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who are you????????????????????????????

are you a guy or a girl???
 77%  [ 7 ]
 22%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 9

ok asl's

age ,sex (gender),location

i want to know everyone who replies to this posts asl because i have noticed that the profiles on this site do not have this info Sad and i think it would be cool to know who your talking to how old they are where they are from an if they ar a dude or a dudette simple and if possible post a pic of yourself to show what you look like i think it will be intresting too to see the guy girl ratio of who uses these forumn and if you like add a little bout yourself lets make a propper forumn community Very Happy

here ill start the runnings with myself Mr. Green
I have this feeling that this topic is goin to get locked as many other very similar, like Smile

Anyway: 27, female, Slovakia

But u know there is this sayin "Excellence knows no gender." Wink
hey im yan im 19/m/west midlands im in to rock music,web design,forumns,3d design and modeling ususally for game mod teams i like drawing and working in flash and photoshop i work as a baker wich is probably the hardest worst payed job ever but i like it for some unknown strange reason anyway thats me hopefully you people will carry on this post and leave comments about myself and other posters thaks for your time

blunty Very Happy

\/ \/ this is me \/ \/

hey i hope it doesnt get locked Sad will suck if it does cus its not hurting any1 plus its personal choice if they want to post their details up any way hello good to meet you Very Happy
Can't belive your poll states 100% guys. Especially as you had a reply from a girl in Slovakia! strange. Anyway to ablige, I'm probably the oldest dude on Frihost Smile

Age 49, Sex: as often as a can get these days, job: IT Business development, Interests: Cars, Indie music (yep even at my age).

Really cool to see young guys and girls doing the Mod stuff and liking the Kinks and The Who, how cool is that, I was a Mod many years ago and road a Lambretta Li150, fish-tail parker, ben sherman the lot. Great to see it all back.
710ths wrote:
Can't belive your poll states 100% guys. Especially as you had a reply from a girl in Slovakia! strange.

My fault i forgot. Embarassed I was so focused on that it will get locked that i didnt vote, done now. Wink Why is there gurl instead of girl btw?
hmm, i feel old hehe. i work as a freelance artist, pretty crazy job, i daresay. i've got regular companies im freelancing with, the most stable job i have is being an in-betweener/clean-up in an animation company here in our country

and uh... blunty, bout your sig, are you listening to emo music and the like? it sounds kinda familiar

and oh, forgot my interest. music and drawing. i play drums and sing. and you wont believe it (especially in my small build, aside from the fact that im a girl) but i eat like there's no tomorrow
Blunty, are you trying to meet girls on a forum ? Asl's are like the first crapy thing you ask to someone you just met in a chat room...
lmao garg nar not tryin to meet girls i have a beautifull gf who i love with all my heart she is more than enough for me im jus curious to the guy girl ratio an where they all from and how old thats all jus when u see ppl names next to post 9 times out of ten u cant tell even if they male or female

and as for the gurl post i dunno its habbit from msn putting gurl or gal or dudette lol and yes i do listen to emo music if your a fan then u must listen to panic at the disco absolutely brilliant band but not as good as mcr or the used

as for the mod comment im not really a mod i get called an emo mods are kind of a thing of the past the only resemblence out generation has to mods is what we call ska or skankers

thnks for the posts peeps keep em coming

no pics yet tho kinda dissapointed Sad
Mr. McCoy
blunty666 wrote:
ok asl's

age ,sex (gender),location

sex: male
Location: Denmark

I love rules.

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