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Screen resolution?

Screen Resolution?
 0%  [ 1 ]
640 x 768
 0%  [ 0 ]
800 x 600
 6%  [ 9 ]
1024 x 768
 55%  [ 75 ]
1200 x 1024
 23%  [ 31 ]
1600 x 1280
 13%  [ 18 ]
Total Votes : 134

I was wondering what people's screen resolution was?
<P.S I was going to put this poll in another place but I thought more people would see it here>

Please feel free to give any other info about your computer here, i.e
Browser: (IE, Mozilla, Firefox)
OS: (Windows, Mac, Linux - Distro)
Monitor: (TFT, CRT, Size?)
Internet Speed: (52kb/s - 100mb/s)
My monitor default is set at 800 x 600, because I want the pages I design to fit at low res., and I really don't think anyone uses anything less than that anymore. And I use Firefox, personally (because I LIKE IT!) But I test my pages in higher res and other browsers, of course.
THanks for posting this topic... I'd really like to see the results. I try to design most of my pages with a fluid layout, but on the rare occasion when I need to use fixed, absolute positioning, I'm sometimes unsure how low I have to go... I'm not really sure anyone even uses the 800x res. anymore? I guess we'll find out.
Again, thanks for the topic...
1024x768. Anything less than that and the screen, seems to become too small for me. I dont like when i cant see a whole webpage thats pretty small. So even when the default for me isnt at 1024x768 i set it there.
1024x768 is what I use, its the best looking I can get on this 17" monitor.
1024x768 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!! HOOYA!!!!! lol j/k
but yea
1024x768-->>This is the max resolution that my monitor can handle.. but a little bit higher would do.. but anyways.. its ok for me.. i also use 800x600 when playing graphic heavy games...
Maybe you should include widescreen resolutions too, cause mine's a widescreen with a resolution of 1280x800
Browser: Firefox
OS: Linux, Windows
Monitor: WXVGA
Internet Speed: 7mbps
my computer is
1024x768 Very Happy
apple 17in imac
I typically used 17" screen and set my resolution at 1024x768 or higher. Depending on the system I used.
1024*768 and sometimes 1280*1024 but my eyes are too tired now. And im currently jumping from mozilla to IE
i use 1200 x 1024 coz it lets me focus on colors more and i can keep one good eye on my items
1280*960 on 17" CRT

Windows XP Pro service pack 2


cable broadband ~400kb/s
1280x960 but i dont see that one in the poll :/ Althou when i design something i am always trying to fit it in 1024x768 since around 95% of ppl use either 1024x768 or higher atleast according to various polls i saw or made myself.

19'' CRT / Windows XP SP2 / Opera / Cable broadband 512kb/s
1024 x 768 on 19" & 15" at work (the 19" is a CRT and 15" is a flatscreen.)
1200 x 1024 on 21" at home.

Browser: Firefox ofc
OS: Windows Xp pro Service pack 2
Monitor: TFT 17"
Internet Speed: 4mb/s
I don't understand why there are monitors with non 4:3 format resolutions. I mean the ones that are like, 4:3.2 or something close to that. Meh.
1024 x 768 resolution is what I always use.
I use 1024x768. Firstly, it's the highest my 15" laptop screen can support, plus it just looks the best. The objects on screen aren't too big or small. It seems like the perfect resolution. The only reason my other computer is 800x600 is because my parents mainly use it and complain if it's anything higher. Kinda funny really.

