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Book on CSS

I've been looking at getting a book on CSS. I've heard that The CSS Anthology by Rachel Andrew is very good. Any input?
What I'm looking for is something to help me with postioning. I have the hardest time postioning things in CSS.
Instead of buying a book this info is free:

Just guess and test a little with positioning after a little frustration you will have it.
Yes, the WC3 schools are very informative. I use them when I need an answer quick.

I want a book.

By the way, think I'll start a thread on On-line tutorials vs. books.

To be brief, I just perfer a book when I really want to learn something. I can't bring my computer to work and surf the web at break...I could use the company computer, but then that could lead some troubles from the higher ups.
And, there's just something about a good author's writing and descriptions vs. a bunch of data on the screen.
Why pay money and kill trees when you can use the interenet?

What? Do you hate trees? Do you like spending money on something you could get for free? Hmmm?
Well, I haven't actually read them but I believe Eric Meyer on CSS and More Eric Meyer on CSS by Eric Meyer are good choices. Another more advanced option which focuses more on the visual design aspects of CSS is The Zen of CSS Design by Dave Shea (creator of the css Zen Garden)and Molly E. Holzschlag. And if you want a book about web standards in general along with CSS tips, try Web Standards Solutions by Dan Cederholm. I own the last two books so I know that they are very good books to have.
Well, I haven't actually read them but I believe Eric Meyer on CSS and More Eric Meyer on CSS by Eric Meyer

I've heard Eric Meyer's books are good. I've also looked at a couple of his articles on various websites.

I'm just wondering how old is his last book?
i tried searching for ur needs on the site and found the following books might be useful for u.

2005-11-29 A List Apart published an article Printing a book with CSS: Boom! by Bert Bos and Håon Wium Lie.

2005-02-03 Max Design publishes several articles and tutorials on CSS, including the Listamatic 1 and 2 (“one list, many options”).

2005-01-21 Benjamin Jung made a CSS2 quick reference (PDF). [alternative link.]

2004-12-16 Westciv released their CSS 2.1 guide in iPod Notes format (iPod, free)

2004-07-14 CSS Vault collects articles, tips, demos, etc. for the benefit of designers and other users of CSS (also available in RSS) and maintains a commented gallery of sites (also in RSS).

2004-04-19 A tutorial for beginners by myself (Bert) helps to create a first style sheet. No special software needed.

2003-01-08 A random selection of sites that show rounded corners, shadows, tab panes, and other CSS tricks; some simple, some more flexible: Mark Schenk's CSS experiments, Ian Andolina's (Nontroppo) CSS sketchbook, the css-discuss Wiki's rounded corners page and Douglas Bowman's (A List Apart) sliding doors. and's dynamic tabs [copy at].

2003-12-10 Nigel Peck (MIS Web Design) shows how one page can randomly show different content every time with a dynamically generated style sheet. This also avoids that caches, search engines and the Web Archive have to download the page anew. Gez Lemon (Juicystudio) shows how you can provide alternative style sheets to people with browsers that don't support them (although they have to turn on cookies).

2003-09-29 Inknoise provides an easy form to generate a complete style sheet for a 2- or 3-column layout, including various work-around for browser bugs.

2003-09-29 Big John shows at Position Is everything how to do layout with floats and absolute positioning and work around browser bugs.

2003-07-22 The CSS Zen Garden is a project where graphic artists invent many beautiful styles for one single HTML file. There are also versions in French, Dutch, Russian and other languages.

2003-07-01 Westciv offers courses in CSS and HTML, including a free course, that can be followed on-line in weekly installments.

2003-06-26 MacEdition's CodeBitch publishes a table (and an abridged version) of CSS support in Mac browsers.

2002-12-16 An article by Christopher Schmitt at Web Reference titled “Making Headlines with Cascading Style Sheets” shows you how to spice up Web page headers with a dash of CSS.

2002-07-09 An article by Christopher Schmitt in Digital Web Magazine titled "Web Page Reconstruction with CSS" explains how to convert old HTML-based layout to CSS and what you gain by doing so.

2002-06-04 Dominique Hazaël-Massieux has written a short tutorial on layout without tables.

2002-05-22 Introduction to CSS by Tapio Markula is the English translation of a Finish tutorial.

2001-10-24 Code Style media monitor, by Philip Shaw, is a guide to writing style sheets for projection, print and other media.

2001-05-23 Westciv published version 3 of their online CSS guide, covering all of CSS2 as well as browser compatibility issues. (Free online, enhanced version for sale.)

2001-05-22 Eric Costello's CSS Layout Techniques: for Fun and Profit concentrates on complex layouts and also explains how to work around browser bugs.

2001-03-10 Jan Roland Eriksson maintains two FAQs (lists of Frequently Asked Questions) for the Usenet newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets (“ciwas”): the newsgroup FAQ and a FAQ for style sheet authors.
Dreamweaver applications come with on standard, under tags, but finding the on the web is best WC3!
Ya !! I thoo think that w3c is too good
I learned most part of my PHP from there
TOo Good
yeah like computer books are like 30 bux sometimes even more. i would rather surf the web for the answer and in most cases its much easier to find ur answer than weed through all the gunk the writer puts in, in the middle of the needed information
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