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Sherlock Holmes Yes, No?

Who has read and or likes the Advertures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyal. These adventures to me are the greatest mystery stories ever written. I've read most of them many times. So please post your comments on sherlock holmes
I read almost all Advertures of Sherlock Holmes and to me that's greatest mystery stories too. My favorite one is "The Speckled Band", I recommend you to read this one.
that is a really good one i am still trying to figure out which is my favorite.
One of the most notable fictional charachters of all time.
That deserves some merit.
I actually had many of the stories in my curriculum. I even read in a book that people mistook him for a real person and went to Baker's street looking after him. That says something about the attraction it drew.
that is true he even shows up in the first paragraph of the chronicles of narnia the magicians nephew.

yeah after a few publications, there were lots of letters addressed to the non existent baker street detective. i've read all the 45 stories that are published.. simply awesome, they are. still cant figure out which's my favorite..
Some are ok, some arnt the mystery is very good tho, but some are SOOO boring, but then i suppose it is like that will all books
There were fifty six original short stories in four volumes

1. The Adventures of SH
2. His Last Bow
3. Case Book of SH
4. Return of Sherlock Holmes

and four novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

1. A Study In Scarlet
2. The Sign of Four
3. The Valley of Fear
4. The Hound of Baskervilles

Sir Arthur only wanted to write one short story book, but the audiences response made him write four. Personally, I think all of the SH stuff was fantastic, except for the novel The Sign of Four, which I found quite dull.

After His Death, his son Adrian Conan Doyle wrote another book "The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes", writing the stories Sir Arthur had Referenced in the original SH short stories (The case of the aluminum crutch for example), this book is quite good.
i have them on paperback.... read them from time to time. i like them all Very Happy
I don't actually own any of his books but i have check out the two volumes of the complete sherlock holmes adventures from the library andread them all over the summer. These are the best mystery books i have ever read. I know that some mystery books you can find out everything by thinking before you even get halfway through the book, but not with sherlock holmes your always on the edge of your seat trying to figure it out before he does.

Actually, aalmighty, though you're really close, the list of stories and novels runs thusly:

* A Study in Scarlet (novel, 1887)

* The Sign of the Four (novel, 1890)

* The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
o A Scandal in Bohemia, 1891
o The Red-headed League, 1891
o A Case of Identity, 1891
o The Boscombe Valley Mystery, 1891
o The Five Orange Pips, 1891
o The Man with the Twisted Lip, 1891
o The Blue Carbuncle, 1892
o The Speckled Band, 1892
o The Engineer's Thumb, 1892
o The Noble Bachelor, 1892
o The Beryl Coronet, 1892
o The Copper Beeches, 1892

* The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
o Silver Blaze, 1892
o The Yellow Face, 1893
o The Stock-broker's Clerk, 1893
o The 'Gloria Scott', 1893
o The Musgrave Ritual, 1893
o The Reigate Squires, 1893
o The Crooked Man, 1893
o The Resident Patient, 1893
o The Greek Interpreter, 1893
o The Naval Treaty, 1893
o The Final Problem, 1893

* The Hound of the Baskervilles (novel, 1901-02)

* The Return of Sherlock Holmes
o The Empty House, 1903
o The Norwood Builder, 1903
o The Dancing Men, 1903
o The Solitary Cyclist, 1903
o The Priory School, 1904
o Black Peter, 1904
o Charles Augustus Milverton, 1904
o The Six Napoleons, 1904
o The Three Students, 1904
o The Golden Pince-Nez, 1904
o The Missing Three-Quarter, 1904
o The Abbey Grange, 1904
o The Second Stain, 1904

* The Valley of Fear (novel, 1914-15)

* His Last Bow
o Wisteria Lodge, 1908
o The Cardboard Box, 1893
o The Red Circle, 1911
o The Bruce-Partington Plans, 1908
o The Dying Detective, 1913
o Lady Frances Carfax, 1911
o The Devil's Foot, 1910
o His Last Bow, 1917

* The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes
o The Illustrious Client, 1924
o The Blanched Soldier, 1926
o The Mazarin Stone, 1921
o The Three Gables, 1926
o The Sussex Vampire, 1924
o The Three Garridebs, 1924
o Thor Bridge, 1922
o The Creeping Man, 1923
o The Lion's Mane, 1926
o The Veiled Lodger, 1927
o Shoscombe Old Place, 1927
o The Retired Colourman, 1926

There are also prefaces to both "His Last Bow" and "The Case-Book"