And my newer computer kinda ticks me off, cause its screen ratio isn't exactly 4:3. Each resolution available is one I've never heard of, and when set to 1024x768, everything looks weird and disproportioned. I don't know why they do that. (It's an HP if anyone cares)
Always been 1024x768, and will always be Razz
I don't think 1024 is a maximum resolution for anyone, you just need to install plugins for your graphic card. Windows itself won't let you get larger resolution but if you have, for example, Ati's graphic card you go to Ati's homepage and download plugins for it. How can you tell have you installed plugins already? In screen properties, that place where you adjust your resolution, if you only have two options to choose you propably don't have any plugins.
My computer is : 800x600 , Like this looked character quite big, looked any thing quite is all clear.
a.Bird wrote:
1280*960 on 17" CRT

Same here. Should be in the poll I think.
Um......usually is 1024 x 768 .
But if I'm playing games , it will become 800 x 600 or even 640 x 480. Confused

*17" moniter.
1024x768. The monitor could handle higher resolution also, but I can hardly read then...
And 800x600 doesn't look really good. So, I'm with the majority.
Well, if I had a 24" monitor (not to mention a projector), I would change...
my monitor is 17" lcd so i set its resolutoin to 1280x1024.I feel that this is very good and gives a good clarity while playing games
Browser: Firefox + Opera
OS: Windows XP SP2
Monitor: Notpad Computer Monitor...
Internet Speed: Collage Network (SUCKS)...
OS: windows XP home SP 2
monitor: dell 17" display
internet speed.... connects at 100MBps.
1024x768 can handle really high but I dont like everything to be tiny
I use Windows XP Professional SP2, with Firefox at 1280 x 1024 screen resoultion at 32-bit colour. Very Happy I have a 19'' inch monitor too...LCD, but it needs to be cleaned! Razz
Browser: IE, Firefox->(MY FAVOURITE !)
OS: (Windows XP-SP2)
Monitor: TFT SONY 17' with 1280x1024
Internet Speed: DSL 512

Very Happy
Browser: Firefox
Monitor: 17'' CRT @ 1024x768 res. I wish I had a larger monitor...
Internet Speed: 4mbps cable
1280x960 again, not on the poll... been using this resolution for ages. i'd set it bigger(1600x1200) but it'd drive my wife nuts.
woow allmost 3/4 of the users has 1024 x 768
I gonna buy a TFT screen soon, maybe I can get a higher resolution then.
my screen is really small... i hate it. its only 800x600....
I am currently using 1280x1024

However on my laptop I use 1280x800 which makes someone things screw up on the screen. And it's hard to find good backgrounds so I just end up making my own using 3d programs and photoshop
THanks heaps for making this thread.

I was about to start one of my own. I'm making a website and got sick of trying to make it fit nicely on 800x600 and also 1024 x 768 screens. I wanted to just pick one and go with out.

Now that I've seen your poll i'm happpy to ditch the 8% still using 800x600. That 8% is only going to get smaller and smaller over time.

Resolution: 1280 x 1024
OS: Windows XP (I hate Vista so much and will only upgrade when compatibility becomes an issue)
Monitor: 21" TFT
Internet speed: 8mb (usually get about 750kbps download rate out of it but it's been playing up recently)
Browser: Firefox
800 x 600

Browser: Firefox
OS: Windows
Monitor: 17" CRT
Internet Speed: 56kb/s (dial-up) Rolling Eyes
Utopia GFR
My screen resolution is 1024x768 and i'm using a laptop computer "Acer Aspire"series.

I used to work on a 17'' a while ago and my resolution was then up to 1280*1024.

My current resolution is not really fit for video gaming purposes (especially for Unreal Tournament sessions) since my field of view is kindda restricted and it makes it hard to aim at opponents Sad

Same things applies to my desktop management where I cannot go beyond a certain number of shortcuts therefore making it quite a mess Sad

Despite these little disturbing things, I'm not really complaining about my current resolution Smile

By the way, 1024x768 still remains the default resolution of most common users as shown throughout this poll (although I know that 800x600 is still widespread).
Well i have Seend many computers in my University Labs that have 1024 by 768 screen resolution but the size of moniter is 15 or 17 inch LOlz... I don't know why the administration fix this,

Well u know all what problem we faced when viewing higher resolution in small Moniter, Obviously our eyes squeez and Shrink Eeee

hey will anybody of you tell me that screen resolution effects the picture quality? i mean the quality of picture is depend on screen resolution? quite far may be??

