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worst jobs competition!!!!!!

hey ppl jus sittin here 20 minutes to 9pm and 20 minutes before my bedtime due to work Sad and its depressing me

so i thaught id post a thread asking you lovely frih hosters your jobs and how much they suck and for what reasons such as

im 19 yrs old, im a baker i work 5 days a week four of wich is a 4am start and on saturdays i start at 2am i lift and strain myself all day for 4 pound an hour its absolutely back breaking plus early in the moning and the 500 degree heat from the ovens its not very nice it is a crappy job but for some weird reason i like it i supose its making something that not every1 can and doing it well i constantly have customers compliment me on my bread and pastries but the money still sucks either way and the laqbour doesnt get any easier

so lemme know how bad your ppls jobs are so i dont feel so bad about mine goodnight ppl im up at 4 *sigh*
I'm 21, and work part time as a PC Technician for our University while I continue getting a degree. I get to choose my hours, come in whenever I want throughout the week, as long as I put a minimum of 5 hours in. Pay is good considering i'm an undergraduate.

I like it. Dancing

However, years ago when I was in High School, I worked as a lifeguard. That job was pretty much bad times. Teach screaming kids how to swim in cold water, clean up the bathrooms when you're not on duty, wake up at 5 AM for training, and we still got paid as much as fast food workers.

So I suppose the moral is, get an education, otherwise chances are you'll end up hating your job.
Worst job I had was working night shift in a saw mill. Since it was a job through a temp agency it was the crap work the mill didn't want to pay a decent wage for. I ended up shoveling saw dust from the corners of the mill into wheelbarrows all night. Every night for a week. I'd come home just as the sun was rising and just crash. After a week the mill decided they didn't need someone to shovel sawdust.
I am 22 and have started my own sewer clean up business. I know that it sounds dumb, but it is good money. Even though I have to clean up people's poo, i get paid good. It is probably the stinkyest job ever though.
omg you lucky s.o.b lol and i sypathise on the lifeguard job my mate used to do it an he hated it so much now he is doing somthing simalar to you in birmingham graphic desiign i think he gets all this free apple stuff Evil or Very Mad im so jealous

the saw mill job sounds rough but look on the brightside at least sawdust weighs next to nothing an how many corners can a room have i used to work as an order picker for an agency so i know what its like i work the 10pm to 6am shift so i know about walking home and the sun rising its really pretty but ur so tired u just dnt give a damn lol all u think of is ur bed

and sewers eeeeeeew i dont think my stomachs cut out for sifting through ... ya know but if the money is good then hey y not :-&
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