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Narrow scope of forums

Hello people,

As you can see, i'm very very new to this forum. I've been here for abt 4-5 days already and i think i should have gone to most of the parts of the forums by now.

I'm not sure if i am accurate in saying this, but heck i'll just say how i feel. Please correct me if you think i'm grossly biased or opinionated in making my comments.

Personally, i feel that the topics of this forum seems quite restricted. Although i understand that this is supposed to be a web master's community and indeed most topics are about web, net and computer related. But i'm sure that other than computers there are other things to life ie love (this has been covered in many posts). And these other aspects to our life, as far as i can see are being left out in the forums.

As of now the "other aspects" that i think will increase the staying power of this forum might be: International (boast about your own country and people of the same area can use it as a channel to meet up or stuff)

Maybe travel (i'm sure that even computer geeks don't stare at the screen all day long and will unwind sometimes)

I'm sure theres more to this list...


And let me take this chance to voice my opinions over the recent language forums furore. (I realise that thay have all been locked)

IMO, there shouldn't even be ANY language forums at all. I understand that not all of us are proficient in english (ie ME), hence the need for language forums. But it seems that most of us here are good enough to at least understand what is going on and make a contribution, so why even a need for a language forum? Is it more "close to the heart", maybe, maybe not if it serves only to alienate non-speakers.

Furthurmore, once there is the appearance of any language forum, more people will start requesting for more of "their" language forums, and there will be no end to this until frihost forum is split into many many communities.

finally, the internet is supposed to allow us to link up with people all around the world and let us obtain quality opinions and ideas that are not limited to our own physical community. So why limit ourselves? I mean if you want to speak to people who speak our mother tongue, why don't you just take a step outside your house??

So sorry for bitching so much and for spending 45 seconds or more reading this, but i stand to be corrected.
You have a better grasp of English grammar than most USA highschool graduates.
gonzo wrote:
You have a better grasp of English grammar than most USA highschool graduates.
Sad but true.
The main thing about this forum is there ae not that many users (There are a lot of users that are here and then go) but for the most part the amount of users are slim so the narrow scope of forums fits in with that, for the time I have been with FriHost, most of the users don't even bother to read the posts after the the topic (If someone asks a question) and the second post answers it in full detail, there will still be people still posting after that giving their advice. So all in all you can't expect that much.
I read scripting, Computer software and Design... ignore the rest of them Smile So the narrow scope fits well.
I agree with your suggestion about language forums because if you forced everyone to speak in English perhaps it will improve their grasp of grammer and etc.. And plus, if language forums existed, everyone would just hide in those boards...
Yeah, i guess you guys are quite right.

The only problem is, i'm finding trouble understanding the "other" topics haha.. I should really rename myself internet-noooooooobie or something similar...

I mean, all that stuff about php, java, c++, domain, wadeva...Theres really so much to learn, so little time..~Sigh~
I have always just...uhh...guestimated my way through scripting. Feel for the basics...and whenever you see something familiar you jump on it...

Although, they are all based on the same few principals.

It wont do anything unless its told to.

as for the forum upgrades...

Let me be honest. The real reason why I joined and stay active is because of the hosting. But I do go to other forums and post. This is my second home. Why not check out some computer or travel forums without language support? -Just a suggestion-

Sorry if I trampled over your pride...but I feel that this is already great place to post with lots of interesting people...

PS: Might I add you have a great grasp of the English language...*THERE IS A HOPE*

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