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weird msn messenger virus - someone had that problem before?

hi guys!

it's been a week that no one comes online on my msn messenger.

i have around 100 people on my list and no one ever comes online.

it's been almost a month.

so actually, i asked my friend to go online to see if i could see him online on

my messenger ---> nothing!!!!

basically, i'm not on his list at all!! it's like he blocked me and erased me

from his messenger list but he never did that.

Have you ever had that problem?

also, the things that i've observed, is that everytime i sign in,

msn nickname stays the same.

Even if i change it, after i sign out and sign back in, it stays the same.

Second, all the effects I've mentioned previously apply to any location

i.e. if i use it at home, at work or wherever, my nickname stays the same

and no one ever comes online....

so i figured it's not a virus on a specific computer but i think it's something

that's done at the msn account level.

I have a doubt that people working for msn did it. I guess it's someone

who doesn't like me.

But before, I just want to know if anyone has ever experienced the same


Thanx guys and it was pretty long.... Shocked

anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
I've never heard of a virus that applys to any location. You might want to try a different email, or add me hobbit.oh(at), I'm online a lot(yes gmail works with msn)

My guess is that they all blocked you Twisted Evil
sounds like your acct just might be hanging on the server or something. i would email the support address of msn and tell them about the problem. now realize msn is through microsoft so the prob could never be fixed Razz but the only other option you have is to get a new email and try that. if that doesnt work it might be a virus through msn on that acct that killed the program on all of the computers you use it on. if that is the case completely uninstall the program and run a uge system wide virus scan and catch and repair delete whatever just get rid of the viruses and then reinstall it. that should fix the problem IF it is a virus. ive had this happen once and the thing was that people had blocked me as a joke and forgot to unblock me. that might be the reason too.
it was a long problem but thanx for reading that.

well.. i think i have to do something at the account level.

i really don't think it's a virus since it's the same at all location..

but as u said, if microsoft is responsible for this, the problem will never

be solved..... Mad

thanx anyways!!
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