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Most memorable children's book?

I'm a mom now, and have the pleasure of reading to a 1 year old who LOVES books.
IT's really cool, and it brings back a lot of memories of my own favorite stories, and memories of how much I loved to read when I was a kid... especially that cozy, comforting being-read-to when I was sick...
It is particularly interesting to me that my son already has his own distinct tastes, and preferences for certain rythms and styles of language.
I was just wondering what childhood books were memorable for you, or influenced you?
I still have my first childrens books in emit condition. it is a collectors edition book full of all of the great stories of like the three little pigs, jack and the been stalk, red riding hood, the ugly duckling, etc. I still read it from time to time because it brings back good memories.

I have a list of my favorite childhood books Smile it is not that long... and most of them are classic fairy tales and such.

Some books I like where Cinderella, I liked this book, but I did not want to be her! It was so sad. I used to cry, and sometimes still feel a little sad. Another book I liked was: anything Barney, though I stopped liking him after a while, I loved his books! I also like Rumplestilskin... did I spell that right? Oh well, I liked that book because it was so funny! I felt sorry for them but I found it very entertaining.
S3nd K3ys
Gangs and Drugs (Williams, Stanley. Tookie Speaks Out ...)
I like Alices adventures in Wonderland even nowadays. It is so logic and supprising, even when you are reading it tenth time!Smile

Generally I like surrealistic literature (Kafka, Schulz) and great children book have that speciffic taste of quasi-realistic worlds
Most all of the Dr. Seuss books were special, but 'Green Eggs and Ham' really sticks out the most.
I also like Alice in wonderland - the original, by louis carroll. Everything about it is absolutely great, though sometimes I have to reread it twice to catch the hidden meanings or a subtle joke. When I was a kid though, I loved the movie
I don't know if I've mentioned it on these forums before, but Antoine De Saint Exupery's "The Little Prince" is the most amazing childrens' ('s lessons are more for adults than anything) book I've ever read.

Simple, elegant and informative. A sample line:

"That which is most important we cannot see with our eyes but with our hearts".

Possibly you once heard of the such Ukrainian writer:
Taras Shevchenko
Writer - super, you read and it is desirable more and more...
As I already mentioned Alice in Wonderland is really unusual child's book. I dare to say it is rather not for kids - ofcourse they enjoy it, but understanding some topics comes with age (or not).

I love Carroll's play with logic
(Example: "Question:In which direction I should go? Anwer: It depends on the point you want to reach")
And logic is base for wonderfull seans of houmor. Look at the book's begining and A. talk with Mouse, or marvelous Cat from Chesher...

My another favorite person from this book is Catterpillar - Does anyone remeber, what did he smoke in his pipe?:)
I'd say the Dr. Seuss books are a safe bet, I mean, honestly, who doesn't like Dr. Seuss books? They're fun and have nice rhymes and everything.
Curious George hands down. Runner up- The Bernstein Bears (Spelling?) I think they are making a Curious George movie, I know they are coming out with a video game. I will probably have to watch it to bring back fond memories.
I wonder if the Where's Waldo collection counts.... although there wasn't nearly as much reading as there was searching. I also loved those I Spy books.
The Hungry Caterpillar!

Now that was a truly deep and meaningful story. Very Happy
The book I probably read the most as a child would have been "The Hobbit" by J R R Tolkein, and this tends to be the one I would associate the most with my childhood.

There are some others, such as The Chronicles of Narnia and of course the various Famous Five, Hardy Boys and The 3 Investigators.

I guess I mustn't have been much into my picture books, as I really can't think of a single one that sticks in my mind. Perhaps I just need a memory jog though.
Yeah, it's interesting. I started out trying to think of picture books, and couldn't remember any at first. But over the last few wekks I've been remembering more and more. (Both pictures and without)
Stewart Little, Charlottes Web, Narnia Chronicles, Nancy Drew...
Dr. Seuss (I especially loved Marvin K Mooney would you please go now (which is impossible to find now))
Good call on Curious George, and the Hungry Caterpllar... I'd forgotten all about those.
Remember Clifford the Big Red Dog, and the Little Miss and Littel Mister books?
Oh and Serendipity and Leo the Lop?
I loved reading... still do. Remembering childhood, the htings I remember most is my favorite books.
And my son seems to be the same way.
Please, keep them coming, this is fun.
The only books i remember from my childhood are some Disney books. Some original fairytales. I did not like book when i was small so, maybe i lost a lot Crying or Very sad
Dr. Seuss is just all around fun that nobody can deny, I don't know a single person that dislikes the series. Also, Goodnight Moon was one of the first books I ever read, so that sticks out. And I'm suprised nobody else mentioned Pat the Bunny. Forget popup books, that was the most interactive thing EVER. Scratch and sniff cookies or something if I remember. mmmmmm.
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Curious George
Dr. Seuss SP
the book with the caterpillar that ate the food. . 'the hungy caterpillar'. . wow, everyone loved that Smile the pictures are incredible.
Always like Dr. Suese. Green eggs and ham, The cat in the hat, one fish two fish red fish blue fish.
Catastrophic Fairy
My favorite childhood book would have to be The Princess And The Pea. :3 It is not the most known book out there, but it is definately one of the most memmorable to me. ^^
There was a book called "Are you my mother?" that I remember begging my mother to read to me.