Well My screen resolution is 800 by 600
Using Del e771a Monitor
And using since 6 months LOlz because my previous Got Bhaaam... I mean shock by high volatge and melt HEHEHE Laughing
Operating system: Windows XP Service pack 2
SPeed: 3.00 GHz intel D101 512 Mb Ram
Internet speed: Lan 100 mbps
Res: 1024 x 768
Browser: Internet Explorer. Firefox is nice and all but it's too slow for my liking.
OS: Windows
Internet Speed: I don't know...
My resolution is 1024 by 768 on a Samsung Syncmaster 753dfx
Running Firefox on Windows XP
and on a 5MPS connection down, 768k up
yeah like some people said above, you should include widescreen resolutions. I have wide screen and mines 1440 by 900. I have a 17'' wide screen dell XPS M1710. It's great for gaming and video's. I just got it and i love it Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Browser: Firefox, Opera
OS: Windows XP SP2, Fedora 7 [Windows forever Very Happy]
Screen Res: 1024x768
I voted 1024x768 because it's the closest to the resolution I use, but actually...

Resolution: 1152x864
Browser: Firefox 2.0 (waiting for 3.0 to get out of Beta soon)
OS: Windows XP Professional
Monitor: 17" CRT
Internet Speed: 8Mb Cable
My monitor's resolution is not on the pool. I think I have the biggest resolution so far though. I have a 20" Acer widescreen LCD monitor and my resolution is 1680 X 1050. My internet browser is Mozilla Firefox, and never use Internet Explorer (completely got rid of it). I have installed Windows XP x64 edition, and Gentoo linux in the same system. ehmm, i think my internet connection runs at 2.8mbps
1024x768 --> I think that's the basic one especially when it comes to webdesign. But of course, think of those with 800x600 since horizontal scrollbars aren't cool!
My monitor is 1280 x 1024. Its a Sony model, and has excellent picture quality.
1600 x 1280
I do enginerring work on my computer and the high resolution helps. Sure beats working on paper like I used too.
My monitors about 14 inch (small Sad). Using a resoulution of 1024x768. had to resize text and icons to make things not seem too big because my monitor is small
I have a MacBook, so the display is 13 inches and Mac OS X is running on it Smile
The resolution is 1280x800 (16:9) and works really fine for me. I first expected to have problems with it, but I don't Smile
I am using 1024 x 768 resolution.

Browser: Firefox, IE
OS: Windows at work, Linux at home
Monitor: CRT 17"
Internet Speed: 128kbps at home.
Wow, some people still use 800x600? I don't think that I could. I'm presently using 1600x1200. It's a bit big but I don't have a great deal of choice.

Browser: Mozilla, Firefox
OS: Windows XP SP2
Monitor: CRT 18" (actual screen size)
Internet Speed: 2MB/S
My options is not up there. I use to use your normal resolution, but I no longer have my 2nd monitor to use 2 screens, so I have to go max with 1280 X 1024, and on this big screen, it looks very very nice.

You don't even have 1600x1200... I have 2 of em, and on my laptop I have 1920x1200.
Browser: Firefox
OS: Windows XP
Monitor: 1024x768 (Dunno what else you were asking for. Confused)
Internet Speed: 600-800kbp/s

