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Black and White

I loved the black and white series. I played and bought the first game, the expansion set and bought the second game. Sadly my computer wasn't good enough to handle the second game, so I couldn't play it. However, if you have a top of the line computer it would be a great game to get. In general, the black and white series was all about uniqueness. The first game was flawed in many ways, but for the time when it came out it was pretty good. Every decision you make in the games effects something. If you do evil things, you become evil. Your temple and the land around it changes to reflect the kind of decisions you make. There are multiple ways of completing quests which gives the game another sense of uniqueness. If you haven't tried playing them before and like that style of game, it's definitely worth a shot.
Black and White is definitely in the list of top games I've ever played. Very addicting. The game is very innovative in its gameplay, like you mentioned, and it's good to play something besides an FPS. I believe the genre for the game is 'God Game'
Yeah, it is the kind of game that you have to be quite patient to enjoy. It starts out kind of slow, but the more effort and care you put into the game the better your results are, and the more you own. Having a creature in Black and White definitely made the game what it is. In my opinion the game wouldn't be good if you couldn't get a creature. Just the way it starts out small, and you can teach it virtually whatever you want is a really cool feature. I always chose the tiger- even though the lion was stronger the tiger always looked cooler in my opinion. The freedom to make it good and evil also made the game quite unique. I made my tiger good to my villagers, but he kicked the butts of all the enemy villagers. Neutral ones he just impressed with his wide range of abilities. Very cool game like I said. Glad someone else likes it too. :)
omg i totally forgot about black and white. my buddy let me borrow it to play years ago. i had such a blast with that game just randomly throwing people lmao. but you did have to be patient with it. that is one game i wouldn't mind playing again.
I always played as the monkey. I will always love that game.
I always played as a tiger, never played B&W2 but 1 for sure as hell rocked. Have spent so many hours into it, was sick how the thing just kept learning more and more and along with that was so evil that it kept slaying other people in multiplayed and kept whiping out entire villages Laughing.
I played B&W 2. I didn't finish it though. By the fifth land it got kind of repetitive and the other god kept sending earthquakes to my village. I got annoyed and stopped playing. Its pretty good. If you liked the first one, the second one is much better. You can make armies and control over your creature is much easier.
yes,a very good game.i play it always
Did anyone play the expansion? It was kind of stupid at the beginning, with the -oh I really hated it- sheep trial. But near the end of the game it was really cool. I always had the lion... he was so good at fighting. Creature battles was probably my favorite aspect of that game. I always took pride in making a creature that could kick serious butt.
Black&White2 is a great game, only a bit small. I finished it within a week(!). But that's the only thing that I didn't like. It's hard to be a good god, I think. Being a evil god is easier.
Artifical Intelligent in this game is the evidence of it's brilliance
pookpooi wrote:
Artifical Intelligent in this game is the evidence of it's brilliance

You're totally right. I forgot to mention the AI.
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