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Will U give an Advice

I am new to this, Will u give me tips to build " my site "; Laughing
LOL, use HTML, nice. Yes, learn and use HTML, also learn .css, and learn JavaScript. Don't get sucked into using editors like Frontpage and Dreamweaver, use Notepad, it's all you need. And make sure that you validate your HTML, so that it looks correctly on all web browsers.
Jeez, all these scripts seem very difficult to master like java and htpl.
HTML is extremely easy to learn...and (basic) CSS is but an extension of html.

Javascript is a little harder but the basic stuff is once again very easy to master

My tips

Get a good graphics program ( )

Draw everything out on paper first

Then make a image with all the stuff for your page

Then learn html and basic CSS (there are absolutely tons of tutorials on the net, but the W3C ones are pretty good )

Make a single site in which everything works perfectly

Use this site as a template for all the rest of the pages(once your there, using css for this is very effective)

Dont be affraid to ask in the forums very really helps and doesnt bother anyone...promise(!)

An extra tip: Decide on two colours (appart from black and white) and use these two colours through out your site...
Nothing's easy.. make mistakes.
I like Dreamweaver, it saves tons of time over using only a text editor. I always try to find a good editor specific tool for whatever I am developing. For example if I am using Java I will use Eclipse or Netbeans depending on the type of application I am writing.
Yeah, there definitely is an upside to html editors like GoLive or dreamweaver. However, you will be much better off (in my opinion) learning html etc. Then you can use the html editors much better. Also this method is far cheaper!

That way you won't be like me and know how to use a program, but not know what all those tags are.

Good luck!
Besides all the design things people listed...
  • Don't use netspeak on your site
  • Try to add one page of content a day as you work on it
  • Don't plan on having it up in less then about three months
Arrow Know the basics of HTML. I used Lissa's HTML Tutorial for kids, so its really really easy to comprehend.
Arrow Make an outline of what you want to put in your webpage. So its easier for you to make a menu.
Arrow Find out what the current trend is in designing webpages.
Arrow Start with something simple.
Arrow Download a freeware HTML editor like HTML Kit from
Arrow Always try to update your webpage as much as possible.

Have fun! Smile
When you are making a template for your site you should
create a template that you can use to create each page of
your web site. This will give your entire site the same look
and feel for viewers.
Your template will be your entire page design, logo, images, navigational links. However, your template won't
contain any content, as each time you create a page with
your template, you'll save it with a different page name.
Maybe you can use a free basic web design program such as You should really learn how to use html. If you only use drag and drop editors which are extremely easy to use and there is no need to know any html, you will be used to it and it will be hard to move to html.
Dreamweaver and Frontpage are excellent tools. They save time for when building a site with html. When you are using notepad and building your entire site with that. It will take forever.
Go to It is a simple html tutorial which covers the basics and you will learn lots of things with html.
Hi, I heard that you need some advice for designing a website. Well, the first thing you need is to get a web designer software. The easiest one to use is WYSIWYG softwares or Composite type software(containing both html code and visual design interface). Here is a recommended list:
-Dreamweaver MX(by Macromedia)
-Cold Fusion(by Macromedia)
-Home Site+(by Macromedia)
-CoffeeCup VisualSite Designer(by CoffeeCup)
-Xara Webstyle 4(by Xara Corp.)
-Microsoft FrontPage(by Microsoft)
-Java2 Software Development Kit(by Java Sun OS)
-Adobe Creative Suite 2(by Adobe)
and a few others.
Many people these days also incorporate a lot of flash contents into their websites. In that case, you'll need Flash related software as well. The best one out there right now is Macromedia Flash MX.
Once you get the main frame i.e. the homepage of your website going, the rest is cheese.
You'll of course need to know html and preferably Java script and Xhtml or simply referred to as xml(The new generation of html).
Most website of today features slick 3D like design or skinning and a cool interface with easily accessaible features. If you were unable to match that of the professionals, you can at least get as close as possible to their level and eventually, you will get there and surpass them.
neomax wrote:
I am new to this, Will u give me tips to build " my site "; Laughing

Try using this site to start off with:
First learn html/css/java and then if you know them, you can use the wysiwygnprograms as Dreamweaver, GoLive... It speeds up the process of making a website a lot. But if you start with Dreaweaver alone you will get lazy and never learn html Wink
Also handy is a html/xhtml validator to clean up your code
yes. make sure to make a nice design thats good on the eyes. Make sure its compatible with both firefox and IE. I dont give much for any of those quick sites made in frontpage which looks bad in firefox. learn some html and code in a real html editor - when you have learned it everything is much easier than before. and html is pretty easy to learn.
and make sure you keep the website design original.
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