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hi every one i recently baught new ram (1gb) an upgrade from a 512, The ram i baught is a DDR3200 400hz 184 pin the same specs as my 512 but when i leave the 1gb in alone my pc wont boot? help would be gratefully be appreciated!!
What do you mean by your PC wont boot? Are you getting error message? Be more specific to where exactly the boot process stops.
try changing the slots and also try it seperately. if you hear a long continuous beep, then there maybe a problem with the new ram
do you get any msg on the screen?
all i get is a black screen with long beeps nothing come up on screen
Double-check that the new ram is seated properly (ie. it's clicked into place). You should also check that your Motherboard supports that type of ram and that size of chip. If you can't find an incompatibility, there's likely to be a fault with the new chip.

Return it to the seller for a replacement is my best advice.
Your question was highly unclear to me. Please rewrite what the problem is. Is the PC not booting when your trying to run both the RAM modules together? Hear and post how many beeps you are getting exactly and how many of them are long and short. The beeps can tell alot about the problem. State the name of the BIOS too.
all the beeps are long beeps, it clicks in to place no problemo! once again i say its a PC3200DDR 400MHZ 184PIN the 512mb works fine alone but its only when the 1gb is alone it wont work, ive got it in the motherboard at the moment and its not being detected!
I thought when your computer beeps quite loudly that is to do with your graphics card? I dont know if this will help at all, My computer sometimes has a stoprestart, This is where the screen goes blank and then my copmputer just suddenly restarts, then when halfway through loading up again it will, make a "beeeeep" noise, this is a fault with my graphic card drivers. Maybe they wernt compatiable
But is the beep continious or does it stop?
its long beep stop for bout 1 or 2 seconds then long beep stop etc
First of all, you'll have to differentiate between the beeps. If your mobo uses AMI BIOS, then one short beep would mean that there is something wrong with the memory chip or that its not seated properly. The same holds true if the beeping doesnt stop.

Similarly if your mobo has Award BIOS, one long beep would indicate that there is something wrong with your memory module or that its not seated in the slot properly.

According to my experience, I will tell you something is wrong with the module you have bought. Remove the 512 MB module and try booting your system with just the 1 GB module you have. If the system fails to start then chances are there is something wrong with the module you bought.
the FSB may be different, are you sure that the specs are the same, because if they are and its not working, then it must be the chip that is wrong, take it back! lol Shocked
its long beep stop for bout 1 or 2 seconds then long beep stop etc
This means the motherboard does not support the type or speed of the memory module....

If you could post the manufacturer of the motherboard, you could then research what type of memory is supported. It usually flashes on the screen right at boot-up...
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