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J.K. Rowling

Do you think J.K. Rowling will write more books after the Harry Potter series is finished?
 32%  [ 10 ]
 29%  [ 9 ]
I Hope So
 38%  [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 31

Do you think that she is going to write any more books after the Harry Potter series? I hope she does. But are they going to be as good. to me probably not. Post your comments.

I really don't think she will. She has made quite a fortune from the Harry Potter Franchise, and IF she still likes to write, then she might do something else, but she will never be seen as anything other than the Harry Potter author.
As the matter of fact, after reading book 6 of the Harry Potter series, I had the idea that there isnít either coming a part 7! Book 6 is just so written that itís not necessarily.

Of course I donít hope so, itís only what I thought after finishing reading the book. I really love the books of J.K. Rowling, in Dutch as well in English.

Two weeks ago I heard a discussion about Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling, and somebody there said that Rowling promised in an other interview that there will come a last part. So Iím very happy, and I suppose youíre too! I was really afraid there wasnít coming a final part, but if itís all right, there will!
J.K. Rowling recently stated in an interview that she already has many ideas she'd like to write books on after Harry Potter, but that she'll probably do so under a pseudonym. I guess we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for any books with a similar writing style!
She said, however, that she's probably not writing any more fantasy.
If anyone'd like to see more on all that, check out
personally i loved the amount of detail that she put into her work.... but most people are complaining about the book being long, the film being long..... Confused
i hope she writes more..... books that can be read and enjoyed by both children and adults.... also wish that she does some more humour Very Happy
One if you can't appreciate long books than your not a reader. Second your right she has the unique ability to put humor in just the right places in these books to make you laugh uncontrolably ok maybe not uncontrolably but make you laugh. and she is really good with those oneliners. If I go to a bookstore and look for a fantasy novel and there is one that is like 150 pages long and one 950 pages long i am going to go for the 950 page book because the short books just go by too fast for me, but that is my opinion.

J.K. Rowling recently stated in an interview that she already has many ideas she'd like to write books on after Harry Potter, but that she'll probably do so under a pseudonym. I guess we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for any books with a similar writing style!

Yeah, I heard that, too. I'm disappointed, because I absolutely adore the way she writes (even her website updates are fascinating. But maybe that's just me.) But I can see her point. Everything she writes from this point on is going to be compared to the Great Harry Potter.
i'm pretty sure she won't.. Sad
Well i think that she will write more books even if she does not want to becuse she will receive lots and lots of request which will compell her in the end.
i hope she will but im allmost sure she won't
I head it was offical she was going to write more books. I heard that they will not be HP though Sad

I am sad about that too. I also heard only 7 hp books and that is it.... my cousin told me that people will riot, for her to write more HP Razz I dunno what to think.
My cousin told me that people will riot, for her to write more HP

I hope she doesn't! Leave 'what happens after' for fan speculation and fanfiction. I think it would take away from the magic (no pun intended) of the original series.
and actually seen in a Biography Channel show about her, that she has at least the rough first draft version of book 7 done, but her rewriting and editting are almost as long a process as writing the first draft. Judging my own pitifully small experiance with writing, the editting does seem to take longer than that first draft.
She's also said in interviews that she has ideas for other (non-Harry) stories and books, but that with book 7 there will be no more HP books. I do hope she keeps writing and that if she does so under a psuedonym, she lets it slip after a while like Stephen King did. I'd be interested in reading anything she turned her hand to, since while I love the world she's built, her smooth and enjoyable unfussy writing style will give her a foot up on anything she writes in any genre in my opinion.
It's pretty clear to me that Book 7 needs to be released. The story is definately not finished and in fact, I'm a bit alarmed that there is so much left unwrapped up, so much left to tell, in book 7. It's going to be huge, monumentally huge, or very.... squashed, I fear. However, since I've loved what she's done so far, I'll trust in her to work it all out.
Oh, and for anyone who's eager to get more background on the Harry Potter world, there's always "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them" and Quiddich Through The Ages", slim though they may be.
I did originally think she wouldn't but having thought about it she must go back to it so i think that she is going to write more eventually, there may be a long long gap between book 7 of HP and whatever she writes next while she tries to get HP out of her (and our) minds, but i think if she enjoys writing (which surely she must to write books of the size she does) she'll be drawn back to the pen/typewriter/word processor someday.

It's probably be a good idea to write it under a pseudonym just so that it doesn't get as linked to HP if it came out under the J.K. Rowling name.


she would definitely write more books. For the main reason that her fans will be disappointed if she wouldn't. Very Happy
She's already announced a shorter children's book she has planned. Also, of course she'll keep writing--she's an author, it's her main source of income/life work. Of course, income doesn't matter at this point... but yeah.
She's very adamant about not writing any more HP books, (which is fine by me - and I love the series, but I'd rather not have overkill).

I don't think we'll be seeing books from J.K. Rowling, but I do think that there will be other books written by some unheard of nobody, who's style is strikingly similar to Rowling's. ^_~

If she does continue to write, I wonder if I would still read her stories. I'm a Fantasy person, I like my magic and wizardry. With out it, I don't know if another book in a different genre would appeal to me the same way. Thoughts?
I'd love to read her future books and her writing technique is just amazing. Then again those will always be compared to the world-shaking Harry Potter books.

I just hope that others will give her a fair chance of showing her literary talent through other story lines. Wink
Am I right if I say that she won't write, at least one, HP ? Is that what you all are saying ?
That is no good.

Is there nobody (not even our Brittish friends) that have heard that she is writing or something. Because I always thought that book 7 was comming allready. Now, this can be fantasy too.
I am not happy with it.

It is the story, and the way it is told that makes it make you wanting more.
Personally I thought Book 5 (Order of the Phoenix) wasn't that good anymore. I had a weak moment in book 2 (The Chamber of Secrets).
Book 6 was again a very good one and I hope Book 7 will be even better.
X3 Talk
Of course, she is commited by fans to writing book 7 in the Harry Potter series. But will it be such a good thing to have another series by her. I think the risk there is having another series that isn't anywhere near as good as the Harry Potter books which wouldn't look very good on her part.
I guess it is rather unlikely that she will but...she is a writer and maybe she cannot resist Smile)
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