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Taiwan- China or U.S.

Do you think Taiwan should be apart of China or do you think the U.S. Should Continue to protect Taiwan. The U.S. Currently has their Navy Close to Taiwan. And I think China is planning to attack. Currently, China says that Taiwan is a providence of China. What is your stand on this issue and why Question
well, that is probablly why the word "MainLand China" Exist, just like Hong Kong, i guess, Taiwan is a province of china.. but Taiwan is already one of the promissing country in the east asia when it come to Technology so its possible that it is one of the reason why china wants to claim it.. iguess..... Probably.....
Well, well, well.. i think war is out from this issue.. Uhm? History 101.. before Taiwan become a colony of the Dutch, its was really a part of China since the Ming Dynasty.. so i guess China have the rights to claim it "historically i guess"..

You know.. teritorial issues in southeast asia is a big headache to the respective heads of states.. uhm.. US bases in Taiwan really contributes a big part in the offensive and defensive strategies in the US military in the pacific, so these issues really arised i think .. Taiwan, being 1 of the countries in the asia researching new technolgies aside from Japan is hot in the eyes between these 2 countries.. if they want to resolve the issue.. Diplomatic Way should be done! Idea
Taiwan belongs to China forever
frozenhead wrote:
Diplomatic Way should be done! Idea

....... maybe cannot.

cnnet wrote:
Taiwan belongs to China forever

agree Very Happy
Taiwan is Chinese forever.The United States consider as what.China wants to tidy up Taiwan sooner or later.
Support the speeches of Chinese Government firmly
Diplomatic Way may be fistly considered. Taiwan never attempt to breakaway from China.Because it's belong to China Forever.......
Taiwan belongs to China forever,This is the fact that can not change.
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Though nearly everyone here supports China keeping taiwan 'forever', I personally don't like this concept. As a ABC (Australian Born Chinese), I don't understand why China has the right to 'keep' taiwan under it's control. Although I'm not really familiar with how China gained control of Taiwan, I personnaly think that the Taiwanese people back then were very happy with China having control of Taiwan.
cnnet wrote:
Taiwan belongs to China forever

yes never change!~
Not to stir up a conspiracy theory at all. But its highly like that US support of taiwan under current situations especially in the recent past was placed to slow down China uprising but creating political tension that is always bad on the stock market.

its quite logical to do so really.
This problem relates to political field, I cannot say anymore!
The topic is very heavy and sensitive for a chinese ,I hope taiwan go back to china,but at the same time ,the mainland and taiwan island both make same social system-----democracy and freedom.and not occur war between intercoastal.
Taiwan is much more prosperous than China, revolves around a different system, and Taiwanese people want to have their own country. I think China should give it up.
no,your opion is not reasonable.taiwan and mainland have common culture and language and history.if not exist social system obstacle,it is not moral and sadly to divide.
Because China considers Taiwan a province, it sees the US actions as an interference in Chinese internal affairs.
ok i know this may sound wrong im chinese and all, but i think china should stop thing theyre the best and leave taiwan alone.
Ive been to china. And i feel strongly about this issue.

I think taiwan should be allowed to do what they want. The government that fled to taiwan were equally brutal as the mainland governemnt.

However they seem to have stabilised and people in taiwan enjoy more freedoms then people on the mainland.

Even if taiwan is a seperate nation, they will always call it the "Mainland" because of the historical roots. Many people fled china to taiwan and they consider themselves chinese.

The mainland government of china ia brutal. I travelled in the west of china and the whol country side was dotted with camps. And its know still that the mainland china government round up falung gong and commit them to forced labor camps.

At the same time you have a massive desire for reunification from the public in taiwan because many consider themselves mainland chinese.
this post is more deeply.Independence of taiwan is dead way,likely cause world war.but taiwan can using it to improve mainland's social status.if mainland request taiwan reunification,taiwan inversely suggest mainland to implement polictal reform ,so mainland's people will support it .
this problem will active and unquestioned.
All mainland Chinese will say they support, they have hardly any individual thinking, they can never say a thing against their communist government, that's how I came to know lately. But once they leave their country ashore they started to think if Chinese government is good enough in protecting and giving individual freedom and they started to be against China.

And my respond to Taiwan issue is that this is a very difficult circumstances. In fact, Nationalist government that fled mainland China when communist swept across the mainland came to be based in Formosa today's Taiwan. And they have been progressing like anything. So, who is the legitimate representative of CHina, that was a big issue in UNO some decades ago. And now it belongs to China mainland. And if China mainland feels that they should force them to accept this fact, I think Taiwan also has the right to defend what they claim as their right. Didn't communist government force out Nationalist Government to run away to today's Taiwan? Who knows if Taiwan can actually capture the whole mainland China?

