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Any problems with a site of mobiles??(please check ASAP)

I want to host mobile phone softwares, ringtones, themes, picture messages and other mobile related things on my site if you allow. I guarantee that all the files have no copyright problems as they have been copied from other mobile sites. The softwares and themes are all created by persons that allow us to share it on our websites. I will post that letter on my site if you (any of the admins) want me to. If the server starts becoming busy due to my small files and takes up more bandwidth than the allotted, I will transfer all my files somewhere else and link it to my site at the first instant.

Awaiting a prompt response regarding this matter.

Warm Regards,
Could you please give me a link to such a site? If they give you that content for free then it should be ok, but they have to own the copyright themselves.
toughtrio , you may check out the site and look at the bottom right corner beside the google ads for their own COPYRIGHT notice. You may also notice that they allow anyone to download, install, copy and redistribute any software or any other material available on their website.
For more assurance, you can yourself try to download and install anything thats available. I guarantee that I will not copy and distribute anything that does not seem to be under their copyright license, which includes mp3s, microsoft softwares and other softwares that belong to a different owner.

I suppose that this much evidence is enough and that I must look forward to designing my site.

Warm Regards,
First of all, where do they state that you are allowed to redestribute the music, wallpapers, ... ?

Secondly, I saw music of Britney Spears and other artists on that website which was given away for free (somehow I didn't manage to download it, but I'm using FF). This can't be legal, I suppose.
Look Bondings, I assure you that I just want to copy the following things from

- All Mobile Softwares
- All Mobile Themes
- All Mobile FUNNY CLIPS
- All Mobile Games
- All Mobile Ringtones (polyphonic and monotonic), not videos
- Funny SMS's
- Some Tips and Tricks
- A free sms sender (just for pakistan)

I am pretty sure that i didnot mention any copyrighted video clips up here and I will not put up anything that doesnot abide by the TOS and RULES.

Still if you donot like anything from the above list, please mention it now.
Even, after starting my site, if you donot like anything on my site, please PM anytime and I will remove that part immediately.

Warm Regards,
How am I able to know if
1)Funmaza has the right to distribute those files?
2)Funmaza gives you the right to distribute those files?
Now you tell me bondings what can I do. How can I promote my site without these things. Please help me man as to what you want for these softwares. I am trying to get a letter from the FunMaza admin that allows me to have these things. Well, you can have your perusal from the admin by yourself when I let you know.

Warm Regards,
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