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Allow IPB or Vbulletin

I dont see why not allow them, can i have an explination
This has been asked and answered before... There's a wonderful feature that's included in every installation of phpBB that's called "Search". You may or may not have heard of it. It really is delightful because you can find many things contained in posts with it.

Here's a step by step tutorial of how to use the search page.

1.) The search page is located at the following url:
2.) Upon visiting this page, you will see an input box across from the following text:
Search for Keywords:
You can use AND to define words which must be in the results, OR to define words which may be in the result and NOT to define words which should not be in the result. Use * as a wildcard for partial matches

The entire table row looks like this:

Please enter your search query into this box. Below the above search box, you may search for any terms or use query as entered, or you may search for all terms in your query. Alternativley, you can search for all posts made by a specific author, in which case you'd use the input box across from the text:
Search for Author:
Use * as a wildcard for partial matches
The entire table row looks like this:

You must enter a valid username into this box, or your search will yeild no results.
3.) Once you have chosen which type of search you'd like to perform, you may configure some one-time options for your search. Here is a picture of all of the options you may choose:

The Forum Option: Using the forum option's drop down list of forums, you can select a single forum to perform your query on, or you may just search all available forums. This is particularily useful if you would like to search for a specific thing that you know would only be in one forum, for instance, searching for IPB or vBulletin in the Web Hosting Support forum.
The Category Option: Much like the forum option, the category option allows you to select a specific category of forums for your query. This is useful in times when you need to search for a broader subject, such as searching for PHP in the Websites category.
The Display Results Option: This allows you to display the results of your query in either post, or topic form. The former (post) would display your results at the post level, with your query highlighted within a post. The latter (topic) would display the topics that your query is contained in.
The Search Previous Option: This option allows you to search for posts from the previous 1 day, 7 days, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. This is useful if you're looking for old topics. You may search for previous post topic titles and message text, or just the message text.
The Sort-By Option: This handy little option allows you to sort your query results by Post Time, Post Subject, Topic Title, Author or Forum. Then, you can sort these attributes in either ascending or descending order.
The Return First Option: Using this option, you can specify how many characters to return in your query results. From 0, to All available.

When you have entered a search query, and configured all these options, you may then submit your query for processing. Be patient, as it may take a few seconds if you're searching for a popular term.

Happy Searching!

Please, remember to search responsibly. Only search for things you need. Don't press "search" too many times.
Ok let me say this. I dont own a new version of IPB, i own a LEGAL FREE version of IPB 1.3. Would i be able to use IPB 1.3 when its free???
No. That's it.

You have to prove to us that you have a legal licence, that's all.

IPB 1.3 or whatever, a licence to use it.

thedon12991 wrote:
Ok let me say this. I dont own a new version of IPB, i own a LEGAL FREE version of IPB 1.3. Would i be able to use IPB 1.3 when its free???

Its illegal to use IPB 1.3 free version unless downloaded from IPB site directly. But IPB 1.3 free version was stopped in 2004. and I don't think there is way that you can prove to use that you downloaded it before sept 2004 from IPB site, infact I personally dont think thats even the case here.
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Hi everyone!
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Not sure what these mean ....
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