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MySQL access on server 2

Please be patient with me... I know there are multiple posts on the subject, but I still can't get this thing to work. I'm new at this whole php thing, which is frustrating enough; my brain just can't handle the weird password stuff.
I'm just testing things out right now and have a simple (good) script to open the db. But when I run it on frihost I get a message saying access denied for
Why is it adding stuff to my username?
What should my user name and password be? Do I use the directadmin username and pass, or the phpmyadmin username and password, which are attached to the db?(I'm on Server 2, if that makes any difference.)
I know these are simple questions, but I still need answers to make this work. I would really appreciate a nice simple answer.
Thank you so much.
The MySQL user that you create is created as xxxxx_yyyyy.
Where xxxxx = your DirectAdmin username.
and yyyyy = the MySQL username that you entered.

The same naming convention applies to the database name as well.

Eg., Satan's DirectAdmin username is satan
and he creates a MySQL database named lawyers
and he creates a MySQL user named devil, with the password 666

He'll use the following database login information in phpMyAdmin and his scripts :
database : satan_lawyers (not needed for phpMyAdmin)
username : satan_devil
password : 666 (please don't share)

p.s. - I'm not sure, but it is safer to assume that all the above are case-sensitive as well.
OK, I know I'm thoroughly daft here, but...
I'm just connecting to SQL here, not my DB yet, and on server 2 my username and pass are connected to my database (at least to log on to phpmy admin)
How does that work?
ANyways, I'm doing it like you say and I'm still denied access?
So I'm entering ([]for the host,[directadmin username]_[SQL(dbspecific)username], [SQL(dbspecific)pass])
This should work?
Sorry, I know this should be painfully obvious, but it still doesn't work and I don't know what else to try! Embarassed
Where do you need to enter host name for accessing phpMyAdmin ?

Are you sure you are doing this :

DirectAdmin -> MySQL -> phpMyAdmin

It should only ask you for (db)username and password.


are you trying to connect to your MySQL database from a script or something similar ?
In that you can only access it if the script resides on the same server as the database, and the hostname in that case will be localhost
I feel like an idiot...
I'm sure I tried that before, but must have had something else wrong.
I couldn't figure out why it all worked fine when I tested it on my own computer, but not when I put it up here.
Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
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