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How long is it for your request to be handled?

And its also not definate you will get it either is it? What happens if you dont get it? Just keep sending them in and hoping?
I got it the day i requested it, but its prolly subjective. Anyway i am here mainly for forums, to spent some time on. Didnt even upload anything to my domain, YET (working on it). Wink
I'm also still waiting for mine. I was told there is an unusual large pile of requests that they have to go through and they are trying their best to get them all through as quick as possible.

i was also told that, the forums r pretty coo, always something to read, everyone is active
Yeah the forums are cool, cos there is everything here, anything you wanna talk bout which is cool
Yeah the forums are cool, cos there is everything here, anything you wanna talk bout which is cool
I've been waiting for quite a few days now for acceptance. I'm beginning to wonder who exactly on these forums has a website hosted by them? I haven't found anyone yet, which is kind of sad.

Hey, if you have a site hosted by them, show it to me! :)
We got our request through, after six days. It isn't so bad now. Frihost is great though! It is definately worth the wait. It is better than any other single host website we have ever seen!
Cool, cool. Im waiting for 10 posts, except i dont wanna spam the forums and just make random posts, but thanks for the heads up on how long it will take
iv been waiting since monday, im pretty excited
i have been waiting for a week...But i believe that you can't have it all...They have GREAT forums, the BEST hosting offer, and these 2, is why they can't be very fast...They are the best, many people want to join, they have no time to fill ALL THEEEeese requests...They are humans, not robots...Anyway, i hope that i will manage to get my account soon Smile.
i think is very fast.....
About a week, but my account was on in 3 or 4 days. Very Happy
Nutorious wrote:
What happens if you dont get it? Just keep sending them in and hoping?


That's what we need, robots! No, but really. Frihost IS the best. It is well worth the wait. I could wait a month for a request. But like I said, I got mine accepted after 6 days. If you are loosing faith, and just want to give up, DON'T! Frihost is definately worth the wait!
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Arno van Lumig
Requested it today, hope I get it soon Smile But I can understand they get lots of requests and need some time to activate it.
maybe they're too popular for their own good
Mine took about 20 minutes, then it's gotten quite a bit more popular now than it was then Wink
Mine took no more than a few hours, I was approved by mOrph when i was sleeping. It was the first gift on my 18th B'day.

But it was way then when frihost was barely a month old. But now its abt 3 days worst case senario
3 days is a tiny price to pay for what you get out of it. For goodness sake!
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