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Threat to Members

While online i careless posted the ip of a guest in the "Mercora groupchat" The Ip was off a member online in the chatroom. This erated him and the whole chatroom ganged up on me. Because they are people i have had no reason to sucspece any degree of hazard from I agree to make the member i infrigend ungraded to a site moderator. The next thing i know the software for Mercora crashes and then i have trouble getting back in. I found this odd, because the chat is self moderating and the adminastation would not be in the room. The next thing i know the e107 based website i had has 3/5ths of its user added content wiped. The chatroom ppl said that if i were a developer i could get it back. My site member a trusted friend CheesmanCubed saw it happen. The sites forum, articles, and News where wiped out. Then one of the chat members started reading information off of my site the deleted parts. I have reason to beleave that the post are still there an im willing to pay all of my Frih$ to get it back. This is extremely important to me. There is a posibbly that the software that was used can be used on any of the members of frihost. This is a srucrity issue.
I hope that I can gain assistants in this manner and prevent further information

Ps if you are going to bug me about IPprivate then dont because the ip address was posted only in a chatroom with 5 active members, so there is no theat to that ip address other that the users own paranoia, and we have a bigger theat at hand.
first off...did you have all of the security fixes for e107? i presume you use v0.6174 ....the latest version is v0.6175


This new release addresses multiple security exploits as reported by Secunia. You should upgrade your 0.6174 site with these new files immediately. All open security exploits on Secunia are patched by this release.

if you do have the latest patch you should report this immediatly on e107 forums..

Maybe they can help you out... Neutral
This is not E107 Security advice forum. It's called Web Hosting Support.

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