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Republican Philosophy...

I would have normally refrained from doing this, but since spam-threading the forum with useless Republican propoganda is definitely not a healthy debate philosophy, here's tit-for-tat. And there's lots more where that came from.

ITEM #1: Republicans are up in arms over Bush's illegal immigration proposal.

In California:

An uproar over illegal immigration roiled the state Republican convention on Saturday as party leaders struggled to keep the rank and file united behind Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and President Bush.

"Enough is enough!" the crowd shouted. "Enough is enough!"

More here:,1,5464897,print.story?coll=la-headlines-california

ITEM #2: Republican states are rejecting "No Child Left Behind"

In Utah:

It was 8 p.m., and Ken Meyer was smiling gamely from a gloomy high school stage at an audience of disgruntled teachers and parents to whom he had been introduced as "a bigwig from Washington," come to Utah to explain President Bush's centerpiece education law.

A former math teacher was at a microphone, arguing that it would cost $1 billion for the state to carry out the law's requirements, while the federal government gives Utah only about $100 million.

"That's like sending a child for $10 worth of groceries and giving him just $1 to buy them," the former teacher said.


Mr. Meyer's trip this week was the second Bush administration mission in two weeks to Utah. A five-person delegation this month defended the law to lawmakers, but the Republican-controlled Utah House nevertheless voted 64 to 8 on Feb. 10 not to comply with any provisions not fully financed by federal money. That measure now awaits Senate action.

In Virginia:

Last month, the Republican-controlled Virginia House of Delegates passed a resolution, 98 to 1, urging Congress to exempt Virginia from the law. That vote came after Rod Paige, the education secretary, and other administration officials met with Virginia lawmakers, said James H. Dillard II, chairman of the House Education Committee.

"Six of us met with Paige," Mr. Dillard, a Republican, said. "He looked us in the eye and said, `It's fully funded.' We looked him back in the eye and said, `We don't think so.' "

"We got platitudes and stonewalls, but no corrective action," he said.

More here:

Oh and there's more here:



and there's lots more...but the last one is particularly exciting.Deals with defection.
So please.Intelligent debates with Intelligent Topics, shall we? Or we'll just keep doing this....
i_am_mine wrote:
ITEM #2: Republican states are rejecting "No Child Left Behind"

As a Republican I FIRMLY agree. My fiance's sister is a librarian in an Elementary School, and we live with her. She gets all of the teacher's magazines and newsletters, and I would venture to say that most educators, public or private, Republican or Democrat would agree that No Child Left Behind is a miserable failure.

Schools which have low scores so they need MORE MONEY for better programs and materials, LOSE MONEY. Teachers now are forced to change lesson plans that have worked in the past for general knowledge in order to "teach to the tests"-- time only to teach the information that will be tested.

Paraprofessional teacher's aides and teachers themselves should be "highly qualified" but no legislation should be elminating or putting in danger the understaffed teachers in the poor neighborhoods.

ALso, there are many students who are very smart, but do not test well, specifically standardized tests. The saludatorian of my graduating class only scored a 1000 on his SATs.

No Child Left Behind is hurting our school systems! It started with the best intentions, but is failing misearbly.
I thought republican and philosophy were a contradiction in terms. Could anyone please explain to a European left winger what on earth it is you people really care about?
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