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Pizza Thief Gives Out Own Number

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man apparently looking for free lunch was arrested for allegedly assaulting a pizza delivery man.

Police say Virgil Dennis ordered three pies from Pizza Hut at lunchtime Tuesday and gave the address of a vacant apartment downstairs from his own. When the driver arrived, authorities say 22-year-old Dennis pressed a knife against the delivery man's neck and demanded the pizzas.

The crime was reported and police traced the number Dennis provided Pizza Hut to an apartment two floors up from the one where the pies were delivered. When officers arrived there, they said a young man and woman opened the door, holding a small girl who was eating a slice of pizza.

"That was our first clue," said Officer George Springer.

Officers said they found Dennis hiding in the bathroom. While police waited for an officer to return with the delivery driver to identify his assailant, Dennis bolted from the apartment barefoot, handcuffs still dangling on one wrist.

"This guy jumps across about six different balconies, and scales down to the second floor," said Officer Darin Snapp.

After a brief struggle in the parking lot, police got him under control, and the driver identified Dennis as the thief.

Jackson County prosecutors charged Dennis with first-degree robbery and armed criminal action. Police returned the uneaten slices to Pizza Hut. Strange News

a small girl who was eating a slice of pizza.

Kids say the darndest things, pretty much saying, yes sir the bad man is in my house

Police returned the uneaten slices to Pizza Hut.

So I guess we will be thinking twice about getting the cheap slices of pizza that are stored in the pizza warmer with the turny thing
ha...dennis rocks.

'barefoot with handcuffs dangling from one hand'

lol... he's the man,,

maybe he was hungry thats why he did this ?

Police returned the uneaten slices to Pizza Hut.

i think he dint get time to eat it lol
Our standards for world news seems to be shrinking nowadays...
its what you make of it , you snob.

if you had half a brain I'm sure you could gleen something of social interest from the article. and elaborate.

the great thing about forums is , you are not obliged to read any thread. you can ignore it. you are not even obliged to reply, if you inadvertently read something 'beneath' you.

so, suck on that you pion.
but america needs to know; what kind of pizza was it in her hand?
That Dennis guy is way uncool, stealing pizzas from an innocent pizzaman! He should just gave the money to him! It's not as if he's so poor that he can't even afford some pizzas! I guess these few days criminals are rising and rising in number and that is not good. If criminals dominated our world, we'll be dead by now. But, that is not possible as the good always wins, like in the cartoons. AND he is so stupid to not think of the police tracing his phone number, that's way uncool!
you are way uncool. I would -never- share a pizza with you. Infact - i would throw my crusts at you, HOW COOL! hu hu hu hu just so funny kidding hee
silly fool what was he smoaking
animefanlee wrote:
silly fool what was he smoaking

One wonders - what was he thinking indeed! I wonder how long he will spend in prison for this crime. There is absolutely no way that stealing 3 pizzas is worth a few years in prison! He would have been better off is he had just snatched the pizzas and run - he would get a lower sentence.

As for the poor delivery guy, he must have been scared stiif. I wonder what long term effect this will have on him? Will he still deliver pizzas or find another line of work?

And what about the little girl? She got a slice of pizza, but the rest were confiscated, and for that one slice, her daddy will spend a few years in the slammer.

If the family was hungry and deperate, why not ask for help? I guess desperate (and stupid) people do silly things. Just another story reflecting the sad state of our world!
Yes, well, when you cannot afford food - your natural survival instincts turn on. It's something done my nature.
S'not as bad as the two Australians who (in America) robbed their local bank with paper bags on their heads, wearing their work uniforms (complete with name badges) and had the guy serving them recognise their voices...

It was big news over here at least, Laughing .
Glad I dont deliver pizza any
Soulfire wrote:
Yes, well, when you cannot afford food - your natural survival instincts turn on. It's something done my nature.

I agree, but only to a certain extent. I have never been hungry enough to rob a pizza guy....poaching a Deer or steal something from the super market maybe, but not armed robbery.

I also understand that deperate times breed desperate measures, but I think I could find a more viable alternative to stealing 1 meal at a time.
Laughing Laughing lol Laughing Laughing
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