Other than that "And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street" is classic.
A childhood favorite of mine would have to be Cordury, and maybe The Phantom Tollbooth for those older children
The Philosopher Princess
The one I remember liking the most was one with a little boy who got a pet little fish, and was told not to feed it too much. But the boy did anyway. And that little fish got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. And finally it was so big it couldn’t even fit in the backyard swimming pool! I remember the pictures being real cute. But I can’t remember the title.
Catastrophic Fairy wrote:
The Princess And The Pea. :3

I still like that one, because it’s definitely me. (See my idea over here.)
If you give a mouse a cookie, hands down. Favorite book as a young child, because he's going to want some milk.
I always loved the books Roald Dahl wrote. James and the Giant Peach, Witches, Danny Champion of the World, Matilda, and so forth.

Also, Where the Wild Things Are is a classic.
Wow, this is kind of fun... I loved all of those...
Except, I've never even heard of Pat the Bunny????
We've recently discovered "Each Peach Pear Plum" and "Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear..." My son just loves the rhyme and meter!
Shel Silverstein's books are very appealing to both adults and children. His poetry is inventive and it's stuff that will appeal to kids both for the rhymes and clever puns but also to the adults with the subversive wit. I recommend his folk music too (though they can be pretty naughty at times)!
When I moved to Norway, at the age of 6, I heard about the normal children books (Cinderella, sleeping beauty…). But I remember the Rumanian stories that I heard as a small girl. I am 18 years now, still I read/try to remember the stories. When you grow up you find out how much the stories meant to you.
I loved, loved, loved (and still do) Kenneth Graham's "The Wind in the Willows." I also read "Little House on the Prairie," "Charlotte's Web," and A. A. Milne's Pooh stories many, many times.

So far as I'm concerned, children's literature is often better than adult lit., and much more entertaining.
From my early childhood I loved "Bartholomew and the Oobleck". Some great friends actually got me a fresh copy as an adult and I still treasure it. I also remember a little book titled something like "10 firemen".

Of course, the Hardy boys and Tom Swift came later and from there it was straignt the adult section at the library! Laughing
Game Fortress
"Verdi" and "Stellaluna".... the pictures in those books were captivating to my young eyes.
Itachi wrote:
I still have my first childrens books in emit condition. it is a collectors edition book full of all of the great stories of like the three little pigs, jack and the been stalk, red riding hood, the ugly duckling, etc. I still read it from time to time because it brings back good memories.


My favorite children books are The Chronicles of Narnia. When I saw the movie I felt like in a dream with all the friends I imagined in my childhood
My favorite children books are The Chronicles of Narnia

I so agree. i remember reading 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' and then crying to my mum because I couldn't get through the back of my wardrobe. Embarassed

The books made a huge impression on me, and I still enjoy them now as do my children.

I loved the film too, and I thought the children were perfect, just as I imagined.
Add to the list: The Phantom Tollbooth. Who could forget the city of Dictionopolis (whose citizens insist that words are the most important things in life) or Digitopolis (whose citizens say numbers are more important).

Then there's the island called "Conclusions" which people reach by jumping, only to discover they must swim back to the mainland through the "Sea of Knowledge."

The characters are wonderful, too. There's the "Which," then there's "Tock" (the watchdog) and the kidnapped princesses Rhyme and Reason. Of course, since the time of their kidnapping, there has been no Rhyme nor Reason in the land.

