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I'm getting some what tired of World of Warcraft. It was fun and all, at first. Then it's beginning to get boring, on my server, the level 30-39 BG haven't been up since the Server was created and I've created so many other characters to keep myself occupied when getting bored of my main character, that I can't even create a new character cause i've done almost all of the new quests.

I've come to the realization, maybe WoW is not the game for me, I want a game where I can actually affect the outcome of a battle, one where if we win a battle we win the town, instead of a never ending battle with very high leveled guards that just makes it tedious.

*getting to the point some what of an intro*

So I'm at my friends house and his neighbor comes over and is like, "Check out this video" and he shows me this kick A clip from Planetside.

I asked him about the game and he told me about it, saying that you join one of three factions, all bent on world conquest. You train and level and get skill points choosing between a mass of diffrent weapons and armor types and such.

The way the game works is a faction attacks an opposing factions base and they begin to Hack the Core. While the Core is being hacked the rest of the force attacking must defend the Hacker until his job is complete. Unfortunately that faction will have reinforcements, to help out the people already stationed there, and if you win the battle you capture the base and help your faction gain levels and stuff like that.

I have yet to buy the game and am basically asking wether I should or not. I mean it's a MMO FPS/TPS. If you own the game could you tell me if it's worth getting and also, like if there are regular battles or long waiting periods. And from my description about what happened with me and WoW will this game suit the needs I am looking for?

Thanks for whoever is bored enough to read this and reply back. Laughing
sounds interesting. i think i might actually look at the game.
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