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Dating On The Net

Have you ever dated on the net?
I do not have to.
 27%  [ 8 ]
 37%  [ 11 ]
 34%  [ 10 ]
Total Votes : 29

What do you think of dating on the net. Have you ever tried it? What are good sites to go to?
No i have never dated on the net and do not intend to..In my opinion, its not trustworthy or safe. But some people seem to enjoy it ^^
It wouldn't work for me, who I'm after wouldn't be on the net enyway.
ocalhoun wrote:
It wouldn't work for me, who I'm after wouldn't be on the net enyway.

You're after aborginal tribesmen/women with no access? Very Happy

And yes I HAVE met and dated people from online. In fact, I met my wife online.
i think dateing on internet is realy worst thing in the world because you cant see the mate. maybe you able to see her-his photos but it may be fake so maybe you will date with an alien... i realy dont trust to aliens... i hate alien bites.
It's fun, it's like arranging your own blind date Razz. You'll see easily enough if you can get along with eachother, if so that's nice and you'll have a nice day together. In general it aint the best thing to hope for more or anything and in general both sides know that. Just about having a nice time Smile.
I'm kinda scared by the whole concept. I'll never be able to do it. Not that I haven't known some really nice people on the net but dating, i think, will stay out of it. Anyways there are too many real people around me to opt for online dates for a long, long time.
I didnt date at all,
I only 14 years old
Scaramanga wrote:
ocalhoun wrote:
It wouldn't work for me, who I'm after wouldn't be on the net enyway.

You're after aborginal tribesmen/women with no access? Very Happy

A bit more primitive than that...
Trust me, its not worth it! Besides, all the dating sites arent really dating sites anyway, most of them are find a sex partner sites.
Yes, I have it did not work... like most of my relationships
If u mean by dating on the net any means available then yes, as IRC or other chat platforms even if i didnt go there with the "lets go find someone to date" intention. Its good way to get to know ppl before u meet them, i wouldnt say its not safe or trustworthy, but maybe thats just couse i had positive experience. I even think that this its not safe opinion came just couse the minority of these experiences (that actually were bad) got much more publicity. And its really easier for some of us to start relationship this way.
mares wrote:
i think dateing on internet is realy worst thing in the world because you cant see the mate. maybe you able to see her-his photos but it may be fake so maybe you will date with an alien... i realy dont trust to aliens... i hate alien bites.

I think that's precisely why dating online might be ideal. Lets be real here, most online singles aren't as beautiful as they might say, but who is? the net is a great place to really be judged for who you are inside before you're dismissed for you appearance. So unless you're a model or movie star, maybe you should be nicer to the aliens.
Okay, I think we all have had some bad experiences with internet dating. Most of them have to do with the people looking NOTHING like they do in their pictures. Well, this poor guy definitely has one of the worst internet dating horror stories I've ever seen...

Due to a recent change in my work schedule I have recently jumped into the internet dating pool. This was not exactly a choice, but my schedule (nights) does not allow me to meet women on a normal level. I had no problem getting tail before, but it seemed like fun.

I started by checking out an internet dating site, at the time I was not really interested in all. I had no interest in signing up until I saw HER picture. This woman was beautiful, Face, tits, ass, the whole nine. I signed up and paid just to get the chance to talk to her. I knew that if I could get her on the phone I would be in. I wrote her a quick (but charming) email and went on looking for more chicks.

A few weeks went by and I had hear nothing. I ended up going out with a couple other chicks from the site. They were ok but they weren't anything special. I had decided that because dream girl was not getting back to me I would cancel my membership to the site. So I check my email (there was a reminder that I must renew my membership, I could cancel through a link) and there it was. Dream girl had wrote me back. We exchanged a few emails and eventually we started talking on the phone.

The phone conversations were great. We had a lot in common, she laughed at everything I said that was even remotely funny. After about 5 days of chit chat we decided to meet. We planned to meet on a Monday, she was out of college for Thanksgiving break and I had a day off from work. She said she would call me when she woke and we would finish off the finer details of our plans. My plans were to take her out to a nice lunch, get her buzzed and then bang the shit out of her. Like any gentleman would do.

Monday comes and I wake up early. I spend an hour cleaning my apartment, I get my hair cut I even went out and bought a new shirt for the occasion. I was ready. But at noon there was no phone call. 12:30pm no call. 1pm no call. Finally at 1:30 I bite the bullet and call. I was getting annoyed and thought I was being stood up. I call, she answers. Turns out she was at the gym and running late. No big deal, thinking that I have dream girl coming over I tell her to come over my house(freshly cleaned, cute dog, nice place, shows I have money). She says o.k. I am ready to go.

About 2:15 calls me from her cell phone. I answer.


Girl: "Hey:

Jay: "Where are you?"

Girl: "I'm in your driveway."

I look and see a car in the driveway, still running. However I can't see anyone inside.

Jay: "Why don't you come to the door?"

Girl: "No, you come outside."

I walk outside my front door and she gets out of the car. The car's weight shifts as she stands up. The girl was disgusting. I mean gross. It was indeed the same girl, but she looked like she had swallowed another girl about her size. She was wearing a tight shirt with two humongus boobs hanging out but her stomach was even bigger. It looked as if she was pregnant, accept her belly was loose and flabby. She had NO neck. Her hair was cut into a butch dyke kinda way. But, it was the same person from the picture. (I later found out that the picture was 3 years old)

Let me just say that I have seen some messed up shit in my life. I have seen a person get hit by a train. I have seen people shot. I myself have been stabbed on 2 occasions. But what happened to me next was a sickening feeling I had never experienced in my entire life.

I immediatley went into some sort of shock. My knees were weak, my fingers started to tingle, my heart raced, and it felt like all the blood was rushing from my head. I have never felt this feeling before. I almost fainted. I smoked a ciggarette and tried to pull my shit together.