The book is obviously not for beginning readers, but is wonderful, thought-provoking reading for older children.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was my favorite. I found it while I was cleaning the attic a few weeks ago and had a fangirly fit! Very Happy
This one is for children who are a little older and can really appreciate the message, but the Giving Tree was definitely my favorite as a child. I remember being saddened by the story when I was younger, and really taking something away from it.
Phantom Tollbooth. Just a good, imagination filled story that's perfect for young kids.
The Paper Bag Princess - or anything else by Robert Munsch for that matter, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (I didn't read the rest of the Chronicles of Narnia until Jr. High), and there was a book about a fish who didn't have any shiny scales and all of his friends did...I loved that one to death, but I can't remember the title...and the art was amazing. In fact, I though the non-shiny fish looked BETTER than all the other ones because he was blue and painted in a really funky style.
Curious George, of course. Nothing else compares. Do remember a story about a little detective who had to find out how an elephant escaped. The elephant stood on a block of ice to climb out of his pen. All that was left was puddle of water. God story for making a child think.
one of my most memorable books from early childhood (ie, before I could read for myself) was Toby Tyler - Or Ten Days With A Circus by James Otis.. it was originally written sometime in the 1800s, and was read to me in kindergarten.. I recently decided to get a copy for sentimental value and found one on ebay.. I was shocked when it arrived because it was a total of 64 pages long.. I had remembered it as a huge tome that took weeks to read.. LOL.. but the funniest part is the dialog within the book.. because of the time that it was written, there are commonly used phrases such as "you're a queer boy" and people were having a "gay time".. not to mention that the main character was an orphan who was taken care of by a confirmed bachelor who referred to him as "my boy".. it's a good story, but doesn't really come across the same in modern times

another great children's book is of course Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
I thought watership down was pretty much amazing
strato_220 wrote:
I thought watership down was pretty much amazing

Watership Down can work as a children's book, but it is SO much more than that, given its probable allegory to the Jewish people: the rabbits' long time of wandering, the warren ruled by an evil dictator who had them marked and killed, etc., etc. Very few children would have any awareness of these issues and, although able to get some enjoyment from a well-told story, would never completely grasp the full scope and grandeur of the book.
Beauty and the Beast. I remember reading the book over and over again.
The Junie B. Jones series, I used to love those books. This little girl is adorable and she is very funny. Plus they were shorter chapter books in words I would have not only understood but used my self. Phrases like "runned real fast." They really are cute stories. Great for about second or third graders, maybe even a little older.
The first Harry Potter
Maniac Magee.

That book rocked for some reason, it was my favorite.

I liked Robert Munch too, he's a good children's book author.
Most Dr. Seuss books (Stand-outs include "Green Eggs and Ham", "Cat in the Hat" and the Alphabet book).

But for me my childhood is encapsulated in the Bernstein Bears series. It's a lovely series (I think there are TV shows now with them) but the books are wonderful. Highly recommend for the kids.
I absolutely loved Dr. Sesus. Heck, I still get a kick out of reading "You're only old once!" All of my friends fondly remember their Dr. Sesus books, and kids love the illustrations.
one really nice book... well here in Austria (but it is available in english and I believe in different other languages too)... is... Pony, Bear and apple tree...
its just a nice book, with pictures between the written part, so your child learn to read with you..... the book is still nice and I got it for my daughter (now 2) too and she really likes it.
I grew up on Dr Seuss and now I read them to my kids.
We loved the Berestien Bears too and the crazy dad who tried to teach his kid stuff, but always gave the "this is not how you do it" version.

Now though, I have a book for my kids called "Love You Forever" I can't remember the author right now and I am at work so I can't check.

A mother has a new baby boy that she rocks to sleep and sings to.
She sings the song to him in various stages of his life even driving across town when he grows up and leaves home.

Then she gets older and sick and he comes home to visit. She tries to sing the song, but is too sick and can't finish so he picks up his mother and sings the song to her instead.

Then he goes home and picks up his little daughter and sings the same song. I find it hard to read - perhaps I am some kind of romantic sentimentalist - and get choked up with it sometimes.

Maybe because it reminds me of my mum and when she was sick with cancer - she recovered - but I remember the feeling of her being sick and I can identify with the man in the story.

By the way this is all in a picture book suitable for ages 2 and up ?!

I would highly recommend it.
Alice Through The Looking Glass, written over 120 years ago, was my favorite book when I was a lot younger. I liked the way the author took seemingly random situations and made them sensible. I haven't read it in a while.

Alice In Wonderland, written ten years before the book above, is more laid back. It is probably better know from all the film adaptations that have been made.

Lewis Carroll also wrote the Hunting Of The Snark, which I didn't much care for.
Alice in Wonderland.
I alos loved to watch the cartoon series made based on that book. I did not know English when I was a kid. All the books I read were in Marathi. And how much I enjoyed reading them !
Roald Dahl books are fantastic, he had such a great imagination and really brought his characters to life. I always loved Fantastic Mr Fox, a very caring and resourceful father. Ingo by Helen Dunmore is a great story about the sea and mermaids set in Cornwall.
Dr Suess's books
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Curious George

THe Little House on the Prarie series
Black Stallion Series
Wizard of Oz series
Hardy Boys
Nancy Drew

Then Harry Potter Series that I've read as an adult

Christy K.
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