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Counter Strike

I don't now it was that topic because i'm new here.

I play Counter Strike v 1.6, on server Albamatrix/don't angry for my english...i don't speak it very well
I've been playing CS 1.6 for two years now, and I'm amazing. =)

Hopefully I'll have the time this summer to make a CS video "root"
Played counter-strike for about a year... 1.5 patch, and now i play steam and source... by far the best online computer game ever!! in my opinion
CS 1.6 is amazing but after having played it for more than 4 years ( including cs 1.5 ) i got bored of this FPS game... i only play servers with mods like superhero mods and wc3 mods or else i wont play it at all. Try Enemy territory!! Its Free AND FUN!
I think it is too old to play nowadays. And boring, no good graphics.Now it is time to change our favourite game i think.
My friend played this game a lot a year ago, but he stopped to play socom 2&3. Counter strike seemed hard, wherever I went there were always people who were really good that killed me virtually instantly. So it was really hard to play or get any better. I never ended up getting any better myself, and gave up on the game. When I get a new desktop computer I plan on buying Half life2 and Counter strike source.
Ivory Keys
Ugh! Please don't strat about CS. It is the worst game I've ever played, seen!!! You can't c ommunicate in a normal way anymore with those who play it 24/7! :S The only thing they care about is playing wars with their clan and such. Man, a friend of me is totally addicted in a negative way. Others I know too. They do really bad in real live because the only thing they care abut is a stupid online game.

Nuf said
<---- owns u all @ cs because im high uber mega cheater.... not
I used to like CS:S but after playing Call of Duty 2 for a bit it just makes CS:S feel so crappy and unimmersive (is that a word?). Call of Duty 2 just feels a lot more realistic and immersive to me, i felt the same about the original really. I don't know why other fps games don't let you look down the ironsite of the guns it adds so much.
i don't know y people get addicted to CS but... i've tried and i think it's not as good as far cry or COD or doom
I'm addicted to cs, no joke. Even when I don't feel like playing I play. It's had such a negative impact on my life, but playing with friends and owning scrubs is so damn fun.
I do also play cs... alot cs, but my skills is even not that good as i mean they should be.

im in hoh as web marster and player we own server and we are alot great player, with respect for other player. if you ever join the server, and you find your self unacceptable treat from a member, then please write in our forum.

we like to play cs, and ofen. we are also changeing host right now, since our host now (7 days left) is crap., i have also writen that in the server as you can see.

- Elias Cool
kertmaster wrote:
I don't now it was that topic because i'm new here.

I play Counter Strike v 1.6, on server Albamatrix/don't angry for my english...i don't speak it very well

I think that we should upgrade Counter Strike to version 2.0 designed more smoothly scence, user interface is more attractive. As if we could live in the world of Counter Strike when we play CS 2.0.
I have played it. Enjoy!
I haven't played CS for a long time but when I did it was for hours and hours. I mean what else is there to do at college. The shotgun and TMP rule. So what if everyone calls them weak. I could take out entire teams with them and they were more fun. Laughing
I have this game, v. 1.6 Cool
i download the bot 4 this game Smile
I very like that game and i can't conect to internet game with CS 1.6
I think CS 1.6 is the best game in all of half-life, though source has better graphics I'm more of a classic kinda guy.
I think that cs 1.6 is totally cool and I've been playing it for like 2 years now! Its graphics, sounds and everything are good and my friends play it as well. we play it online using hamachi. Hamachi is a software that makes your computer and a few other computers a network. it's like p2p. ROCK ON!
I play both Source and 1.6. But when i now have playd Source for awile i acctuly thiks source is better then 1.6, i mean the graph and weapons is much much better. In the begining it was hard to go from 1.6 to source but i think it is worth a try atleast Wink
I could pwn you all at 1.6, actually i could pwn you all at every counter-strike ever made.
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