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Love Poem-Goodbye forever..

When I touch my chest I can no longer feel my heart beat,
Is it because you’ve kicked it, stepped on it with your uncaring feet?
I don’t understand how someone can treat love like a switch,
Then again, I never knew you were such a cold hearted b*tch.

Love to you is basically nothing more then a cruel ugly joke,
You could care less about who you hurt, that my love makes me choke.
The love I felt you trashed, I am glad your plans I foiled,
My image of what true love is, thanks to you, is now soiled.

You don’t have a clue to what true love is really about,
All you leave is uncertainty and way too much doubt.
You can’t be honest and give of yourself,
For you, love is something to be pulled off a shelf.

I was always honest, open and believed so much in you,
But you couldn’t be real, you could never be true.
It’s no wonder you are on number three,
And to think that I might have become number four really scares me.

You have so much baggage awaiting in baggage claim,
You won’t address it, be free of it, that is truly a shame.
I offered to be there, a shoulder to cry on a hand to have and hold,
Instead, you are a taker, never a giver, your heart is empty and void.

You wouldn’t know love if it stared you in the face,
You are careful not to express, no heart tracks to retrace.
You use the excuse “too much and too fast”,
Yet it was you who expressed a love that didn’t last.

Your idea of “love” is nothing more then a June frost,
All the while, behind your back, keeping your fingers crossed.
You have no idea who much you hurt me and do you even care,
When was the last time you might have asked, would you even dare?

I was honest and always open with you,
I knew what I felt was sincere and true.
What you have done is turned me further away from trusting any future lover,
I can’t believe in anyone, only myself, never another.

I feel sorry for you that you are so badly screwed up with your life,
And to think I offered you everything, to just someday be my loved wife.
You make hurting individuals seem like it happens with ease,
But then again, that is who you are, that person, Louise.

I will never love again, no never again as it hurts more then it should,
To honestly believe that I can trust anyone, that I even would.
You’ve lied, used me using sex as your game,
Never once asking how I feel, what’s going on, what a terrible shame.

You have a void so big and so wide,
Many a night I sat at home trying to figure things out, I just cried.
I felt true love and devotion,
Yet, you turned it off without a much as a show of emotion.

I don’t think you are capable of knowing what is love,
Something gentle, something tender, soft and sweet like a dove,
Your hands are too coarse too harsh for anything so sweet,
For you, love belongs under your trampling feet.

Goodbye Louise, forever, and I will shed never for you a tear,
I feel in love with you but never no more will I hold you so dear.
I can’t love someone as cold and uncaring and untrue,
There will be no more thoughts of me with ever being with you.

Written by IronMan

*l love this poem so that post at there share v u all~!!^^
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