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SuperBowl. . . Whos going to win?

Just wondering who your think/want to win. I want chicago to win but i dont think it will happen. I really dont know yet, who i think is go ing to win
I think the first round of the playoffs will give a good indicator of who's going to win. The Patriots aren't really that good this year, but they're undefeated in playoff games, and they've always been good at handling that pressure. I'm a Steeler fan, so I'm always pulling for them, but I think that they could have a shot if Ben keeps his head together and Parker does what he's been doing all season. I think its too early to predict, right now.
I don't believe that all 12 teams have a realistic shot at winning it this year.

In some kind of order here:
1. Colts - the best balanced of the teams, on both sides of the ball. If they had 'played' the last two games of the season, they possibly would have been ranked higher than #3 in offense and #11 in defense.

2. Seahawks - The best team in the NFC, with a very potent offense, but just a so-so defense, and I'm not sure how they will play in the dome, if they make it to Detroit.

3. Broncos - Pretty good offense, especially running the ball, but a terrible pass defense, which will probably be their downfall.

4. Bears - AWESOME defense, which could vault them to the super bowl, but if their offense (which is terrible), doesn't help them much, I don't see them making it.

5. Patriots - I think too many injuries have really hurt this team, but now they seem to be coming together, and could be a force to reckon with in the playoffs. I don't think their defense is as bad as their ranking would lead you to believe.

6. Steelers - Really good defense, but a somewhat suspect offense, but they can run the ball as good as anybody. They could easily get on a roll, and take the trophy.

7. Jacksonville - Leftwich will be back for the playoffs, but have to play in New England in the first week, and that is really a shame for this team that lost just four games this year (two to Indianapolis). If the weather is great in New England, watch for the Jags to almost snatch the victory, whereas if the weather is bad, the Jags will probably not do very well.

8. Giants - They have an awesome running attack, but Eli has been wearing down in the late season, and I think that continues in the post-season, and his mistakes will cost the Giants dearly.

9. Carolina - Not sure how this team could be ranked this low, and they have a good chance to surprise teams (watch out Giants), but I think their offense really needs to step it up for them to win very many games.

10. Cincinnati - I think they are overrated, and it will probably show on Sunday. This is a team that will be back, and better, next season!

11. Tampa Bay - The number 1 rated defense, but a putrid offense is what makes this team undesirable in the playoffs. If Williams can stay healthy, they have a much better chance.

12. Washington - A well rounded team, but I see them disappearing in the first game, and not matching up well against Tampa.

I honestly think the top 6 teams above have a really good chance of winning it all, while teams 7-9 could do it, if they play nearly perfect, while the teams that I have 10-12, just don't have much of a chance.
i think seattle will take it, they seem to have a better defense than indianpolis who prolly has the strongest offense, but i think there wont beable to carry them. Alot of people want tamps to win, they dont have a strong enough quarter back.
Being from Boston, I am definately rooting for the New England Patriots! I don't follow professional football very much though, so I couldn't tell you who I really THINK will end up playing or winning.
I hope Colts win it, but I doubt it... each year is the same, they just can go until the end...

I bet on the Seahawks.
I know it's almost close to impossibility, but I want the Cincinnati Bengals to win. I always support the teams that are traditionally underdogs.
seahawks and colts in the superbowl.
tight game. but my prediction....

colts- 24
seahawks- 14
i am sticking with the colts on this one. Their season seemed to fall apart at the end there, with the Dungy tragedy playing a role. But they can take it all the way.

One team to really keep an eye on is new england. yeah their season wasn't what one would immediately call "stellar" but they are getting their act together and might meet up with the colts for an AFC show down. But they have to get through Denver first, which I think they will. The interesting game will be washington at seattle. I think it will be an opportunity to show just how tough these two teams are. but seattle will come out on top. they are no tampa bay!! Pittsburg and the colts will be a real dog-fight, in which three or four people, including a linesman and a cheerleader, will die due to the sheer intensity. But the colts will emerge less injured. Chicago will hold down carolina.

Apart from the random sideline casualties, it's going to be a great weekend of football!
To me the NFL playoffs are all about upsets and I think somehow either the Steelers or the Pats are going to win the AFC. I think the Colts will try to do too much and Broncos Jake Plummer will turn into the old Jake Plummer.

The NFC is either going to be the Seahawks detroying whoever they face in the championship or a defense only team like Chicago winning the NFC.

So I say Seahawks vs. Steelers with the steelers running the ball 1000 times and ( 1 end around).... boring the hell out of everybody.
I wish carolina panthers would win.Patriots won last year didn't they..who do you think will win this year.
well it is between Pittsburgh and Seattle now...

I like Pitts but i think Seattle will take it. going to be a good game!
I am going with pittsburg because i think this one will really be about who wants to win it more. And Pittsburg really seems to want it more. They were ranked 6th coming into the playoffs and just steam rolled through the top seeds. Seattle has had it pretty easy comparatively. The Steelers are in a particular zone right now and have some serious momentum going into the super bowl. That will work to their advantage. Apparently nowadays they can only win on the road. Lets see if that's true for the seahawks.

They obviously have a 1000 pound gorilla on their back in that they have never won a superbowl in their 30 year existance. That alone begs two questions -1. what the f--k have they been doing all this time?
-2. do they really deserve a super bowl?

