dropping phosphate afterwards. it became very clear to me that people acting collectively on a large scale could become completely impersonal and unconcerned, caring only to win, thats all.

prior to that paragraph , he was describing the attitude of the wounded americans he treated....they were completely brainwashed and certain they would be tortured upon falling into german hands. he spoke fluent english at the time , and put the dying at ease.....he played music for them.....yadda yadda...

anyways , i guess my point was that while i wouldnt condone becoming a nazi to defeat one , it certainly worked for the US. and as for the chicken and egg remark , my point there is that when you look at the usa , and its birth as a nation....its pretty hideous. comparable at least to the alleged, widely accepted attrocities of the third reich.

i'm anticipating some headlines from s3ndk3ys , about germans torturing children...or some kind of horrific tale to that effect.
Hmmm...I had read about similar instances of "inhumanity" during the war.

Never equated it with the Nazis before.

Were there any actually up-front instances of extreme torture towards Nazi soldiers after there defeat similar to those The Nazis had subjected their captives and the Jews to?

E.g., death by gassing, starvation of inmates and Jews at Concentration camps (made popular by the ghastly images available on the net of naked starving Jewish men and women, forced labour.

Human rights were certainly not upheld to their last word.
But were we really AS bad as the Nazis?

I think not.

But that's a question.
i hesitate to laugh...but you seem to be caught up in a moment of time. world war II. my point is that the USA acted like nazis , before the nazis did. before the war , long before it. as ive mentioned in a few posts tonight......

the culling of the indigenous peoples of north america.
giving them smallpox infected blankets. thats especially striking to me , its like primitive chemical warfare. man, you can do the research yourself on this issue cos I;m about to go to bed.


as a side note:
hows about american corporations like IBM supplying , installing , programming and maintaining the primitive computer systems used to organise the holocaust ?

hows about american corporations like coca cola creating and selling fanta orange to the nazis ?

its quite popular for american corporations to finance dictators , because dictators keep the workforce inline - its a safe investment. and that , to me equates to shared responsibility - and a more insideous role at that.

but american corporations arent the point here....and ive got to sleep

good night
David Letterman, To Bill O'Reilly:"I have a feeling that 60% of what you say is crap."

Watch it here:
The smallpox was touche.
ya i seen most of that interview....I wish Dave was harder on him... bill still got some of his rhetoric to float...
research isn't necessary...i know about the smallpox episode.
OK then. Another flame post regarding S3nd K3ys, and this thread is getting locked. Let's not start threads about our opinions on other members. Someone already tried to do that when I sent a warning to him about something, and I locked those threads, so let's refraing from making new threads criticizing other members jst because we disagree with them ok?
S3nd K3ys
ummm... Shocked

should have been -locked-
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