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Happy New Year - NOT

Damn, did this happen to anyone out there? I got pickpocket during the new year celebrations. I realised it right after midnight...just as the fireworks were going off. Apparently there were lots of other victims too. Well, be more careful next time folks.

Happy New Year anyway...
Nope, i got very drunk, someone could have taken my wallet that i wouldn't have noticed. Thankfully Brussels is not a pickpocket city (or so i still haven't noticed).

Sorry for you though, but it was before midnight right ? This year will be better won"t it ?

Happy nex year anyway
Unfortunately, crowds with so many bumping into each other make it very easy pickings for criminals and they come out to have their fun.
I don't carry a wallet in those situations, instead, money and an i.d. are in my pants front pocket. Much more difficult for someone to pick though not impossible.
I agree to standready, I too keep my wallet in my front pocket of pant, It's another matter that I find it uncomfortable to keep it in the back pocket. And there are plenty of thieves in the open, stay alert, By the way Happy new year to everyone!! Smile
Must say I've never been partial to crowds and bumping. I try and stay away from them period. If everyone is out I'm in, and if everyone is in I'm out.
I went to the new years celebration in Times Square about 11 years ago. It was so crowded I'm not sure anyone could have pick-pocketed if they'd wanted to--I couldn't even raise my hand to check the time, or bend over to tie my shoe. That was during the whole Y2K thing and everyone turned out for the end of the world. Not sure if it's typically that crowded or not for New Years, but it was actually down-right scary how crammed we all were, in that tiny space. If there had been some reason to leave quickly, there probably would have been a lot of dead people that night.
I got drunk this new year but had a great time at the party and had a terrible hangover the next day.
But although problems keep arising, I want to have a better outlook, not just at the start of the year, but every single day.
That's one of the reasons why I tend to celebrate the holidays at a friends place rather than going out. This saves me money on booze, public transit, and not to mention the boisterous crowds. True, I do miss out on fireworks, but then I've seen them so many times that it's gotten to the point where it's no longer worth the effort and money to go see them.

Sorry to hear your New Years wasn't spectacular though.
Happy New Year 2017 to all of the user of this forum and wish you a new year and it brings more happiness than previous.
Well yeah happy new year!!!! 2017 might get worse than 2016!!!
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