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What will Roberto CARLOS do?

Roberto carlos is not satisfied with his team. Because all the stars who all the people talk about was gathered only in one team-Real Madrid? But there must be eleven of them at the beginning? That means all the others must stay at the bench? And this stars lose their brightness gradually? What would you do if you were Roberto?
Well I as a fan Of Real Madrid of that he will stay at Real.. cos he good player and give all his heart on everey game.. but I think that he want leave to Brazil.. and that sadlly.. But i can understand him
I'll go back to my country, Brazil, and ending my career there
roberto carlos is a very good player and many giant clubs would want him in theirs team. Real Madrid is a total disaster becouse even i know you cant have 15 superstar players in a team becouse they cannot all play and if they dont play they are offended and start to shit all over(you know what i mean) Take Barcelona for exemple: Only two or three really famous players and rest 20 good and very good players that realise they cant play every game i dont think they are the best but they are fine with spending a game or two on bech when they are not in a good mood. I think roberto carlos is one of them and he would be better of in some other club with great potencial but needing a great player and worker!!
He'll probably stick around for another season and then go back to Brazil. Whether that one season is for Real Madrid or another team in Europe I don't know.
fenerbahce wants to carlos
Many european teams want him,he is great defender with powerful shot:).But if he want to end his star career then he will go back to Brazil.
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