My browser is Firefox cause it's the safest and simply the best. My computer runs on Windows XP. Haven't upgraded to Vista cause really we see no point it. We'll upgrade when we absolutely have to.
My monitor resolution is the most common, (or so it seems; 1024x768) and it's 17".
My internet speed varies quite a bit, but the average is around 700kbps.
Browser: FireFox
OS: Windows XP
Monitor: CRT 19"
Internet Speed: ADSL 512kbps

and most importantly, my screen resolution is 1024 X 768. I cant really stand 800 X 600, as it is too big for my eyes and 1280x1024 is a little too small for me to read without increasing my shortsight-ness.
15" Philips LCD 1024x768 resolution. <- definitely need a bigger screen. Sad
I just use the Web Developer addon for FF to control resolution for webpages... But I normally have mine set for 1200x1024. 800x600 just looks too big, if that makes sense... :p
I assume you are talking about Windows? I have 1024x768 as i have a 19" CRT & a 17" CRT. The resolution you used depends to a great extent on what size monitor you have. I would say that most people have a 17-19" CRT and would thus have 1024x768. People with 19" or larger TFT screens will presumably have higher resolutions.
WHen playing games it depends a lot on the graphics card you use and the particular game. I often use higher resolutions in games.
When I'm using my Macbook Pro, I'm on a widescreen (17") and using 1680x1050. When I'm using my PC, I can't handle anything lower than 1280x1064. I'm a Firefox girl through and through, and using OSX Tiger on the Mac and Windows XP on the PC. Laptop screen is obviously...a laptop one, and the PC uses a flatscreen LCD. (CRT...the thought just makes me shudder! Hehe.) Internet speed varies from 50-100kps, and we're using DSL.
I always use 1280x1024 on my 19'' flat monitor. It seems to be only resolution that is suitable for me,
every other is or too small or too big. I'm fine with that.
Browser: Firefox 2
OS: Windows
Monitor: CRT 1280 x 1024
Internet Speed: 300mb/s
This is what I am usign right now Smile

Browser: Firefox 2
Operating System: Windows XP
Monitor: TFT
Size: 17 inch
Screen resolution: 1280X960

1280 x 1024. If I use anything lower everything looks so big to me. But thats only because the screen is made to this resolution.
{name here}
1400x900 widescreen is what I use because I can, and it's easier for me to design bigger images rather than small ones like I did previously under my crappy 1024x768 standard monitor.
Sad mine is not listed. My resolution is 1440x900

I've got a 17 inch(widescreen) laptop Smile
I use firefox
1280 * 768
Fire Fox
I use 800x600 as my eyes aren't as good as they once were.
OS: Fedora Core 7
15" LCD
My default resolution is 1024x768.
1280*1024 here!

Browser: FireFox 2
OS: Windows XP (SP2)
Monitor: 17" LCD
Internet Speed: ADSL 4mb
Used 1024 x 768

Browser:Internet Explorer 6.0 Embarassed


Operating System: Windows XP SP2
Used 1280 x 800 *i don't remember what it is if im at my desktop with dual monitors*

Browser:Firefox 2

Monitor:15 inch (i think) wide screen high def.
Operating System: Windows Vista home premium
before, i've had a 1280-1024 monitor, but i've always had it set to 1024-768 for some reason. when i switched to high resolution, i was like, WHOA awesome.

but now, i have widescreen 1280-800. and when i go back to the old monitor, it seems so big >_<

and i browse the interwebs with whatever version firefox they have now.
Browser: Firefox, Opera
OS: Windows XP SP2
Screen Resolution: 1024x768
Monitor: 14 inch
1280x800 is the new 1024x768 Rolling Eyes . I think it's important for web designers to design pages with a minimum allowable width (before the horizontal scrollbar comes up) and now with wide screen displays a maximum allowable width for fluid designs.
Browser: IE, Opera, Firefox
OS: Windows
Monitor: CRT, 15)
Internet Speed: 4mbit

I'm using 1024x768 as it's the best on my old lg monitor. It supports 1280x1024 but with 60hz
Browser : Firefox
OS : Windows
Monitor : I really don't know, Embarassed except that it is 17"