However, if they don't want bloodshed and really love Taiwan, they should negotiate it on the table. If they go striking US Ships in the China sea, who will suffer the most, its Chinese people.
Taiwan and China are same place . Idea

I think USA leads in world and thats what CHina dont like thatswhy they want to beat us[american]

There is not Reason.........USA is unbeatable..cheers Very Happy
US unbeatable... so was Rome.
i hate to do this, but i agree with derrida in the last post. rome was beaten because rome was hungry for more property and riches. china is hungry for more and want taiwan back. the chinese people in taiwan did not commit any crim when fleeing to taiwan. the quality of life in taiwan is much better than in china because they are free. communism is quite stable if done right, but the point is communism is impossible to be done right, simply because human instinct is to indulge in something americans like to call "choice". choice is the the reason we exist and without it people become miserable. communism will fall everytime it is built and if china wants to act irrationally they will be put back into place, hopefully destroyed, and most certainly they will cease to be an international problem. why? because the US has a president with the balls, the conviction, and the knowhow to solve international problems. im for peace, but if peace cannot be achieved by peace, it must be achieved by superior firepower. i know its like ****** for chastity, but thats a comparison between apples and oranges. peace is being threated by a radical group, we eliminate the radical group and peace is restored. once another radical group arises, peace is no more, peace can only then be restored by nothing short of superior firepower.
every chinese knows Taiwan belongs to China
tell that to the thai
i think man are live for live,not only for where are you,if we have a good life,the problem will out
Taiwan is a part of china.
If anyone want to change that fact,war will break out.
We ,china,taiwan,belong to one country
coobar wrote:
cnnet wrote:
Taiwan belongs to China forever

yes never change!~

Surprised Taiwan belongs to China forever Arrow
this is a very sensitive topic because some if not most of the taiwanese are already living on the island for more than 2 generations! Most young ppl won't even know about the history and can hardly feel any attachment to China.

Whereas Hong Kong already had a written agreement between the Brits and China, Taiwan has none. To consider Taiwan as China would be the same as calling your own home the government's home and you have no rights to it.

Furthermore, with such different ideologies - Taiwan being a democratic country and China a communist country, it's really difficult for both governments to exist and hence the integration wouldn't be as smooth as Hong Kong's.

Anyway, i think Taiwan should be left on its own. The current situation is good - Taiwanese computer parts manufacturers are all moving into China and setting up factories which is good for both countries, a win-win situation for both countries - so I think the current situation should be left alone.

But i think the Americans are worried b'cos once Taiwan becomes part of China their army equipment & weapons which are mostly US-made will become China's. So, naturally they are afraid the Chinese will reverse engineer their technologies and surpass them!
derrida wrote:
US unbeatable... so was Rome.

You can't compare Rome and US, Rome ruled the earth for 1000 years expanding their borderlines each century, US is a the most powerfull nation since the fall of URSS, so US need more 980 years to be compared to Rome.
its quite political on the growing power of china and the economic ties between Taiwan and America.
Tai Wan is a part a china,no matter in our hostry or in international laws.
Any one who want to change this fact or laws position,will have a disaster for her people
I think either of them shall be fair to each other, including States as well, in those civilization world, no one shall force another guys to behave as slaves, every one has his own freedome and rights of choice based on information fairly ditributed among them.
The States also some time really stipud 'cause they also try to force others, like Irap to perform something as they like and that is not fair either.
Warring is always the worst solution of the system conflict, like we back to hundred years ago
irock wrote:
Surprised Taiwan belongs to China forever Arrow

i agree with you~~
P.R. China on the one hand is trying to gain confidence of the Taiwanese people luring them to think that reunification is not a bad thing and the only option taiwanese "compatriots" (as the P.R.C. chinese call them), will be, is reunification.
To corroborate this view the P.R.C. is doing anything possible to a) Destroy politically and diplomatically Taiwan view around the world. b) Increase the economic dependence of Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwan economy as a whole, on Chinese low cost labour and low cost factory set up in the mainland.

This is for now! However, while P.R.China is increasingly getting wealthy and rich, they are modernizing their army, navy and airforce. They learned a lesson in the 50s when lost several battles and huge amount of plane and soldiers in their attempts to take back the islands in the Taiwan strait ( Kinmen or JinMen). A strong will to win, was not enough in the past and moreover these days. To win a war, P.R.China knows well, it is necessary to have state of the art weapons . This is what they are doing , getting rich, modernizing their war power, than getting ready to take Taiwan by force...on the one hand, while they will use Taiwanese assets in the mainland to blackmail Taiwanese economy on the other...

Taiwan is not Tibet though, It will not be so an easy step to invade Taiwan.
If not for American support of the island, China would have already taken it back .

The funny think about this issue is that P.R.China , in the 70s , when negotiating with US the restauration of diplomatic liks , would have eagerly agreed to give-up their claim on Taiwan . At that time there was no big interest on Taiwan, more interest was in clinching a deal with the Americans...

