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Runescape Guide to Making Millions!!!

am i allowed to sell runescape guides??
Texas Al
Dunno, maybe. Here's my free version tho.

Chapter One: Crafting
Run around the cow field on a crouwded server and gather millions of cowhides. Make them into leather armor and sell them for 1gp each until you can craft silver. Log onto an underpopulated server and spend several continuous days doing nothing but mining silver. Smelt it into ingots, form it into talismans, and sell them for 1gp each until you can craft gold. Get into the craft guild and spend the rest of your life smelting it and crafting rings and amulets.

Chapter Two: Mining/Smithing
Mine all the copper you can carry. Smelt it all. Smith it all to whatever the most expensive thing you can make (eventually breastplates IIRC). End up selling them all for 1gp anyway. Hate all the n00bs who are stealing "your" ore. Repeat with iron, iron and coal, mithril, adamanth, and finally runestone. There are like two rocks of it somewhere north in the wilderness. Spend the rest of your life trying to mine those two and hating all the PKers who will be killing you every three minutes.

Chapter Three: Cooking
Fish, fry fish, sell fish, repeat.

Chapter Four: Making Money
Server hop and drain all the shops of their arrows and runes. Resell the arrows and runes to players who can't seem to find enough arrows and runes in the shops. Advanced: hang around on various Runescape boards; buy stuff from people who are more obsessive-compulsive than you and sell it to people who are less obsessive-compulsive than you. Either that or just walk around begging... I never gave stuff to people who did that but someone must have, because they kept doing it. Or, if you're rich and impatient, just log onto eBay and search for "Runescape". Pretend to be scared of Runescape's "strict" policy on such things.

Chapter Five: Quests
Do all the quests. If you want to be a "pure" (Runescape terminology for l33t little prick) do only the quests that the Runescape docs don't say give you magic or prayer. Hold off on doing the dragon quest until you get tired of looting the stuff left behind by people who get killed by the dragon.

Chapter Six: PKing
Grab a sword. Train your attack in that village to the north east, in the training room. Fight wimpy monsters in aggressive mode and keep upgrading your weapon to the best one you can wield. Head north until you see players killing each other. Kill and be killed.

Chapter Seven: Avoiding Flunking All Your Classes
You're on your own with this one. Just remember, having a passing grade point average doesn't give you any XP or gold.
Lol, Nice guide Texas Al! It shows you have lots of logic Very Happy !
That's what I hope to sell here on FriHost. I have developed (still in the process) a guide for money-making. I need to finish it up, clean it up, and then I am going to add images.
Ah i used to play that game, was a a succesful miner, however to be honest in order to become a multi-millionare you need to work in trading. I made alot of my money (about 80 mil of it at least) in selling rare items. Once you work with lots of cash all you do is jsut try to find bargain deals on phats that are millions gp cheaper, however as for guides you can sell them on ebay but you must put the same disclaimer as you would anywhere else. Because Runescape is a property of Jagex and reproduction of anything of theirs (all rights) could result in serious consequences, other then that Texas you got it down pretty well.
selling a guide on here is not against copy right laws
only selling an acount is
lmao What texas wrote is like what all you need to get by Runescape and make money Also if you go to you could find everything you need to knoe. I think we just took out your business if you even started one.
Ill buy a copy for 10 Frih$, I have always wanted to see what is in these runescape money making guides but never want to pay 8 bucks for one of them.
i have the original guide and 2 others too and they have helped me alot
ill sell it 10 frih$ pm me
I used to play runescape back when it was 2-D, and there was a place where you could continuously find a gold dagger. I just went in and out of that place collecting gold daggers, and then selling them. It was in a castle inside of the front gate. This may not be accurate information anymore, but it turned out to be a good money-making strategy.
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