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Chronicles of Narnia

This set of 7 books is one of C.S. Lewis's greatest achievements. The books together are approximately 750-800 pages. The second books has recently been made into a movie call The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy books. Please post your comments about these books if you have read them.

I've read all of them, and frankly, they don't compare with other fantasy novels.
C.S.Lewis writes from the start that its a fairy-tale.
Perhaps its just my preference, but I prefer heavier works.
They were written for children. When I read them as a child, they are what made me fall in love with Fantasy. Reading them as an adult doesn't do them justice. There's a reason why Tolkein and Lewis were best friends but did not enjoy each other's works. Tolkein wrote serious works like a historian, Lewis was a magician.
The Chroniclea of Narnia as a fairy tale are truly delightful. I thoroughly enjoyed them as a child.
But the books took on a new dimension foro me whenl I re-read them when I was old enough to see the allegory the authour originally intended. Now, they are truly magical!
I have read them many times since.
I can't wait to share them with my own children someday!
I liked them, I read them as a child. But when I read them now I dont like the moral and the point of view of the author, you know religion and all this stuff.
I've always loved the Narnia Chronicles. There are many other great fantasy books out there, but those were some of my first. I love the characters and the world, and I do agree with Lewis's religious views so that's another thing I like. They were written for children, and I've never known a kid who didn't like them, so in that field I guess they're a success!
Yes they were good book but they dont compare to any of the other fantasy books that seem more real. plus you dont eraly want to have your child running into the back of wardrobes whenever they have coats in them! :p
This is very good book i very like this, but film in Cinema is terrible, i was better like oldest film which was in TV some years ago
I read them as a child and loved them. I recently picked up a set of them, and still love them. As someone said, they're just magical.

The film though, is an abomination. And should be wiped from all existance.
heh, itachi. cute name Razz

i think c.s. lewis is a good author, based on the crits i heard, so i think maybe i'll start collecting the series.

really, do you think the movie is that bad? oh well, i dont have the book to compare to it anyway, *shrugs regardless, i like the whole concept of the story itself. elves and dwarves are so common in the fantasy world it need changes
"The Chronicles of Narnia" is a beautiful set of books for anyone to enjoy, although admittedly, they are more for children. I had these books read to me when I was not but six. They were magical to me then. They gave me hope for good, and they spawned belief in imagination. The allegory was, of course, lost on me, but upon later reading that too became clear.

It was also a story that could be followed and the nuances even then could be understood. The reincorportation of the children from "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" into the later novels is remarkable. Also, in the line "Susan is no longer welcome in Narnia" (The Last Battle), there is so much grief. Or some of the relationships in the earlier novels such as "The Horse and His Boy"... remarkable...

Later in life I got curious and read another novel by C.S Lewis, "The Wormtongue Letters". It is a collection of letters written between a lesser demon and a greater demon. Now, this is not for children, as it will simply go over their heads... but it is quite fantastic. There is much religiious content... and I am not religious... but I do still appreciate this novel. Definitely something to check out.
Yeah, I read them in when I was twelve or so. I didn't care about the Christian undertones at all, just read them for fun.
I'm reading the books right now. I got into them after I've seen the movie (I think it was very nicely done)
I'm enjoying the books, but they don't really captivate me, if they did I would already have finished them since I got them a month ago.
C.S Lewis is a good aurthor but i have not read this book yet but ive seen the film and i thnk its absalutly amazing it was my best film ive seen this year up to now lmao
I think the CS Lewis book is called the Screwtape Letters, maybe that got lost in translation or maybe he wrote two, anyway, that's what the one I read was called! CS Lewis' great achievement is found in his writings about the Christian faith. He is certainly one of the clearest, most lucid writers on complex topics I have come across. He brings things to life and helps you to understand things which would probably have been puzzling. Particularly interesting is his Mere Christianity, which is a great introductory theological-ish Christian book.
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