I use 1024*768 all the time. Works best in this monitor, anyway.
My resolution is always 1024x768. I HATE it when people use 800x600, makes me want to kick their little toe.
Mine is about 1024x something. My acctual screen size is about 18 inches or something, this used to be my brothers computer and he likes to have a big screen so he could do lots of work on it.
I mainly use IE7, but i do have firefox in case IE doesnt work.
I have windows xp service pack 2, home edition.
And my internet connection is about 2mb/s
uhm..... my PC is 1280x768 and my laptop is something similar.
Widescreen monitor, use 1680x1050, although my comp can't play many games in that res (older ones don't support it, newer ones take too much juice). Yeah, I just voted the highest one because that seemed closest.
My monitor is 17inch lcd. I think 1024 * 768 is better than others.
1152x864 = highest resolution my integrated graphics will churn out at more than 75Hz

17" CRT (NEC Accusync 75F)

Dual Boot: Gentoo Linux w/ Enlightenment 17 or IceWM and WindowsXP Pro

Opera Browser in both environments for a number of reasons
    Excellent caching engine (much faster return to previous pages than IE or FF)
    Usable "fit to width" option to eliminate horizontal scrolling
    Highly configurable user/author css toggle (not unique to opera, but handy)
    Useful custom buttons (not unique to opera, but handy)
    -- tile Horizontally, hold for maximize all
    -- reload, hold for reload at interval menu
    -- fast forward loads next logical link (ie next-page or results from Google)
    Highly useful context menu (dictionary, thesaurus, translation, search, etc. for selection)
    Aspell integration (along with Pidgin and Claws Mail: one spell check engine for the entire system)
    Easy disabling of 3rd party cookies and referrer logging in menus (FF requires about:config)
    Excellent built in session management (though some FF extensions are quite nice)
    Strong built in mouse gestures (though some FF extensions are more capable)
    Real-time skin changes (FF requires restart!)
    Cleaner plugin implementation (does not stack java instances, plugin paths can be changed)
    Perfectly usable IRC client
    Perfectly usable mail user agent (though I use Thunderbird for GPG & S/MIME support
    Rendering engine (Presto) more standards compliant than Gecko (FF) or Trident (IE)
    -- though ironically this means it is less likely to render pages correctly than those two.

3Mb ADSL through router (headless 600MHz PIII linux PC/P2P drone running MLDonkey)

FIOS for Christmas Gift to Self?
I use 1024 x 768, though my girlfriends father who owns the puta, sets it to 800x600. It's so funny because he saves absolutely everything on the desktop and half his icons he can't even see.
I use firefox, I'm happy with it apart from it's startup time.
Monitor: CRT 17 inch
Internet Speed: 1MB/s
Getting a laptop for christmas (hopefully..)
I have got a screen resolution of 1024*768 pixel. Though the monitor is pretty old still it gives a decent output. My old samsung monitor was destroyed by the idiot samsung mechanic. The other specification as you have asked for my system are:

monitor: compaq presario, 14 or 15 inche(not sure), Cathode ray tube
browser: internet explorer 6.0
Operating System: Windows XP, SP-2
Internet Speed: 2048 kilo bit per second, Bharat sanchar network limited.

Take care...
Well, my desktop has a 17" monitor with a resolution of 1280x1024 and my laptop has a 15.4" monitor with a 1680x1050 resolution. I have some other computers that are 1280x1024, 1024x768, and 800x600.

Browser: Opera and Firefox
Operating System: Windows XP and Linux (primarily Ubuntu)
Monitor: 17" LCD and 15.4" CCFL LCD.
Internet Speed: Uh, it can be anywhere from 5 mbps to 22 mbps. Been hovering around 10-12 mbps on WiFi and around 18 mbps on ethernet.
It looks like AidanSonoda and me are the only ones using 1152 * 864 resolution. My other specs are below:

