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This is Wibble:

Wibble is a lost and lonely inner child who has fallen out of someone’s insides. The above picture was taken of Wibble when he was still happily placed inside his person. This was when Wibble was loved, you might be able to tell by the little grin he bears. But now, I’m sad to say that it’s a very different story. Wibble has experienced many traumatic events. Now Wibble is not happy. The following photo was taken just last Monday, when I found Wibble wondering the wonderful world all by his Wibble self. Note: This image may cause distress.

As you can see, Wibble is not a happy inner child. You can tell he has had a distressing time. His smile has faded and a sad, in fact and inverted smile, has appeared. You can see that there are tears rolling down his face. He has grass stains on knees from his many tumbles through the treacherous towering blades of grass. And, probably the most distressing part of this image is his little left arm. Evidently someone mistook little Wibble for none less than a jelly baby. As you can tell these are very distressing circumstances.

I found Wibble last Monday, in fact he scared me at first – I thought he may be some kind of insect, but upon closer inspection I found that he was not an insect, and when I asked him who he was, he explained all about his traumatic travels. It brought a tear to my eye.

Over the next couple of weeks, you will have the opportunity to view the conversations I have had with Wibble, who has agreed to tell me, and you, all about his journeys and what it means to be an Inner Child. And if you have any questions for Wibble, by all means, ask - he said he's only too happy to answer them.
Yay! I remember Wibble in that waltdisney kid movie Smile
he was? Question
Olivia Wood
You know, for some reason I can really see some performace art going along with this thing. Wink You've got some really good imagery going there... and, uh, no offense, but I don't mean your actual drawing skills. Razz
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