As you can see, I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. ^_^ I have a two-volume Complete Sherlock Holmes as well as a compilation called "The Original Sherlock Holmes" which includes "The Adventures", "The Memoirs", "The Return", and "The Hound of the Baskervilles" as they were originally published in The Strand, including the original illustrations. It's hardcover, and I got it for $5.99. *fangirls it*

One of the best things about Sherlock Holmes is that he's now public dmoain, meaning anyone can write about him and they don't have to pay royalties or get permission, since the copyright ran out and wasn't renewed. ^__^

Has anyone ever seen any of the movies? The old black and white ones with Basil Rathbone as Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Watson? I think my favourite of those is "Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon" (I think that's it's proper title), because it's based off of "The Adventure of the Dancing Men", which is one of my favourites.
Not quite my favourite mystery story writer (my favourite is Raymond Chandler) but the Holmes stories are marvellous, if only because the character of Holmes himself is so striking.
I've seen those old movies but my favorite is the one based off the study in scarlet. Arthur Conan Doyle is still my favorite mystery author and probably always will be.

Well i haven't read sherlock holmes till now. but i will give it a try after i get some free time. Wink
I Love Sherlock Holmes. I've read him atleast 20-30 times.

My Personnel Favourites are

1. Red Headed League
2. The Speckled Band
3. Boscombe Valley Mystery
4. The Hound of Baskerwilles
5. The Musgrave Rituals.

Oh! I love him!!!
I think the character is weak but the stories are soso.
Except he totally isn't weak at all. He breaks his cocaine addiction, kicks lots of butt, and is completely fine after doing things that would cause most other people to collapse from exhaustion or have a mental breakdown. The man is a genius!
When I was younger I remember getting the most amazing thrills out of reading these books. Holmes' whole seductive reasoning skills always instilled a passion for mystery in me, and the one I think I enjoyed the most out of all of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works was The Hound of the Baskerville, that one almost had an element of horror and suspense, and coupled with his usual mystic grace I just couldn't resist this novel! Great author, highly recommened to anyone who likes mystery or literature in general.
Doyle was an amazing writer. I got the whole collection of Sherlock Holmes and its simply wonderful reading them.
I've just read once but S.H is very interesting ! I can't sleep until I finished reading one chapter or more ! S.H is very intelligent !
I've read, but too long time ago when I was a child. I just remember to have liked reading that - but there's not enough memory for a real comment.
I've just started reading the complete collection, the 27th time.

Really I mean it. ts 27th time.
tsukiyuuki wrote:
as well as a compilation called "The Original Sherlock Holmes" which includes "The Adventures", "The Memoirs", "The Return", and "The Hound of the Baskervilles" as they were originally published in The Strand, including the original illustrations.

I love that edition. I wish they would re-release in a more nicely bound version, but it's still fantastic despite being a cheapo. Definitely the best $4.99 I ever spent.

tsukiyuuki wrote:

One of the best things about Sherlock Holmes is that he's now public dmoain, meaning anyone can write about him and they don't have to pay royalties or get permission, since the copyright ran out and wasn't renewed. ^__^

This is true everywhere in the world except in the US, where Doyle's last collection, The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, is still under copyright until 2023. Hence, any American wishing to use the character of Holmes still has to go through the estate of Dame Jean Conan Doyle until then.

tsukiyuuki wrote:
Has anyone ever seen any of the movies? The old black and white ones with Basil Rathbone as Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Watson?

Did you ever see the Sherlock Holmes TV series starring Jeremy Brett as Holmes? Though I'm fond of Rathbone because he was the first Holmes I knew (even before I read the stories), Brett I think is more believable as to what Holmes would be like were he a real person. Even better, I recommend checking out the performances of Vasily Livanov as Holmes. They are in Russian, but I'm pretty sure translations have been released. His peformance as Holmes is so outstanding that he was awarded the Order of the British Empire for his accomplishment. In fact, his portrait is the largest among the actors gracing the walls of the Sherlock Holmes Museum. For good reason, too -- no one else on has ever so thoroughly breathed the spirit of Sherlock Holmes on screen. If you haven't seen him yet and do decide to pick up a copy, be sure you get a version with subtitles rather than dubbing. I don't know if there is a dubbed version or not, but if there is I am confident it would only take away from Livanov's nuanced performance.
Wow Holmes is the best. His only rival is Hercule Poirot(Agatha Christie) and he is certainly not better than holmes. I love Poirot too because he is more believable whilst no one can ever be intelligent like Sherlock Holmes.
I love Sherlock Holmes, but sometimes the stories lack substance.
If you consider the context, publishing a chapter a week in a newspaper,
you can guess that Doyle might have had an “off” period once in a while.

