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Call of Duty 2

I adore Call of Duty '. Graphics are excellent, subject is completely real, talkings make you feel as if you are in the war.Only negative thing that i can say about this game is you no health, when you rest for a while after being wounded you will be recovered..I dont like it. But i recommend this game to u.
I played it a couple of times but when I played it it was nice it was real good graphics and ists so fun when your p laying it, I only played the demo for a while and played the real thing but it was good.
I have an amd Athlon 1700 xp+ 256 ddr ram and a geforce 3 ti 200
so if I want to play CoD2 it looks crappier than CoD1 : -D
But it is still so much fun. I love the Multiplayer maps because you can
hide almost everywhere. Unfortunately I borrowed the game to a friend so
I can't play at the moment : -(..
The game is almost perfect. It is extremal hard in my opinion. Which is great! Unlike most games it keeps you entertained. But i have not played it on the Computer. Only on the Xbox 360. Not sure what the card is in the Xbox 360 but it is un real because everythign looks almsot real. The game i have to say is a beyong perfect game just like Perfect Dark.
I have played the game both on pc, and on xbox 360. I think it's a fun game, and love the graphics. They seem better on the xbox, but that might just be because its graphics card is better than the one in my pc. To me, the only drawback is that when playing xbox live, only one player on your side can be playing. It would be SOO much better if you could have guests share your screen and play with other people over xbox live.

I like the fact that your health regenerates after a while. It gives everyone a fair chance to kill others. Also, if a very good player keeps playing, the health would usually decrease, and a single shot by an amateur would kill that player. However it doesn't matter how long a player goes without dieing, as they are equal.
That concept of health restoring after a while is kind of .. umm.. sensless. I mean if you get shot in the leg a bunch of times, and you don't bandage it, you'll be semi-alright for a while, but you'll eventually loose to much blood, pass out, and then die. So really time would have an opposite effect if you were wounded by bullets. But other than that, the game looks great. I will definately buy it as soon as possible.
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