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How was your new years eve/ new years day?

so how did you ring out the new year? i went to a club in the bay area and danced my ass off, got drunk, and partied with my girlfriend. it was a packed house, lots of good music, and just a great time. how was yours?
evilryu530 wrote:
so how did you ring out the new year? i went to a club in the bay area and danced my *** off, got drunk, and partied with my girlfriend. it was a packed house, lots of good music, and just a great time. how was yours?

I went to my aunts house then to a temple.To simply say....It was really great
It was great! Went to a friends house and played a couple of videogames.
In an example of new technology blending with old traditions, sending seasonal text message greetings has become essential for many Chinese people.

Xie Yi, 25, sent more than 50 Happy New Year messages to his relatives and friends on the evening of December 31.

Now, he has turned his attention to finding suitable words for his Spring Festival salutations, even though it isn't until January 29.

"I have to find some really creative messages for Spring Festival, and then I will become a big star and my messages will be passed around my friends," he said.

Mobile phone users in Shanghai sent over 180 million mobile messages between December 31 and January 1.

In Beijing, people sent more than 150 million texts in the two days, generating about 15 million yuan (US$1.86 million).

Zhao Yi, a spokesman for the world's largest mobile operator China Mobile, said the growth of the number of mobile messages is usually much higher during Spring Festival than during New Year's Day or Christmas.

He added that the contribution of the seasonal messages to his company is not very significant, but for other telecoms operators it is.

During last year's Spring Festival, Chinese people sent 11 billion messages during the seven-day vacation.

In the first 11 months of this year, as many as 274 billion messages were sent, 40 per cent higher than the same period in 2004.

Yu Zhangkun, an analyst with Beijing-based consulting firm Byna, said sending messages has become a custom for Chinese during festivals.

"After three to four years of development, sending greeting messages has melted into the blood of the people," he said.
We've seen the passing of another year
For many its been filled with pains and tears..
We've seen our loved ones in their decline
We've to accept that they wont be fine
some of us had to say Gud bye

To a long time loved one We've all cried
But there have been times in this past year
That certain events have brought us cheer
There are so many friends that are on the list
And I know there's names I will have missed.
But better friends I could not have bought
And here isjust a New Year's Thought

If it were possible that a wish could come true,
then this is my New Years wish for you
May the coming year be full of hope
And may we be given the strength to cope..

Let courage faith and patience abound
And let us pray that a cure will be found
and now at the close of another year
My friends, I wish you a happy new year...
A Great New Year Eve!I 've joined the greatest party at all.
Next day, I found I should sleep for a whole day.
I spent it with my family, my grandparents and, naturally, my PC. It was very great and funny! Very Happy
party with friends on 31st night and with my girlfriend on 1st... njoyed well Razz
well as usual.. im stuffed... heheh.. you see its my annual practice to eat a lot of food during nw yr and xmas.. well my new yr was quite fun.. it was full of surprises.. but i'm afraid that i ran into some bad luck these previous days.. but i guess that's just the way life is.. Laughing
I partied with my church group and then had a madden tournament
Oh jeez it was booring. We went to great-grandma's place and the whole family was there and that means too much people in a way too small appartment. Same stupid questions they always ask about health, job, you know the kind of questions you ask just to say something. My son was the only kid in the place and it was awful for him, an aunt even forgot to bring him his present so kiddo has nothing to play with and was asking me to go home all evening (he's 4 years old).

I wish I could have just send cards to all of them or a few phone calls and then go party at a club with my husband. I really should do that for I hate family reunions.
Spent my New Year Eve outside watching the fireworks Cool

On the New Year Day, I just stay at home watching tv.
Me and my girlfriend went to the pub, me intending to get drunk with her, at 11 she felt ill and wanted to go back to mine, when we got back to mine we stayed up till 12, then watched some tv, and went to sleep.. dissapionting really
I went to a friend of mine's party on New Year's Eve. it was okay, but it was mostly a bunch of high school sophomores and juniors (she's a senior, I'm a college freshman) that I didn't really know. Plus I had a headache the whole time. So it wasn't great, but I wouldn't say horrible.

New Year's Day, however, was SO great. One of my best friends moved away 3 years ago came back to visit, I hadn't seen him or talked to him (we chatted on IM a few times a year, but that was it) since he left. And it was great how we just picked back up where we left off. He's matured and grown a lot, and he claims I have, too, but we did so evenly. We're still on the same level. We went to the mall, then Starbucks, then he forced me to watch Star Wars Episode IV because I'd never seen it, then we went to see Fun With Dick and Jane at the theater with a few other friends (As a side note, EVERYONE MUS SEE THAT MOVIE. I'm not a Jim Carrey fan, but it was really good)
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