Watson is overly amazed at some of the things Holmes “discovers”.
The Simpsons did a pretty funny episode about that.

Best story?
Moriarty is a favorite so The Valley of Fear has to be on the list.

The Dancing Men and The sign of the Four are also among the best.
I Love Sherlock Holmes.
Hey i've got the complete novels of Sherlock Holmes but i never read it but good luck and have fun with this one Very Happy .
Forgotten Legends
I think Sherlock Holmes is ok. I mean it' not my favorite book(s) but it is good for good mystery everyonce in a while.
Last year I found in my hands the complete Sherlock Holmes, with all of the stories. SHould you have the chance to spot it in a book shop... BUY IT! It's superb. I had already read a lot of the stories/novels, but this was just too much! Wink To give you an idea of how bad I liked it: I finisherd it before a month had passed Cool
I find the A.C.Doyle's detective stories awesome (not only the sherlock holmes series) although some of his other work is not that good.
And please: do not even dare to post "elementary watson", something he never said Rolling Eyes
Unfortunately, Doyle gets too much praise for the stories and too little for how they are written. Watson is an expert storyteller. He always has the right descriptions to make you feel the setting, but not too much as is often found in the old classics. There are some great quotes in the books (I actually was reminded of this by the "quotes" thread) especially about assumptions, etc.
That is probably why the films are not good. They focus too much on the plot and the "elementary, Watson" and can't on the writing.
Sherlock is really outstanding. Brett's performance is solid and also funny. But, of course, the books and the videos are different. The books tend to be more profound, but also you can find a lot of new and interesting (or not) features on the films. Acting can be also very profound.
So, I would recommend reading the books and also seeing the videos. They are all very good.
My Sherlock books have still some grains of sand. Good summer company.
"The Hound of Baskervilles" is one of my favourite stories.
I love Sherlock Holmes, I have like all of the stories. o:

My favourite's probably the Sign of Four...but I can't remember. >.>
Monkeydog wrote:
I love Sherlock Holmes, I have like all of the stories.

Sherlock Holmes is still the standard by which many other detective stories and characters are measured. I enjoy the stories so much that the single-volume, complete collection (of all the original, Arthur Conan Doyle works) is one of the books I brought to Honduras when I relocated from the States.

Monkeydog wrote:
My favourite's probably the Sign of Four...but I can't remember. >.>

For me, it's a tie between The Sign of the Four and The Musgrave Ritual.
I really like Sherlock Holmes. I'm Dutch and I read most of his works in dutch, but some years ago I found an english copy from the short stories and it was amazing! So I searched for the rest of the books and now I have read all about him a couple of times. I like especially the whole atmosphere in the books, how Doyles describes the foggy streets of London, and the country-side, for example in the Hound of the Baskervilles.
I don't know wich story I like the most, I guess that changes from time to time. At first I disliked the HoundotB but some time ago I read it again and I liked it very much. But the Valley of Fear is even better and The Sign of Four also.
The Red Headed League is a knice little story. Sometimes you can use it to tease people who have their hair colored...

Sherlock Holmes, for me the greatest stories of mysteries. Read all of them atleast 25 time till now.

Apart from the fact that detective stories usually not in the elite class of literature, Sherlock Holmes and a few others stand out.
i luv all the books. all his mysteries are good. i really cant say which is the best among them Laughing
I have the complete collection of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (excluding the Hound of the Baskervilles) and I read them every now and then to get my mind working when I'm in a clutz. I get surprised every time I do, because I'll forget or overread one of the more intricate details Doyle puts in there. Classics.
now that someone mentioned(and i noticed Very Happy ) i hafta agree that sometimes, sherlock seems way too intelligent. Laughing
not that its bad Razz
The Sherlock series are absolutely fanastic! But imagine how the author managed to get some many crimes to write on.. Unless he himself is the crime maker!? Laughing
Lord Klorel
All the books of Sherlock Holmes in the libary are readed by me.
Every time i read a book of him, it feels that i am actually there in the story.
It are the best books of all detective writers.
I would have a technology to return to the past then i should return to the time of Sherlock Holmes.
When i was in hospital someone gave me a copy of Conan Doyle's short stories to read and I almost had a relapse. One story 'The Man With The Twisted Lip' was so pointlessly tedious I went into a trance and I kept reading the same line over and over.
I then found a complete stories of H.G. Wells and recovered somewhat. Confused
I started read Sherlock Holmes since i started to watch Detective Conan (An Anime), i love MYSTERIES...
Sherlock Holmes is my #3 favorite book
well sherlock is the best detective in the world!! the way the stories are told, are pretty damn edge of the seat kind... ive really loved reading them over the years...

