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Need some constructive critics

He everybody, i just finished my website and would like to get some feedback from you.

I wouldn't recommend having 2 menus, it clutters the screen with redundant objects.

Looks a little busy maybe implement the same colour scheme on all page objects?
Looks pretty nice.

I agree with reshi. I would get rid of the menu at the top and just use the side menu.

One other thing. I don't know that I like the red text with your green scheme.
I would try a few other colours and see what looks good. I think Blue or yellow or even a dark green would look nicer, it's just a matter of finding the correct shade to use.

Something like this maybe. What do you think?
The blue has bled a little because the image is low quality but I find the colours easier on the eyes. Text would obviously be sharper if it was on the real page.

The layout is quite good and it generally looks a well designed site to me.
Several things:
We have # guests online. That line should get some padding to the right, in the boxes above you can see this, yet this line is fixed to the edge. Same would go for the login form.

The rating images, atm they are alligned to the bottom of the line, making them seam out of place. You should get them aligned on the same height as the text, makes the line more fluid.

Start Prev 1 2 .... Next

End shouldn't be on the next line, whilst your page by far isn't using my maximum screen width it is still getting cropped to the next line for some reason.

As for the menu along on the top, I actually like that, gives the user choice on what to use. Would expand the top menu to a dropdown menu myself though, making it more as a full navigation bar and have the left menu just direct to the main pages.
Hi Guys, thanks for your feedback, i think iīm going the text colour to green as paul_indo mentioned...

thanks again
Diebels Smile
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