Operating System: Mac OS 10.2.8
Monitor: 1152 * 864 17 inch CRT monitor combined with my eMac (eMacs are just one machine, including both the monitor and the actual computer)
Connection Speed: Fairly slow dialup at about 28-33 kbps. I hate all you guys with 5mpbs+ connections Twisted Evil
You missed "Other" in the list of alternatives.
I run 1152X864 because of a program which I often run needs a resolution > 1024X768
I have a 19" good old fashioned CRT.
I will upgrade when 24" screens come down in price (we're talking $250) and a graphics card which can cope with modern games at the appropriate resolution (1920X1500????) is available at a reasonable price.
browser: Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 2
OS: windows XP home SP 2
monitor: Samsung 970p display
internet speed: 2Mbits/384Kbits (I will get 10Mbits/10Mbits soon)
resolution: 1280x1024 as it is my native resolution for monitor

by the way, is 1024x1200 mistake in poll? Shocked

I've a 20 inch and It looks beautiful Very Happy
I use 1024x768. I tried higher resolutions but it turned out that it was too small for my little screen.
I just say that best view is 1024*768 for the human eye Smile
I use 1600x1050 (wide-screen) but I mostly design webpages in 800x600 or 1024x768
For browser I use Opera, though I have IE and Firefox for testing websites in.
Windows ofcourse Very Happy
I have a 22" Syncmaster, from Samsung
24mb/s download
Well that answers those questions Very Happy
1680 x 1050 wide. 20.1" Very Happy

I'm extremely satisfied with the room available for all my windows, and would never settle for anything less than 20" ever again!

It saddens me that this is not available in the poll.
i have 1024 x 768, using a 19 inches CRT monitor. Running on Windows platform having a bandwidth of 384kbps ( it a wireless broadband, and bandwidth is costly here in our place, this bandwidth is good so far. acn browse and download, upload in a decent rate.), i'm using differnet browsers, it includes AVANT, Internet Explorer and Opera.. but i mostly use Avant..
I have a 17' samsung LCD monitor. and best view is 1024 * 768 for me.
Browser: Firefox on Windows & Safari on Mac
OS: Windows and Mac
Monitor: CRT 19¨1280 x 1024
Internet Speed: (20mb/s down & 1mb/s up - Cable)

i wish i had a bigger monitor, makingmy resolution smaller gives me the illusion i have a bigger monitor
i dont like to be any lower than 1024x768 things look too big and pixelated and i also dont like going any higher than 1024x768 because things just get to dam small, and hurt my eyes.
hi my resolution is 1024 x 768

Browser: (IE, Maxthon, Firefox)
OS: (Windows)
Monitor: (TFT, 17")
Internet Speed: (512kb/s)
The smaller the better, this is what guides me Smile
Interesting thread Smile I've got one computer that was my workstation, now is my server and I have 1280x1024 there on 17" LCD. But I also have 800x480 on my Laptop Asus EEE with 7" Smile So... yeah... Smile

Browser: Firefox
OS: Linux - Debian / laptop: windows or xubuntu
Monitor: TFT 17" and 7"
Internet Speed: 1mb/s Smile
I think you're missing a very important screen resolution: 1280x1024.
1024x768. I think its the most standard resolution.
i am using 800 X 600
Jakob [JaWGames]
I use 1024x768, anything higher then that just makes everthing so small.
Browser: Firefox
OS: Windows XP
Monitor: CRT 17"
Internet Speed: up to 24mbit, usally around 13
1280x1024 for me. Any higher then that and my game icons would be too small and take too much power to process everything, Resulting in low FPS. Also, I couldn't handle the smaller desktop icons. Mine are small as it is on my 22" LCD

Browser: Firefox
OS: Microsoft XP(downgraded from Vista W00t)
Monitor: HDMI HP 22"
Internet Speed: 6mb/s
Browser: Firefox 2 & IE7 sometimes.
OS: Windows XP SP2
Monitor: 19" TFT
Internet Speed: 2.5Mbit/s

I use the 1027x768 resolution, as most people do. I actually should use higher resolution, but I find the icons to be too small.
1440x900 on my 19" widescreen monitor. Netscape 9 and IE 7 are my browsers of choice.
Since I have got a 20" Wide screen, it's better for me to use 1680 x 1280 because of the better quality and bigger resolution.
Browser: Firefox
OS: Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon
Monitor: LCD Belinea 19"; resolution: 1440x900 (You missed it in the poll Razz)
Internet Speed: 1 Mb/s
I've always used 800x600 and I dunno why but I kinda stick to that!
Res: 1024*768
OS:windows xp sp2
zjosie729 wrote:
I think you're missing a very important screen resolution: 1280x1024.

