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Booting Linux using Windows boot loader

If you install XP and have 98 or ME already installed XP adds a boot loader to allow you to choose between the two OSs. Is it possible to also load a Linux partition using the Windows boot loader? I want to be able to choose between Linux, ME and XP using just one boot loader.

At present I first see GRUB which gives me a choice between Windows and Linux, and if I select Linux it then takes me to the Windows boot loader to select between XP and ME.
umm I dont think its possible to list linux under the windows xp boot loader but maybe you can add do this: under windows xp go to control panel then double click on "System", then click the "Advanced" tab, then click "Settings" under Startup and Recovery, a new window should come up on which you will see a button named "Edit" click it and thats where you might be able to add it if possible

hope this helps a little maybe there will be detailed information on what to put in there to make Linux a boot option somewhere else
Yes, it is very possible. First off, modify your boot.ini file to automatically load the operating system (basically, you'll need an orginal boot.ini). Then either edit the grub.conf file in Linux to have ME as an option or, depending on the distro, there may be some configuration panels from which you can do this.

Let me know if you need a more thorough explanation on how to do these things.

Thanks to both of you. I had tried editing the Windows startup ini file but the problem seemed to be that Windows simply couldn't see the Linux partition.

I will now see what I can do with the file. I had not tried this. By the way the distro I'm using is Mandriva 2006. Is there a config pane I could use instead?
If your boot directory is on a seperate partition (it really should be), make just that partition fat32.
Best is to use a third party boot manager to boot ,format convert, backup hide any partition you like. These softwares allow more than four primary partitions as well. Google for XOSL, Boot Now , Bootit NG(shareware).
Hi. It is possible to use the Windows boot loader to Load Linux instead of using GRUB or LILO. But the procedure is some what complicated. Here is a tutorial which shows how to use it to load Linux

Be sure to make a backup copy of the boot.ini file before you edit it.
Why would you want to? Both LILO and GRUB are far supirior to the windows bootloader.
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