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boiling point - do you really play with that scrappy game?

i'm looking for someone that has played this game more than 15 min and that takes pleasure to launch it..
any news about a patch?
i've tested it with a friend, it's unbelievable to sell a unfinished game, what do u think about it?
update : today, a 77Mo patch is released.. but it seems to correct only few bugs..
lot of works to do
hey i like a lot the game and yes i played more than 15 minutes the game
i just got into the story
the game has good grafics and ammasingly realistic
like a combiation of far cry and san andreas but with a lot of extra features like changing tires upgrading every gun silenced ulets or pierced one with his weight cant carry too much things on u
the game is ammasig
i dot know y u say its scrappy its cool for me i like it very much i think cos u haven t played it enough u say that
AI seems stupid, NPC are blocked by everything and allow you to shoot them without doing everything, driving sensations are poor.
i tried a full week to play this game, and all i can conclude is that this was a waste of time, i couldn't get in it.
so sad to see that, because with a full mont of optimization by good coders, i could have been much better
for me driving satisfaction is good eough just u need the right veicles there r veicles that ca n make the satisfaction poor yea ut there r good veicles espacially along in the mission u could have a very cool car
i just see it much realistic with the damage done to ur body seems real or just u have a life and thats it but if u hurt ur leg he starts not walking properly depending on the weight he is carrying
it a game where u ca do anything with money lol its cool
and missions and clues r interesting a lot too
and u can do what ever u want missions first and the way u want them too sometimes
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