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sony cybershot
i wasn't sure if cameras went into this section but i was wondering if anyone had reviews on the sony cybershot. i wanted a small, sleek, and sturdy digital camera and i think this is the one for me. but i'm not sure if it takes good quality, professional photos. anybody have any reviews, or other camera suggestions?
I don't know if Sony Cybershot is a good camera, but i'm using an Olympus µ[mju:] 410 Digital. Really good camera, with lots of features. Waterproof, 4.1 mega-pixels, 3x zoom, 1.5 inch LCD, software - Olympus Camedia Master, different modes - portrait, night, beach, landscape, snow, cuisine, movie. It's a bit old though, but there should be newer ones in the [mju:] series (µ[mju:] 600 Digital / 800). Recommend Olympus. Very Happy
I have a Sony Cybershot TI7 (know it ends in a 7... it's the very very flat one). I think it's a phenomenal camera and takes stunning pictures. Its screen is very large, and starts quickly. It accepts very small cards (sony memory stick duo), which are cheap and can be purchased larger than 1GB.

I like the quality of the camera's pictures, especially how they maintain their quality when blowing them up. While its menu's could be easier to navigate, they aren't used often. There is one button that makes the screen really dark (I assume it's for when there is a lot of light), and it also enables a box that shows which wavelengths of light are in the picture, and their frequency. However, it's a guessing game as to which will appear, either the dark screen, or the colour box.

I have used many cameras, most of which have been SLR's. I would recommend the Sony Cybershot, and you would find it a super camera.
Canon S2-IS is better
Canon S2-IS is better

Better than what. The lens is nice on the canon and the Digit II processor does a great job. But it's nowhere small or sleek. AND the Sony has the Carl Zeis lens. A big plus in a marked where most of the cameras have the same resolution and chip size.
There is also a underwater housing available.
I like the Cybershots a lot. I have an old P-50 and a very small U-20. That one is the smallest I have ever seen but has only 2 MP.
(I also have a Cybershot V-1, which is great as a small camera, but not really as sleek as a T1/T5/T7. And I have a Canon 20D.)
i have a sony cyber-shot dsc-t5, its slim and compact, takes great pictures and is definately a great deal. i dont think that you can get the t-5 now but the t-series has gone up to t-9. itz a great camera for snapshots and has the ability to handle some amature photography. i mean if you're really serious about photography and you're really gonna get into it then i'd say go for a more hefty camera like the cannons and what not that are the size of a football, but if you just want to take great pictures, have a camera thats always in your pocket that still really versitile the cyber-shot t-series iz for you. it just depends on what you're planning to do with the camera.
I have a sony cybershot too i cant remember the name but its a 7.2 Megapixel one and i love it. It's easy to use, works well and produces good pictures. what more do you want?
Well if you want something small you should get Sony cybershot U 2.0 megapixels
Anyone experience their Cybershot camera not working at all, even when the battery is fully charged?

Both of my batteries will not turn on the camera. Charging them only takes a minute or two. i've had no problem up until now. HELP...
There are so many camera models on the market - even many different Sony Cybershot models nowadays.
I have a meanwhile old Sony DSC-S90 with 4 mega-pixels, it still makes great photos ( see for example here ). Sony uses high quality Zeiss lenses for their cameras - allowing to shoot high definition and brilliant photos.
Unfortunately a plastic clamp at the battery compartment is broken meanwhile, so for now I need some tape to keep it operational. Thus time to look for a new camera. After a few years they become so out-dated anyway, also in terms of software included. I meanwhile checked out the new Sony Cybershot HX30, but I have not decided yet. The Panasonic ZS20 might be a good alternative, they use Leica lenses.
I have to peak around a bit more on flickr where you can check out photos by camera model ( using Explore -> Camera Finder ). Probably I have to wait a bit longer to find sufficient photos taken using the latest camera models I am interested in.
Origin of this post is already outdated.
There are newest technology introduced by sony with its camera and phone now. I just notice for the smart phone of sonny they change the name from sonnyericson to sony only..
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