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age of mythology

quick games but still interesting...
do not need to learn a lot of different stuff to play... almost anyone can pick up the concept within a night
Well it might be easy to understand but i didn't like it gameplay and its graphics as well. Age of Empires. The Age of Kings was my favourite. and i really wasted alot of time on it.
The graphics aren't bad at all. And the gameplay is pretty standard. I like Age of Mythology. The campaigns are very good too. I like the story. But that's just me. I like to fight with Mythological creatures, such as the minotaur and the anubite.
Its funny how these games are all the same, Black & white, age of empire ect. All the same. I find it boring with all these games ripping off others engine.
The whole series is just ripoff on comand and conquer.
This game is very similar to AOE2 built on the same engine I believe.
I do know that Age of Mythology is a lot like Age of Empires (the makers blantantly advertise this on the box themselves), but I'm not sure how compares to other games like Black and White or Command and Conquer. Maybe I should try out the fairly new Black and White 2 for PC, or get one of the Command and Conquer games if they go on sale.
I've been wanting to try Black and White 2. I had Age of Mythology, but my CD is messed up now so it installs everything except for the units, making it a gigantic blank map. I also want to try Empire at war when it comes out next month. I'm not sure what engine it uses, but I know that the team that made it is made up of many of the original C&C developers.
I do notice that the hosting server is a bit of a pain.

it is sometimes hard to create users and not sure how well it is supported.

a lot of those games are the same engine it seems... EE, AoE, CC, etc... but it does have the interesting twist of some mythology... might as well learn a little something while killing a few hours LOL

I do like how the games can usually be resolved within 20-30min. Empire Earth use to be 4-6-8hr marathons and you know you will win but long games...

the skills of the different titan and powers are kinda neat... and beating the computer when he has snuck up and created a tital and a wonder can be fun.

I do not like how you can not set some of the units to be more logical... like if you are being attacked by that wolf power... go inside automatically... and when it is over... head back out and resume what you were doing... kinda frustrating about the amount of micromanagement required.

I am not sure you can set your troups default action either... some come out as guard or whatever... standing around doing nothing other than being slaughtered... even if I was asked to defend something... and someone pokes me with a sword or whatever I would think I would either take cover/shelter or I would poke them back. Not stand there and get killed.

leaves some things to be desired.

We just picked up CC Generals so I am hoping it will be improved. Played a couple of campagnes and it does not seem bad
Age of Mythology was supposed to be like AOE2, it was a release to take up some market space and time between AOE2 and Age of Empires III. It's supposed to be a spinoff. I think it transports the series to a different context well. It's a solid title.
l think age of empire is better than aom....
aom is so boring , l always havn't enough gold in aom !
including when you use caravans and putting a couple of people on gold mines? some of the new classes do not need to return to buildings to generate the resource so that definately helps... I fund there are a couple of lulls, once at the start and once just before hitting the titan age... likely to give folks a chance... last chance... to catch up LOL
i dont like age of mythology as much as i like age of empires II. i dont like AOE III as much as i do the other games. the graphics and stuff are good an all but it still sucks
I have never played AOE, but I have a lot of friends I play AoM with and they tell me I should try it. But then again I haven't played AoM for a few months.
me neither... the guys finally got their acts together and now we hook up with Generals2.

it is great fun to team up... I just find it a hoot to play the terrorists. I know it is in bad taste to say that and I know it is stereotypical of the game but if you listen to what they are saying it is way too funny...

you kinda have to play it for the full effect but it includes complaints about building resources being too far away... the hammer is too heavy.... can you buy me some shoes...

doesnt sound funny but when you are in the middle of this onslaught and you hear some poor worker guy... may I have some shoes please... it is just so much satire it is funny.
I like AOM and I think it is better than AOE. Very Happy
AOE is good and so is Star Wars galactic Battlegrounds, which is identical to AOE in almost every way, it just a star wars version. Ah good old RTS games....
still liking generals.
we have been playing some 3-3 and 2-3 lately. It is crazy having 6 armies with unique abilities and options all interactively at war on the same game map. Atomic weopans, planes, tanks etc all blowing the heck out of everything... insane... yet easy to play... nice UI I guess!
Even you say they are the same and in almost everyway they are, there are tiny llittlle details that make the games quite different at the same time,

Things like the creatures, cultures, combat systems, scenerios, story, type of gameplay, characters, focusing and literary value make the games enjoyable to anyone available.

So AOM its nice as well as AOE

Be good Tke Kr Razz
AOM is a really good game if you enjoy using those supernatural powers. I like AOE 2 better though. I mean the graphic is good and those powers are awesome, but I prefer ordinary war game more.
Great game!!!, What I specially liked about this game, was the idea of using big big big monster to throw units to other units. Great graphics, the only problem for me is that there weren't too much maps to play, as in Age of Empires, Age of kings.
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