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What about a topic on personnal software ?

I'm an intermediate programmer on VB6.0. I began this because I feel that's sometimes difficult to find freeware we search. And often, they don't make all we want. That's why I have created some personnal sofwares such as a program to modify ID3Tags, some games, a fonts organizer, a program to turn off my computer.
What about a new topic in which user ask for personnal software they want to acquire ? Some other users, like me, will be probably able to create them...
Personnally, I will be happy to make programs for free and take them to other users...
Say me what you want, I will tell you if I can or not...
While I think this is a good idea in theory, it might attract the wrong kind of attention. If one virus was distributed using this section of Frihost, it could cause some serious problems due to the number of people using the service. For fear of that, I doubt they would include a section on Downloads.

You could, however, create your own service either via a forum on your website, or post programs you've made on your site. You could advertize the service in your signature including a link to other files - people could then email you directly.

This way, you might be able to build a good reputation, so people would use the service without fear of viruses.
Thanks for your recommandations... I haven't thought of the probability to sent virus by a such section.
However, a download section would not be necessary... Some programs that I have made are under 1Mo, and I thought when I have post my message that I could disturb the programs by mail only for people who ask for them.
When my website will be OK, I would make a download section but that's not for today.

If somebody read this send me a MP if you want some freeware...
S3nd K3ys
Cool idea. I started much the same way you did; creating programs to assist me in my various jobs, mostly including CNC programming and machining.

I've created a host of programs for this, from tap drill charts, machining calculators, metric converters, NC File manipulators and merging programs, sub program generators, RS232 communications programs, setup sheet and quoting templates using VBA in MS Accses, and a bunch of others.

The only one I've really released to public domain is the RS232 file transfer program.

Are you giving away the source with the programs?

Rolling Eyes
I'm sorry but I haven't understand everything that was said before. I'm french. That's why I don't understand some technicals which were used.
I can only say that I only code in VB 6.0, I started 2 weeks ago...

The programs I create are not so complicated for the moment, only for personnal use and for pleasure, to tag MP3, to organize my fonts, to close my PC. Some programs already exists on the net but don't do everything I want they could or are so complicated such as some softs to turn off your PC and which have so much options that are useless to my mind...

I'm also agree to send my codes to everyone who want them. And they will be disposables on my future website such as programs...

Excuse for english
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