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Plasma or LCD debate

Hey Dudes and Dudettes,

Wow! I see the price of plasma screen and LCD cut dramatically this year over last year. Heck... they're almost in the price range of my.... uh, credit card?

What'z da scoop? Which ones better? Plasma or da LCD type?


Plasma if you have the money, they suck up about 4 times the amount of power though so can become real pricy on the electric bill.
plasma are wayyy worse!... thtz y they are cheaper

with plasma tvs.. you have slower reaction times so "ghosting" on the screen where it appears slurry.. they have a much smaller optimum viewing angle so that means that you really MUST be almost directly facing it 2 watch otherwise it wil be all purple lookin.
..also if a plasma breaks they are much more expensive 2 repair than LCD

LCD are much brighter, sharper, quicker reaction times so no ghosting unlike the plasma.. they are cheaper to repair but are more expensive but the prices of LCD's are drastically dropping..

so BUY LCD... dont bother with plasma..

Very Happy
^^ true to all that. Plus LCD tvs have about +5000 hours more lifetime than the plasma
smooshkin wrote:
plasma are wayyy worse!... thtz y they are cheaper

Plasma way cheaper? With plasma tv's going at about 4000 euro's and upwards they are much more expensive than LCD which are found in the price range of about 1500 euro's.

Viewing angle on plasma is limited? Completely the other way man, plasma can be viewed from an angle up to 160-180 degrees whilst with LCD you are limited to an upfront view basically.

On the reaction time you are yet again wrong, the reaction time on plasma screens is much higher than on LCD screens, that's why plasma screens are also much nicer to use in combination with gaming.

LCD screens produce less light than plasma screens, for this plasma screens are much more bright and clear. On LCD screens because of the too low lighting you cannot view the screen normally without reducing the amount of light in the room.

The only downside with plasma is that pixels burn in much easier, resulting into possible black dots on your screen. You can always achieve an aditional warranty to chance your screen though if this would happen.

As for the extended life of LCD, that's just for the screen, the light itself though has a shorter life time, so you'll end up with a screen without light. Can still put it at the garbage then.

In the end plasma is by far much better and this is also the reason why more and more plasma screens are being produced whilst the entire idea of LCD is basically being trashed.

Sidenote: Here you can read a full guide on plasma vs LCD and see why plasma owns LCD by far ->
I dunno about all that stuff said, but i personally think LCD has a better picture and thats what i have
For me, i will go for LCD. What I heard is LCD is cheaper than Plasma. Besides, LCD are getting larger and larger size nowadays.
Hi DX-Blog, smooshkin, todabeat, thedon12991 and amusic:

Thank you very much for providing insight into the pros and cons of LCD versus Plasma.

I am hearing some convincing technical arguments on both side, as well as some testimonials from end-users.

Maybe in a year's time, when I have enough coins in my pocket, the market will settle the debate. (which is not always the case, ex. beta cam).

Costs for both units are dropping very very fast as competition heats up and mass production follows.

Lastly, I am not quite certain how this will all shake out with new technology like Blue Ray. Question
I personally love both, higher resolution than ordinary displays. I was checking out computer monitors yesterday and was amazed at the clarity......and SIZE that i can get, i was thinking....wouldn't it be nice to play an FPS on a wall sized computer screen? LOL.

But i always think of the diemma......price and longevity, i mean is it actually worth it to rbuy/rent a screen that only lasts 5k hours? then what? :/
Say what you like, LCD is better anyway. You can't always judge just by from what you've heard. I visit our town's electronics shop often, and I get to view wall full of TVs, and plasma-TVs look crappy to me.

Also, by buying plasma-TV, you have to be sure it is compatible with HD-programs. Those are new programs witch have like 10 times better quality than normal. LCD-TVs support this always, but plasma-TVs only if they are newest models. Older plasmas just show program like any other program, with normal quality. If you have to buy newest model to view something, you will naturally pay more.

And that "LCD is not bright enough" is false, they look just fine to me, even in a dark room. And you will never have to be careful not to keep some menu window too long in your screen, because in LCD it just won't burn in to it. That added to fact that LCD won't use as much electricity, I think we have a winner.

LCD-technique is getting better all the time too, in every new PC they put LCD-monitor instead of old CRT. If there are LCD monitors for PC that are fast enough for gaming, why would LCD-TVs be so different from them? That doesn't make any sense now does it?
I don't really like either one, and I don't have either. The fact that it looks like the pixels are always moving bothers me alot! I'm all for the CRT!

If I had to choose though, I'd go with plasma because its so flat that you can hang it on the wall and the viewing angle is MUCH better, so you don't have to sit right in front of it to get a good picture.

On a good note, Toshiba just showed a television technology at CES this year that will make all other HDTV's obselete. Its called SED. SED shoots electrons at a phosphor-coated screen like CRT to emit light but, instead of having one electron gun shooting at the whole screen, each pixel has its own emitter since these are distributed in an amount equal to the number of pixels on the display. Also, because the SED is self-luminous, the visual appearance does not depend on the viewing angle like other flat screen display types.

Think about the picture quality of a CRT monitor, with the flatness and size of a plasma, and power consumption of an LCD. Say goodbye to your HDTV's! And they can make them cheap because they teamed up with Canon, and the displays and circuits can be made with inkjet technology.
don't know much about LCD, except we use an LCD monitor on the PC.

Plasma TV we have works well, and viewing angle is definitely not a problem as I can see the picture clearly from any angle(as long as you can see the screen ya can see the pic)

only bought the plasma cos it was cheap (37" for £500 new) but glad we did.
Also, i've heard that if a plasma TV breaks down it's a bit more expensive to repair than a LCD. that is just what i've heard not sure 100% on it.
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