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wealth wars

Wealth Wars

Wealth Wars is a game where you compete for real money. the best part is they start you off with $5, so you never put any of your own money into it, making it no risk. it's mostly text based but there are images too. You move around in this big world and come upon things. You'll run into mountains to search for money and prizes, stores for buying upgrades, deserted bases you can search to find money, and enemy bases. When you come into an enemy base, you have the option to spy. Spying let's you see how good their defense is. You always want to attack a person that has a lower fortification level than your attack level is, and spying let's you know. You can buy security upgrades, which catches people trying tp spy. So if somebody has a higher security level than your spying level, you'll get caught. But just because they catch you, doesn't mean their fortification is high too, so you might be able to attack still. You could just search mountains all the time without atatcking or anything, but then it's not as fun. It's a lot better once you start upgradeing and sttacking. The higher your attack level, and the higher the fortification of a persons base, the more you steal from them. You might get 10 or even 15 dollars at a time from somebody.
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