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Alright Image Makers/editors/design

Stella Vibes
Ok What do you guys use or recommend using for making and editing things like say a Magazine cover or Poster.
I've used the first Photoshop a logn time ago, it came with a gif maker.
but when i got the newest version of photoshop i was completely lost. couldnt do anything with it. and later just gave it back to my friend.

Then I went on to Adobe Photodeluxe which i still love but now cant use cause the software was stolen before i coudl install it on my new system.
I've been hearng alot about gimp.

so right now i want to know whats the best way to go about this.
BTW I know photoshop is the best but I really really can't seem to get good in it, so what else do u recommend?
I like Adobe Illustrator for posters and Adobe InDesign for magazine covers. That way, you can use GIMP to make the photos the way you want and draw the elements in Illustrator. However, if you don't feel you can use Photoshop that well, this may not be the best choice. GIMP may be the way to go. I don't know about its capabilities, but it is free, so you don't lose anything by trying it out.
photoshop rules
photoshop rules
I would go with Adobe inDesign for covers and posters if u have already all the graphic ready.

BTW studygroup u broke 2 forum rules at once (double posting, pointless post) try harder i am sure u can do better (maybe 3 at once Smile )
Just as an aside, I find it quite telling the number of users on Frihost who swear by Photoshop. I mean the last time I checked the sticker price on Photoshop it was well over $600. Typically, people who have that kind of moolah to throw around don't usually go for free web hosting. Things that make ya go hmmmmm.... Very Happy
i too will say photoshop.... and yes i cant afford it Smile but it is the best tool Very Happy
Stella Vibes
yea i finnaly succumbed and bought photoshop lol
hmm i'm gonan try indesign
thanks for the input guys
I must agree with most people, all things adobe are AWSOME..photoshop is practically the best, and yes it is very expensive. Also, you might try is anything now thing slike..Fireworks work really well...its all up to price and cpaablilties.
Stella Vibes
i had macromedia products in the past and always had trouble with them but i guess its worth the buy, I have enough in my software funds for one or 2 more products
I would say gimp any day of the week I have used it for about 4 months, and it is great. It has a bunch of built in stuff. There are tons of brushes etc for it. One great site for tutorials, brushes, etc is Don't insult it before you try it and learn how to use it. I know people who can do awesome stuff with it.
Stella Vibes
krazycapital wrote:
I would say gimp any day of the week I have used it for about 4 months, and it is great. It has a bunch of built in stuff. There are tons of brushes etc for it. One great site for tutorials, brushes, etc is [url][/url] Don't insult it before you try it and learn how to use it. I know people who can do awesome stuff with it.

will try it too, i would never insult something without reason
Don't insult it before you try it and learn how to use it...

I did try it and extensively I might add and I find the interface totally counterintuitive. I like my programs to open all in one window, not in several separate little windows. It's also a little buggy (in Windows anyways).

Now if you want an excellent freebie graphics editor, I would recommend Serif Photoplus 6
When did you try it? If it was more than (around) 3 months ago, they have made newer versions. I like opening multiple windows because I find it more flexible than photoshop. Also, what do you consider extensively? Did you read tutorials, and stuff like that? To be honest, I have never heard of the program, but I'll try most things once. I'm downloading it right now to try... But I still like the gimp over anything.
Stella Vibes
Well Thanks to my internet budget Smile I was able to buy Dreamweaver also
I think I'll be good for now
Yah photoshop is pretty awesome. Also, sorry to say this but rich people became rich by not spending money like its nothing. My parents didnt get where they are by spending everything they ever earned. people become millionares by saving, getting lucky on the stock market, and so on. They dontget it by throwing away money. i COULD afford it, but i DONt want to afford it. It just seems like a waste of money to me spending 20 or 30 a month for a website or worse 300-1000 per m onth for a box. Money save is money earned. Remeber that
...what do you consider extensively?...

Extensively in every sense of the word. I've been trying to get into it for years. I actually got sucked into buying, yes buying a version of GIMP that was being sold at the Flaming Text website and I've been mucking about with it ever since. Plowed through several tutorials, all of which produced varying results (some buggy). Downloaded the latest version a few months back and gave that a go. Still wasn't all that impressed although I'm sure it can work wonders if you're passionate enough about it to learn it through and through. I still keep it in my arsenal of graphics editors, however, for some very specific tasks. But it's definitely not my go-to program for graphic design.
Tip: Never ever buy stuff off a site that isn't the official one. What version is it? You can get 2.3.6 (developement version) off the gimp website. It's buggy because you probably have an out-of-date version. I have the newest version and the only trouble I have is if I go in and change the codes (ya, stupid, but oh well). Once I deleted a major file, that didn't help either, but anyway. You shouldn't have bought it.
EDIT: Um, so much for my newer version. Version 2.3.6 developement release is here. Smile
...You shouldn't have bought it....

Yeah no kidding. In my defense, that was 3 or 4 years ago when I was a total newbie to the internet. And I think it does actually contain a Script Fu file to create animated GIFs (like flaming text and whatnot) that is not included in the official open source GIMP. So it wasn't a total rip. Kind of more like a 90% rip... *chuckle*...

Oh well... live and learn... Embarassed

BTW, I think it's buggy not because I don't have the latest version (like I said I just downloaded the latest a couple months back) but rather because it's not really made for Windows. Probably works like a dream on Linux.
I'm not sure what software to recommend to you either. If you don't "get" Photoshop, that is really the gold-standard for such things. Most everything else tries to emulate it in some way or another. It really is quite a complex program, but, kind of like Word, most of us just use about 10% of the feature set and ignore the rest. =)

Personally, I'd recommend retrying out Photoshop. Grab a good book and try to learn it that way. But, if you have friends that use Photoshop, have them show you a few things.

You'll be a lot better off learning Photoshop if you have any intentions on earning a living (or even earning a little) doing this kind of work.

Anybody have suggestions for a good beginner's Photoshop book? I had to learn by a lot of trial and error; a good book really would have sped things up for me.
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