She noticed my pain and asked me if I was ok. I said I was fine. Then she asked "So, you wanna go to lunch? I'm starving" I though to myself "I am ******, ******, ******, ******." Luckily I can think on my feet. Breaking the date completley is out of the question, I need to be at least slightly nice about this. I thought to myself "Where could we go that I would have no chance of seeing someone I know (especially an ex.) whatsoever?" Then it hit me, I blurted out "The Mall?"

"What?" she said

"I NEED TO GO TO THE MALL" I said, not sure if I was really standing there or if this was a ****** up dream.

"What do you need to go to the mall for?" she mooed

"Uhhhh......POSTERS!, I need Posters!" I thought to myself how smooth I was as I blurted it out

"Uhh, OK, you drivin'?" said the Yak

(******!, someone seeing her in my car with me is just as bad as being seen out with her)
"Uhhh, no. I don't have room for posters in my truck, I have tools in it (I don't even own a hammer). Would you mind?"


Whew. Not pretty. If you'd like to read the climactic outcome, you can do so here It's a really funny read. In respect for this poor author, I'd like anyone who had a terrible internet experience to post it to this thread.
Mmm, a year and a half ago. A year ago my advise would have been something along the lines of this ... :

"Lets disregard the matters of security for a second, I don't need to remind you of the oft found problems in relations that have the level of anonymity that internet offers. Of course not, I also don't need to tell you about the problems of a relation with a different time management than what you would call "regular relations"; that would be silly since both of them are different, each one with quirks of their own. But I would say caveat emptor, specially for a long distance relation, specially if you don't take really seriously the painful problem of not being able to touch, hear and feel the other person. If you don't take into account the personality shifts from chatting, to actually talking and all the activities involved (i.e. the difference you can some times notice between a personality on-line and the same person when she acts normally). If you don't think about why are you actually looking for something in this format. If you don't do those things, caveat emptor (beware buyer) and caveat emptor even if you do. I wouldn't recommend it, but good luck."

The day is today. I'm going to marry the most wonderful, sweet, caring, funny, smart girl I have ever seen (and beautiful and terribly sexy as well, lucky me). I love her with passion and could think of nothing else than spending my life with her, to make her as happy as she makes me. It's corny, I know ... but it's how I feel.

I said "be careful" before and I'll say it again. It takes some special personality to make it work. Although to be honest it takes one for every kind of relationship. All can I say is, I wish you the best of lucks.

I did, I admit it is somehow exciting and full of curiousity! But maybe someday it would become a real dating and it maybe some lovers predicting...
I've never "dated on the net" but I've met (in real life) a whole lot of people through the internet. lol I got laid for the first time through the net!! Very Happy god bless the internet...
yea but it was through a mutual friend from the real world Rolling Eyes
one of my friends is planning to start a friendship site..... but most of the free / paid scripts available are for matchmaking :p have to modify them for friendship Very Happy
I dated on the net once, but I was really young (14 or 15, I think?) So I'm not sure if that really counts. Razz I do have a few freinds that have dated over the net, as well, and all of them dated someone in California at one point in time (I live on the East Coast) It's kind of funny. Even my current boyfriend dated a girl from Cali for a few months. Rolling Eyes
umm..... doesn't it suck tho?
I used to, now I won't touch it. I have had more horrible experiences than good ones too. That was back when i was in high school and not many people had thier pictures on the internet. Tip: when she says she has big boobs, she's really fat. Finally, after 3 years of dating people and meeting them and all that, I had the most horrible experience ever. I will not speak of it to this day but it was alot worse than you think and you wouldn't beleive me if I told you anyways.

So its been 4 years and I'll close any unknown chat message and stay away from any sites. I'm not going through that again.
I haven't dated on net before
we couldn't get know the characters of the other
we may find it difficult to go with the other when data (I think Wink )
I have dated people according to certain conventions. As telling you would be exclusive to those conventions which I have used I choose to refrain from disclosing for the emotional well being of others who might be otherly experienced.
No me not!!
Not really me I'd go to the disco or something but dating on web...neh.. Not talking
Nope i dont need to Razz, I did when i wasx like 11 -13, was quite funny actually. but i just think back and lol at the girls for asking me out on the internet >_> even tho they lived like in america
Arno van Lumig
I'm 14 years old, so I don't date... And even when I get older I'm not planning to visit any of these sites... I'd try to get someone in real-life Neutral

Greetz, Arno
yeah i have, but it didnt work out, and im never doing it again. it can be heart breaking at times..
I think that dating on the net has to be one of the dumbest ideas ever, It's almost like calling up some random number on the phone and dating whoever you reach
Heh, I never really had a problem with it. I just wouldn't do it myself.
I haven't and I have no real desire to. While it may work out "perfect" for some people, a lot of things are false and misleading. The internet can be a scary place, and the only thing I would use those kind of services for is to chat, not to meet anywhere, because I like talking Smile.
I have friends who have dated/are dating over the internet(never met in real life, just know each other over MSN/Forums). I have no problem with it, they seem happy...I personally would probably never date over the internet.
I actually enjoy meeting people online...

the poster asked for some sites, so this isn't technically spamming right? <-- always a fun way to meet people <-- used to be alot better then it is now.. its still interesting once and awhile

I actually met alot of people on espin and then just in chatrooms or things like that who I love to talk to online... it can be really enlightening talking to people from other places because you get an entirely different prespective on things because of where they live is usually alot different and the enviornmental factors are different, yet as different as you may think they are they are really still great people...

as far as getting fake photos, most of the time you can tell when yuo get one... so its not that big of a deal, well for me... but even not seeing people you learn to like them for who they are and then when you finally see them the looks take a back seat... no pun intended
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