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Ilegal Inmigration several points of view

From the radical and conservative personalities I found deep concern in security matters as well as social and economical impacts. They think iligal inmigration is the cause of collapsing educational and health services as well as other state aids and sevices. I guess they believe this because ilegal inmigrants do not pay taxes thus not contributing to compensate the over demand.
Half of this is true, I partially agree. What do you think about this topic?

Is ilegal inmigration a serious problem?
Is there a solution besides the Wall?
I think if it is really such a damned problem reduce the wage tax from 35% to 6% and sales tax FROM 6% to 35%.
I think it is a problem that needs to be addressed by securing our borders and getting our country into order. Remove the Illegals that are here that are not compatible to America.

Them being here illegally is enough to make them incompatable in my opinion. But that is something americans can decide on. But there needs to be a solid and rigidly enforced set of standards and rules.

We can't keep treating our southern border as a joke. The mexican army makes frequent incursions onto American soil assisting people smugglers and drug runners. You should see the garbage they leave behind in passing and the habitat destruction they cause.

Not to mention property damage and crime that is a direct result of illegals trying to get into America. Cutting fences, stealing cars, crashing while running from police, shooting at police, it's a war down there on the border and most Americans are thumbing their nose at those that have to deal with it and pay for it's consequences.
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