and that remids me, ive to get a few books now! havent read a single story in more than 2 years now Sad
i like those stories very much. I am nott sure if i read them all but most of them for sure. it is really pleasure to read them.
I like stories with Sherlock Holmes very much Very Happy In my opinion Hercules Poriot is not so good as Holmes. And Watson, of course. I like him very much too Very Happy
I like reading Sherlock Holmes stories and I have read them a few times. I got big hard-covered of Sherlock Holmes stories (almost all stories) and my favorite is A study in Scarlet.
I remember reading a thread about Sherlock Holmes. It's

I haven't read yet any of Sherlock Holmes Adventure but your views made me to read these, Now I will read His adventure .
I think Holmes is one of most adorable misanthropists in fiction. Smile

Did you know that the character House, M.D. (of the show with the same title) was based on him? Very Happy
I haven't read Sherlock Holmes yet, but I know I will soon... and I wonder how afraid of every little thing I will be after I read it.
Read each and everyone of them. Truly one of the most outstanding piece of literature. i sometimes imagine what it would be to create such a character in this age, one who would take advantage of all the technology around and produce great results. But in this day it would be difficult to create such characters who are so knowledgeable..
You know, I never liked mysteries much, but I love Sherlock Holmes! It's been years since I read any of the stories, but I always think about picking it up again and re-reading some of my favorites.
Sherlock Holmes stories are great! I've just re-read them a couple of months ago and they still haven't lost their appeal to me after all these years... There's something to admire in a person that has such a power of deduction.
Sherlock Holmes is brilliant, but if you read his stories one after the other (like in Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, consisting of the first (?) 12 stories Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote), don't they get kind of grating? Razz The adventures themselves weren't that great (plot-wise), and sometimes Sherlock seems too good to be true. But Conan Doyle can present it so wonderfully, it doesn't matter... right? Razz
Sherlock Holmes is amazing. I have his entire collection by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and I'm just about done with reading every single one of them.
Yes, they're all brilliant.
And who hasn't at one point ant to jump an a table, smoke now-illagal drugs, and subtly disapprove of female misdemeanor (looks around challengingly)?
Sherlock Holmes was my favorite character for much of my junior high career. He's still one of my all time favorite characters, but I've forgotten most of his stories. I guess I need to pick up that Adventures of Sherlock Holmes off my shelf and start to read it again. I always forget the mysteries, so I'm always surprised about how he solves them.
I read this author when i was In 8th standard. it Was In my course, I fully thanked to my teacher that she put this conan doyle's Novel In our course where i met sherlock Holmes.. Hes the tremondous character that i had evr Seen, after that i Read Too many suspense stories but Never found Any of the main character like him and The One doctor Watson.. Little bit funny character.. HEHEHE. Most of the great detective's fans know him so well, that they feel they have actually met him. It would therefore be presumptuous to try and define him here, as his many friends and admirers may each have very different views about this legendary personage.For those who have not made-up their minds, it might be useful if they read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Autobiography, Memories and Adventures. They will undoubtedly come away with the notion that Sherlock Holmes resembles in many ways Dr. Joseph Bell, one of the teachers at the medical school of Edinburgh University.

cona doyle Is my favourite Author and always be evergreen in my eyes. I heard the news that when Mr. doyle End Up this character then Many fans got against with Him and then He rised sherlock Holmes Again with a new Star and with NEw stories... Say solute To Mr. doyle Wink
yes I love Sherlock Holmes i try anduse some of his ways tosalv mistrys some times lol
I love to read Sherlock Holmes, i read many novels Of Mr. doyle, Hes the one that i took Interest in reading Mysterious Novels and stories, I love him
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories and Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot stories would have to be my favourite crime/mystery stories. I haven't yet read all the stories from either author, but so far The Hound of the Baskervilles is my favourite Holmes story (I have yet to read the later stories involving Moriarty, so this may change).
I believe i read all of them and more than once Very Happy

They were great but after hours and hours and hours of reading them you start to want a differnt style of book. anway other than that they're great Very Happy
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