I think they should go another 30 years without one. But anyway I really hope its a good game. A rose bowl type of good game. Not like that sleep-fest from last year where the patriots were practically playing house with the eagles.
I think Pitt is going to finish it all by winning the superbowl. It seems like Pit really uses every once of talent that they have or don't have. Kind of like how New England is. I think Hasselbeck is a good QB but not the second coming of Elway or anything. Like mentioned early, hopefully it will be a Rosebowl style game.
steelers are going all the way!!!!!!!!!!! but eagles are still the best
Natrualkiller wrote:
steelers are going all the way!!!!!!!!!!! but eagles are still the best

then why are the eagles not in the superbowl?
i think the steeleres will win. their defense is top notch, their offense is productive..i'd pick jeromne bettis over shawn alexander for this one...if the colts cant beat the way seahawks will....
I'm from Detroit so I am rooting for the steelers. Plus I had some of the pittsburgh players on my fantasy team
The Seahawks are technically the underdogs (at least by the odds makers). However, the Seahawks will win for the following reasons:

1. Shaun Alexander (MVP). Need I say more? He comes back from a concussion with an MVP performance the following week.

2. Coach Mike Holmgren. There is no substitute for being in the big game (Cowher) and especially winning the big game (Holmgren). Holmgren knows what it takes to win it all and he'll have his team ready.

3. Fantastic Defense. I believe their defense will shut down the Steelers passing and running game. They stay hidden in the shadows because of Alexander's prominence and Holmgren's history. However, this 'D' is loaded with talent and unsung hero's.

4. They beat the Colts! Yeah, so what it was against their second stringers, but they still had to perform and beat a great team. Yeah, the Steelers beat the Colts too, you say, but the Seahawks victory was downplayed. Super Bowl Sunday will show who really handled the Colts.

5. Odds are out there to finally have a new team win it all. The Steelers franchise has their rings and the Seahawks will give hope to the hapless.

I predict the Seahawks will win 34-27.
it's hard to tell who is going to win. sure the seahawks have the MVP, but even his own best friend isn't rooting for him!!! Instead, he will be decked out gold and black with Terrible Towel.

their coach is good and has had previous superbowl success. but I think the fact that Cowher has been there four times and left empty-handed, along with the pressure of succeeding a coach who had won three times i think, will drive him to win more than anything else.

i get the impression that the whole country is behind the steelers, for good reason too. They have really proved themselves, especially with that string of wins on the road. I'll admit it, seattle doesn't get the respect it deserves. but that's an advantage because it means expectations aren't that high for them, hence the underdog status. So they have the opportunity to pull an "upset" (forget the fact that were seeded way above the steelers!!)

The steelers offense has really matured though and i don't think seattle will be able to shut them down. Big Ben has a lot weapons at his disposal: Rendel El, Ward, the bus, etc. So he can move the ball around and still be very effective.

Their defense is also focussed. First of all they have Polamalu. Honestly I thought ray lewis was the definition of being pumped up (ok he still is) but polamalu is ed reed on drugs, lots of them. you will never know where he will be or what he will do. I want at least one pick from him. He is versatile as hell - look at the different positions he plays in one game. So him leading the defense should make for a very interesting game
i think the stealers r going to win theyr defense is 2 good 4 that seahawks offense. palumalu is an amzing player nd he will be a big facor in this game. he is goin to be all over the field so watch out seattle. nd ben rothlesberger is good 2
If this were a video game and we were looking objectively at ratings and skill level I would go with the Seahawks. Hasselbeck and Alexander are amazing players and the defense has been improving. However, I still think that the Steelers will pull it off. On a side note, has too much been made of the Super Bowl being played in the hometown of Bettis?
yeah i think a lot has been said about detroit being the bus's home. but i think it's undestandable. The media always loves a sentimental personal story to go along with these events. better yet a scandal!! But since there isn't a scandal so far, THE BUS and his whole hometown-boy-done-good thing will have to do instead.

It's a cool story though. he is retiring and what better way for him to go out. Last year Big Ben made a promise to get him here and he delivered. So i think its alright. it sucks for the seahawks because nobody seems to care about them!! its almost as if pittsburg is playing alone.

it better be a good game!!
The Steelers will beat the Seahawks because the Steelers were 1.) on the road all 3 weeks, and 2.) they took on tougher teams (including the Colts). Seattle on the other hand only played 2 games, took on teams not as tough, and it's their first trip to the super bowl. Name the last team to win the super bowl in their first trip. The Steelers will win, but it will be a close game. I understand that Seattle has the MVP, but so what?? The Steelers defense will be able to beat Seattle on Sunday.


Say them both aloud. Which one has the better quarterback ring to it? When was the last time a quarterback with a four-syllable last name one a Super Bowl? Seattle will win.

Okay seriously though, I think Pittsburgh will win because Seattle will probably get cocky or something. I know it's the past and people usually learn from their mistakes but I just can't forget the time Hasselbeck said "We want the ball and we're gonna score." and then promptly threw an interception that was run back for a touchdown.
Living north of seattle, Seahawks are going to win!

My school is so uptight about the Seahawks winning. If anyone is caught in steelers clothing or favor the steelers, we beat the crap out of them. Luckly, this is the internet and I cant beat the crap out of you physically.


Steelers Win this won 30-17!!!

look every one knows that the chargers will win the superbowl
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