..and what about 1280x800?
I have a 15.4" widescreen on my Hp Compaq 6715b.

I feel that the options in the vote are discriminating Razz (not really though)

I just felt that it should be an "Other" option, because none of the resoulutions fit, and neither do "unknown" as I know my resolution.
1280x800 wide screen
My resolution is 1024*768, not higher possible, since mine is LCD.

My browser: IE, Opera, Firefox
OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP2
Monitor: LCD 14''; resolution: 1024x768
Internet Speed: 100 Mb/s (local area network); and approximately 1mb/s for the WAN
i got a samsung 2232 gw lcd monitor, excellent btw and my screen resolution is 1600 x 1280 ... this is because im a graphic designer and i need my images and illustration to be clearer when i design.

I've got a 22" widescreen monitor. I'm currently running at 1680x1050.

Its really annoying to find VGA codes for it. Sad

I have a samsung 19 inch widescreen
Browser: Firefox
OS: Windows Vista (hate it)
Monitor: Laptop HD 15.4 (i think)
Internet Speed: Slow
used to higher but since I had a problem with my eyes dropped down a notch to 1024 x 768.

best resolution is 1200 x 960 for those without problem eyes!). enough screen real estate without looking too busy.
1024 x 768, I play most games in 800x600 though, my computer has always been 1024 x 768 though.
I have been using computers for over 15 years... And Professionally managing it for over 6 years.

Windows XP has been the best of now and as far as my knowledge goes there is no stable version of Internet Explorer. And with a decent configuration with a 'OK' standard video card, 1024*768 should be good enough for resolution with 60 Hz refresh rate.

Keep Smiling and Happy Resolution Screen Setting [Smile]

as alwayZz - Cheers and Cherish
Visit me @ :
1024 x 768 resolution 15" CRT Sad
1280x960.......... if i can view it in larger resolution, why not...

Acer AL1916W
My golden rule is highest resolution possible with bigger desktop icons. I used to leave the icons normal but larger icons look better when you get above 1024 x 768.

At home i have 2x monitors with 1600 x xxx res and my notebook is at 12xx x xxx i think.
1440x900 here. 19" widescreen. I do have another monitor @1024*768 though.
Browser: Firefox
OS: Windows XP
Monitor: TFT 19 inch
Internet Speed: 2738 kb/s down, 401 kb/s up
i got a 22 inch viewsonic - optiquest... running at 1680x1050

gfx card is the geforce 8800 GTS 320bit.... runs games great

single core processor though, and 2gigs ddr400 ram.

I would update the cpu to dual core and get ddr2 ram if i could
Actually I've 1400x1050 on my laptop
Oi, you people need to learn how to make good polls.
Where's the 'My resolution is not on this list' option? Your poll implies that if I don't use one of those options, I don't know what my resolution is, which is absolutely untrue.

Anywho... I have my screen set at 1680x1050. I miss my old monitor, though: 3200x2400.
Update lol

My current resolution is now 1440 by 900 on ViewSonic’s 19” VX1935wm Wide Screen Monitor
Running Firefox on Windows XP SP2
and on a 5MPS connection down, 768k up
Topic needs an update for bigger resolutions Smile
My res is 1920x1080 full HD monitor Very Happy
1366 x 768, recommended resolution for my monitor. Very Happy
I use 1366 x 768
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