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My Sandbox

Happy New Year 2006 and Happy Chinese New Year 4704 (on 1/29):

There is a term (egocentric speech) that describes a group of small children who play in the same sandbox, talk, but not with anyone but themselves. The forums tend to be a bit like the sandbox -- which I bring up more as an observation than a criticism.

I've noticed quite a few members make comments expressing their idea about the topic, but not directly related to other comments that have already been made within that topic.

As a reader and writer, I kind of enjoy a "thread" that's connected to the fabric (i.e., topic), so I try to make an effort to weave my comments about the topic to remarks that have been made earlier.

I am trying to imagine ways in which to get more members to respond that way. Having the "quote" button helps a lot, but I wonder if there might be other ways.

Um... Just thinking out loud and wondering,

Wow I never heard of the sandbox analogy before. I agree with you though. It seems like there is a lot of empty conversations on this post. I wonder why?
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