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Rose Bowl = Vince Young Bowl

Did anybody else see this freaking game? It was absolutely incredible. I have never seen a better game in my entire life. Intense.

The Heisman should be given out after then National Championship game, because guess who would have won it now? Vince Young is who.

I still can't get over how amazing the game was.
it was definately the Young Bowl. I mean what the hell do you do with a guy like young? I think if you are playing against him, you simply pray. If he's your guy, apparently you just sit back and enjoy the show. I remember they put up a stat on how many times he had lead his team from behind to win the in final quarter. Being the non-believer I am most of the time, I thought he couldn't pull it off; USC would defend their lead, and hell maybe even increase it. After Young scored that touchdown, I was like, where is the nearest church. I now believe!!!

Apart from it being the Vince Young Show, Lendale Smith also put on a great performance. Everyone was too busy with the Heismann winner and forgot about Smith. Regardless of the loss, people will now know who he is. As for Reggie Bush: That touchdown of his was spectacular. It's exactly what you hoped you would see from him (if only a few more times though!!!).

Obviously if the Heisman was presented AFTER the game, Young would have taken it hands down. Hell, Reggie would have been happy to present it to him walking backwards!!

I am so glad it was a great game given all the hype. So often ESPN will camp inside and outside a stadiumfor a month and a half, giving you hype-building reports during every f-ing show, even a during Curling tournament, on how "this will be a defining game of our time - oh, if only Pop-up was alive to see this!!". And next thing the friggin game sux so bad you want to go out and hang yourself in your front yard.

But not with this one. It was great. And it lived up to it. I am sure Reggie Bush will help the Texans resemble a football team for once, and Vince Young will become a legend before turning pro.
It was a pretty good game, and here in the Eastern Time Zone, it ended after midnight!

This is about the only college bowl game this year that lived up to the hype, except maybe the one on Tuesday night, that went to triple overtime!

Young looked very good, but I'm not sure if his ability will transfer over to the pro ranks, I'll have to wait to see about that one.

Texas played great and with his 467 yards offense; which many teams couldn't even get in their own bowl as a team; Young just rolled over USC and their D.

I want him to go to the NFL so ND can make a run for the title...We shall see.. He is AMAZING
Vince young definately won't be going to the NFL this year because he wants to get that heisman, and break his own record of 2500 passing yards and 1000 rushing. So, watch out Mike Vick, Vince Young is on his way!!!
I don't watch a lot of American football, but I switched the tv on during the second half of this game and saw one of the best games I've ever seen. Vince Young is a freak, when he runs it looks like he's not putting any effort in, just stretching his legs a bit, but is surprisingly fast and evasive. USC were really good as well, but how do you stop a guy like Vince Young.
kuad is right. that dude just seems to glide along not really trying hard, probably thinking, "damn, that was a good bagel this morning". Honestly, at some point I though the whole thing was fixed - Vince was just trotting along like he is taking a leisurely jog at the beach. It's either he is really fast and everyone else on the field is slow and the T.V. delay slows everything down, or the whole thing is fixed!!! but seriously great game
If you missed this game, ESPN Classic is going to reshow it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday January 7th (I'm pretty sure, but Check local listings).

ESPN Classic is also reshowing three other bowl games from this season - but I can't imagine watching any of the others!!
I went to sleep with a few minutes left, glad that USC was going to win it. I woke up and....and.... Well, you know what happened. Sad Ruined my day.
That is true..That has to be the best game I have seen in a long time. It only helps that I have been rooting against USC all year and what a better way to end their win streak than in front of the largest audience of the year. I wonder how the game rated, because anyone who missed this game missed a truly historic event........Hook em' trick.
So Vince Young made his decision do declare for the NFL Draft. The only thing he had left to accomplish was an official Heisman trophy, but after the Rose Bowl he proved who really deserved it this year.

It will be interesting to see what the Texans do in the draft. They picked up the $8 million option of David Carr, so will that affect their decision?
ignitionnight wrote:
So Vince Young made his decision do declare for the NFL Draft. The only thing he had left to accomplish was an official Heisman trophy, but after the Rose Bowl he proved who really deserved it this year.

It will be interesting to see what the Texans do in the draft. They picked up the $8 million option of David Carr, so will that affect their decision?

I still think they will pick Reggie Bush. Also depending on the scouting combine results and pro days, I still think Leinert will be the first QB chosen.
I thought UT represented the Big 12 well, I have been itching to see a Big 12 team take the national championship since the former Southwest conference was disolved.
I question how USC was ranked #1 all season. I am not saying Texas deserved it all season, but there were opportunities for them to have slid into the #1 position.
The best thing about Vince Young is that he's like Michael Vick, except he can actually throw the ball. I'm extremely excited to see him declare for the NFL draft and see what he can do against much faster defensive players.
it definately wasnt the young bowl.... the longhorns barely won! and no vince young still wouldnt have won the heisman even after that game because bush is the most electrifying college athlete and will go first in the draft and young will go 5 or so.Leinart just had a bad game and if the trojan defense would have steped it up a little at the end game over. also the longhorns have a total and lucky disregard for the cosching decision near the end opf the game when one of the free safeties blitzed himself at the end. i still beleive usc ids the best college team, they just had an off day.
i am sorry son, but it was definitely the YOUNG BOWL for one reason and one reason only? Which player is every one going to think of first when they think of that game? Reggie Bush? NO; Leinart? NO; Lendale Smith? NO!! They are all going to think of Vince Young. He was the star of that game and there are no two ways about it. Every clip on t.v. about that game starts with Vince Young, not with Reggis Bush's acrobatic touchdown! And as time passes every thing else about that game will be upstaged by Vince Young's performance.
And ecause it was the YOUNG BOWL, he has decided to go pro.

I guess we will all have to wait to see just how much of an impact the game had when the draft takes place. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't. Because i read this article where the colts owner said one shouldn't always place to much emphasis on a particular "Big-Time Game". A player's performance on a particular game shouldn't out-weigh his performance throughout the season. You shouldn't pick a player because be did well in a bowl game, or vice versa. Which is exactly what he did with Manning. His last bowl game was a disaster but he still went ahead and took him.

But Young on the other hand has had a great season and he capped it off nicely.
good job u m,ade some sense at the 2 part of your post.

bush was s[ectacular thro the whole season even mor eso then young and i still beleive that leinart can keep it more cool than young when in the big show, but you never kno

and bush goes first in the draft hope he helps the texans

bush playing for a team from texas that made me laugh,it would be kinda kool i guess it texas takes young

but it wont happen.......
yes i always make as much sense as is humanly possible.

With that game Young proved he can keep his wits about him and stay calm. it was a big spotlight game that had more buzz than your neighbourhood pothead. ESPN couldn't stop talking about it. And young was able to maintain and actually make it the biggest and best game of his career so far.

Personally i think it would be a waste for reggie bush, leinart, young, or anyone else to go the texans!! Just let them be. I like them at the bottom of the league
i agree texans with any o0f those guys is a waste of their rookie season

unless you think of it this way. any of them would take over that offense and put up some great numbers each game they could possibly demand a ttrade and the texans could get alot of cash for those players or even a veteran
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