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Laptop LCD to PC VGA

i need to know if its possable to wire up a LCD Laptop screen to runn of a normal VGA video card. is this possable?
I don't think so - laptop LCD screens will connect to the motherboards via a specific connector, so unless you were able to find out how to rewire it to use a standard VGA connector, I doubt it would run off a Desktop video card. There may also be issues with voltage output from the card etc.

Why do you want to do this if you don't mind me asking?
If you are talking about making a laptop LCD work like a regular LCD on desktop computers, it is possible.

When I was doing a search on how to fix that silly broken backlight on my laptop LCD, I saw a bunch of sites that teach you how to take the laptop LCD out and making it into a regular LCD.
As for how, i never paid attention when I came across articles teaching how so you'll have to do a search on Google.

Although like Animal said, why do you want to do this? In my opinion it's better just to buy a regular LCD, laptop ones are more expensive and not really meant to be modded to run off a desktop. If your laptop is dead or whatnot, wouldn't it be better to spend a few hundred to get new parts or get it fixed?
um if you mean like make it an reg output monitor to a desktop instead of the laptop it is possible but if you dont have a multimedia laptop that has that option then youll have to go buy a vga extender card that will take the laptop over by the dektop. its kinda expensive though last time i looked one up it was $80-100 and if your going to do that id just save and buy a reg lcd.
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