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Pixies Anyone?

They are the greatist band ever, despite the fact that the band is composed of old, overweight, people who look like they should be in a pub. But hey i think they're great,
anyone else?
If they're great, i think its actually because they are old and overweight, its kinda funny. They have some good stuff though. :-)
The only Pixies song I know is Where Is My Mind. Only because it is the ending/credit song in Fight Club :o
I [b]love [/b]the Pixies!

A friend of mine gave me a CD with a few of their songs on it just to give me an idea of what they were like. I'm trying to buy all their CDs now and even if they are old and fat I still think they're great. Did anyone see them when they got back together?
The Pixies are such an amazing band. They did so much in so few albums and they completely defined their own sound. When you read magazines like Spin detailing the "Top 50 People in Music" right now, you'll see the Pixies name come up again and again. Nirvana's Kurt Cobain used to always say he just wished he could be as good as Frank Black and the Pixies. I'm glad to see they got things back together and they're doing mini-tours. Real rock like this isn't about looking good and getting chicks but playing music that makes a difference even if no one appreciates it!
Yeah, Pixies rock and trompe le monde !

Been a fan since "Velouria".
Then followed the Breeders.
Then after still follow Franck Black and the catholics.

And they even wrote a song about my region ("Massif Central"), so...

Respect !

And what do you mean despite? Since when has good music ever been about the aesthetics of the band members?

Look at AC/DC, they were some of the ugliest mean you'd ever meet - even Bon Scot wasn't exactly hunk material to look at... but my God, were they Awesome.

=> Jess Black
I just know Where is my mind, fight club ****** too
I only know Where Is My Mind too, but from the Placebo's DVD Soulmates Never Die Live In Paris. Laughing
the pixies defined what is known as "indie pop" way back in the late 80's when radio was pumping out nothing but dribble (not a lot has changed huh?)

bam thwok!
I have the Doolittle album...
I am really moved by their music, it's absolutely amazing...
Best band on this earth.
so who went to see them on the australian tour? any fri-ers from australia that are into the pixies? i saw two shows in sydney, 1 at luna park big top and the other at the v festival. bone machine gave me shivers and even a tear came arising to my eye.
I've never heard of them, sorry, but thanks for the reference. Smile
blatant attempt to get points.
the pixies area classic band, and the breeders are amazing too. i tried to listen to frank black's solo stuff, but i just cant get into it.

to the guy who asked who the pixies were, try google.
to the guy who asked who the pixies are, forget google and switch on the radio...
I've never heard them on the radio. I discovered them when I watched Fight Club and really liked the last song.
i meant that anytime you switch on the radio (and i am not talking commercial radio here folks) you are invariably hearing something that owes a lot of kudos to the pixies.
the Civilian
Yes, that is really true...

The Pixies are such an influential band... a lot of today's band aspire to be like them.
what was that grunge band from the early nineties that claimed a lot of their style was essentially them trying to be the pixies?
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