If only that stone head of Generalissimo Jiang , at that time, would have listened to his wife Madam Soong, nowdays we would have had the Republic of Taiwan...
Very Happy Very Happy
Taiwan for the moment BELONGS TO TAIWAN !!!!! Very Happy Very Happy

I have not seen any P.R. Chinese Comunist government official ruling Taiwan yet ! .... Am I wrong ??

I think Taiwan could also be part of China (not P.R China though !!) in the future. But only when the last comunist will have been buried....
TAIWAN does not belong to China!-china is a Virus Twisted Evil that wants to get larger and larger-and it remindes me of other country that thought this the not so far past,DARK PAST!! Exclamation Exclamation
OnlyOneLife wrote:
Do you think Taiwan should be apart of China or do you think the U.S. Should Continue to protect Taiwan. The U.S. Currently has their Navy Close to Taiwan. And I think China is planning to attack. Currently, China says that Taiwan is a providence of China. What is your stand on this issue and why Question

Taiwan citizens need to decide about that! Nobody else!!!
If China attak, Unated Nations must involve to protect Taiwan (from China or U.S., whatever).
I think the U.S. should not interfere in Chinese internal affairs because Taiwan is still belonging China and not a country, yet.
Well,as I am chinese
In my opinion,Taiwan had been a part of China .And right now is does not belong to china.
U.S. try to control Taiwan because it wants to control Asia,I think.Now its biggest 'enemy' is not China but Japan.If U.S. gets Tanwan,it will gain advantage over Japan in many fields.
China is not so strong as to challenge U.S. So,I think when Taiwan becomes a part of China,China must have been strong enough,at least stronger than Japan~
us should stop invading the asian country... Sad
zzly202 wrote:
I think the U.S. should not interfere in Chinese internal affairs because Taiwan is still belonging China and not a country, yet.

Wilbur, (and with you all those think that Taiwan is part of China now)

I think you are too young and higly indoctrinated by Chinese Comunist propaganda to understand that the island of Taiwan is Chinese as much as the Korean Peninsula and the islands of Japan.

Chinese armies stormed Tibet, a defensless, peaceful and independent Country. They annexed Tibet claiming it was part of China. Why not doing the same thing with the Korean peninsula ???? (in the 50s alredy tried supporting N.Korean troops !!) . Historically there could be more evidence of this land belonging to China than Taiwan itself.

Taiwan was ruled by Japanese for 50 years. Taiwanese people were happy with that ! Were happy to live with Japanese system. Invaders from China in 1947 changed the whole story.....

Taiwan is Taiwanese. The people of Taiwan should decide their fate, not the corrupted comunist bureocrats in Beijing !!!

Americans support Taiwan status-quo only out of their selfish interests , I agree with some of you. However better to withstand American interests than succumb to the will of the Comunist hunger for territorial supremacy...
wlb wrote:
Support the speeches of Chinese Government firmly

Yes,I think so.
Because I am Chinese.
I donnot want this'll let to the 3 rd World War!
I hope USA won't change her standpoint! Evil or Very Mad
Well, well, well.. i think war is out from this issue.. Uhm? History 101.. before Taiwan become a colony of the Dutch, its was really a part of China since the Ming Dynasty.. so i guess China have the rights to claim it "historically i guess"..

Most of the time I stay out of this kind of debate. But after reading some of the post here I have a comment.
If we hold to this type of thought. Each and every country would return to the original owner. ie. USA should go back to the American Indian!
And so on. Untill all the land returned back to the ones that were there first. Right?
Well that will never happen. So we are left with what the people want.
Not what others would like! It should be up to the people in question. Let them decide. And the rest of us support their choice. And if they need help staying free we should help them if they ask.
Mike 4652, I agree with you.

But it is not easy to debate this issue with mainland Chinese as they have years and years of indoctrinaed propaganda piercing into their brains.

Have you ever had a look at a Chinese world map ? Did you notice that in their maps Chinese territorial waters extend to the far south west seas outlining Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines etc.

In their opinion all this part of international and other national waters simply belong to CHINA!!!

On which ground, they claim that China owns half of the international and national waters in the South-West seas , nobody really knows.
OnlyOneLife wrote:
Do you think Taiwan should be apart of China or do you think the U.S. Should Continue to protect Taiwan. The U.S. Currently has their Navy Close to Taiwan. And I think China is planning to attack. Currently, China says that Taiwan is a providence of China. What is your stand on this issue and why Question

I definitely think Taiwan should be "apart" of China.

Jokes aside, China scares the crap out of me.
From my standpoint, I don't really think our opinions have little if not no effect on the future of Taiwan. The opinions that really count are the ones of the taiwanese and the ones know the history of their country (Or to China, China's providence). Only they can really make a good arguement to what should be done.
I'll now -close- this topic to prevent flaming.
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