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Wireless Internet..

Anyone heard of it? it is meant to be really fast and doesnt have to come through wires and should be released late this year :O anymore info please because my broadband got cut-off because they said we couldnt recieve to even though we were recieving it for over month and dial up is slow, satalittle wont be much better Crying or Very sad
It is available in some places in India and you should be connected to the nearest HOTSPOT ,like cellphone signals .WiFi is not a new one it has already existed in the form of WAP in cellhones now it is available for Laptop users or Desktops with WiFi capable
I've seen some posts on forums in Indonesia about WiFi.
Raving about how good it is, and cheap.

Anyone in Jakarta have any info about this, where can I get it? what does it cost?

I haven't actually met anyone who has heard of it here so maybe it's just a myth.

Internet in Indo is absurdly slow and unrelliable. depends very much on the street you live in. I had 64kbs cable for 3 months but never got more than 11kbs download speed so I ditched it. When I lived 2km away I got up to 70kbs from the same provider. Wierd.
wired internet is faster. wireless is just a way to make it more convenient for you. but wired internet is still faster. and another thing is... wireless internet is not perfect. usually you get signal drops then you gotta restart your router.
There's a whole city in Pennsylvania (Philly) that's planning on going wireless. It's a great thing, wireless modems are now more common place in house houlds (less clutter). Many college campuses are wireless too. Apple's computers have built in wireless and bluetooth and can connect to just about anything. More and more cafe have hot spots too, and if you're a cheap jerk and your neighbor has wireless set up in their house, you can mooch off of them as long as your close enough to their router.[/quote]
I have wireless internet
well, dsl is still better than wi-fi. becaue when it rains, it's slow! ^^
We have a wireless network at home wich we connect to the Internet through.
That's very nice and easy so we can be online anywhere in our house.

I am pretty sure that we have a couple of hotspots here in Tromsø (or Tromso) in Norway who belongs to the university here.

I have also heard about a fiber-optic (if it is said that way) broadband line wich also belongs to the univerity, who send broadband with light through special cables instead of electricity in normal cables. This last thing is not availble for everyone, but only the people who work there and the students.
Yeah the Providers have these rules that if you exceed a certain distance (here its 3-4 km) thay say thay can't deliver the perfect service.

So.... being an ol "networker", I broke into the small central in the village, put in my "stuff", went home (linear distance 6.2 km) set up the other part of my "stuff", meassured it and got a 100/100 at 2 megs., sent the info to the Company and had them in the phone the following morning,,,, with the words "KFDIRJTBGKFOPFGYDHWR!!!!!!", when I laughlingly pointed out that I was happy to receive a legal suit, they clamed up but still didn't want to deliver.

As I don't see any point in sueing one of the worlds largest Phone Companies, I let it go and have set up a point to point directional mesh network with a 1 W amp and 24dbi directional antennas in both ends (village to farm) NLOS.
I'm posting this right now from a wireless internet connection on a college campus.

Wireless internet is extremely convenient for obvious reasons, but it is slower than a regular land line and much less secure if you're using an unlocked wireless connection. Plus, if you have a bad wireless card or driver (Intel 2200bg like I have) then you might have problems finding or connecting to a signal.
pros: no wires basically is available at most public places, and is easy to connect to

cons: quite expensive for wifi, slower that dsl and cable, and can short out if the signal fades too much.

its a hard descision but if you want to go for less hardware then go wireless.
Google is developing it's own WiFi service. San Fransisco or so is the first city in which they'll begin with this. Free WiFi internet in exchange for text ads. If they will continue with that and manage to create a world wide network that way I'll praise them my god Razz.
Does anyone knows how to secure wireless networks. Does encryption and stuff like that help?
^^ WPA + Radius
I use verizon's wireless network. I have only found a few spots at which i have not had access.
I'm a tech support agent for comcast wireless home networking. Let me tell ya, wireless keyboards and mice=beautiful, but trust me you should keep your internet wired.
Wireless network connections are easier to break into than a size 50 shoe...
Wireless internet? I thought it was out already....or maybe that's a wireless router.... Confused

where i can get it??? Crying or Very sad
I run a wireless isp across a small section of rural Scotland. We have 2 satellite down links (2 Mb each) and 25 Locustworld meshboxes to distribute around the countryside. The antennae are on people's chimneys for the meshboxes and the rest have cb3 boxes screwed to their outside walls. We have about 45 customers so far.

The speed of the individual links depends on the strength of the signal from the nearest meshbox, typicaly 1 or 2 Mbit, which is a good match to the downlink.

We do it because the wiring in this area is too poor for adsl.

Yes it can be done!

Don't they installed thoes in central phildilphia so that people can use the internet for free in parks?
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