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New Here

Hey all, I'm making a website here and it's gonna' rock. But I need to know what I should make it on. Any Ideas? My first one was a Sony fansite. But I can't think of anything. I looked on the internet and found this list, I'm gonna post it below, but I don't like any of them. Could somebody think of a combination between 2 or 3 of 'em? 1. Scenic Photography (Share your fantastic photos with others on the Net.)

2. Baby Tips (Your motherly expertise could benefit new mothers just starting out.)

3. Wedding Ideas

4. Parenting Tips

5. Pet Training

6. Camping

7. Fishing Resources and Advice

8. Travel (Tell others about the places your family has travelled - provide photos, maps, great eating places, etc.)

9. College Resources (Great for students helping other students find the right college.)

10. Crafts (Share your unique way of craft-making.)

11. Wood Products (Ideas for creative wood furniture along with instructions and material resources.)

12. Sewing (Share your special sewing techniques with others around the world.)

13. Office Organization (You'll find that people who run a busy office are always looking for ways to improve the office atmosphere. You can show how to organize, prepare paperwork, manage and distribute work load, etc.)

14. Music (Music lovers will adore you for building a resource site for music lyrics, musical instruments and where to get them, music reading tips, etc...)

15. Movies (Name your favorite movies and give reviews on them.)

16. Volunteer (Your free time will be valuable to your Church or organization. You can build a site for your favorite organization and help fulfill it's purpose on the Net.)

17. Gardening

18. Sports

19. Computer Training

20. School

21. Literature

22. History (American, African American, Native American, etc... -- Choose your favorite history, research it and share the facts with others.)

23. Special Interest (Perhaps you're a huge fan of a certain collectible item and would like to provide a list of resources about the item.)

24. Horseback Riding

25. Bike Riding

26. Mountain Climbing

27. Go-Kart Racing

28. Fishing

29. Writing

30. Reading

31. Surfing (in the ocean, of course)

32. Singing

33. Teaching

34. Composing Music

35. Instrumental (piano, guitar, drums, trumpet, etc...)

36. Cooking Tips

37. Cooking Recipes (Perhaps you've discovered the secret to cooking brocolli casserole just right, or... know someone who has?)

38. Jokes (Build a site of jokes to keep your visitors laughing and laughing and laughing...ha...ha...)

39. Comedy (Not limited to jokes, but just fun stuff you find on the Web.)

40. Art

41. Astronomy

42. Chemistry (Something I never quite grasped, but maybe you did.)

43. Engineering

44. Electronics

45. Science

46. Medicine

47. Herbs

48. Mountains

49. Oceans

50. Mysterious Discoveries

51. Animals

52. Cultures

53. Religion

54. Geography

55. Holidays (Have a Holiday theme for your site - change your site to suit each season.)

56. Languages (Include a listing of each language you can find and provide links to Websites that teach different languages.)

57. Enviroment

58. Boating

59. Government

60. Psychology

61. Games (Provide links to places where people can play free games online -- not necessarily gambling -- but, Monopoly, Scrabble, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy found at, etc.....)

62. Interior Decorating

63. Catering

64. Fashion

65. Farming

66. Garage/Yard Sales

67. Weather

68. Women

69. Men

70. Health

71. Excercise

72. Retirement (Information about successful retirement, best retirement locations in the world, money management, etc....)

73. Stock Market/Investing

74. Special Interest Books

75. Vacationing

76. Weight Loss (Tell how you lost weight to help others.)

77. Aging

78. Teenage Years

79. Home Care and Aid (Give tips about how to care for elderly or disabled loved ones, resources for medical assistance, etc...)

80. Grandparenting

81. Handy Work (Maybe you can offer great tips for fixing things around the house.)

82. Tools

83. Flying (airplanes, helicopters, etc....)

84. House Keeping

85. Flowers

86. Pottery

87. Children (Develop a site for children or about children.)

88. Gold/Silver (coin collections, value, going prices)

89. Unique Jewely

90. Cosmetics/Beauty

91. Hunting

92. National Parks

93. Archeology (An up-to-date factual site about ancient artifacts or a study of the history of archeology will be sufficient.)

94. Poetry

95. Shopping (Tell about your shopping experiences with local stores or National chains.)

96. Real Estate (Provide a free real estate site for your area.)

97. Safety (First aid tips and maneuver demonstrations for life-saving.)

98. Science Fiction

99. Marriage Secrets (Tips for men and women to make their marriage work.)

100. News (Provide daily or weekly updated news for your local region.)

101. Entertainment (Your local area may benefit from an informative entertainment site -- new movie arrivals at the theater, special events in your town or surrounding areas, etc....)
Well man, thats a whole lot of topic and i think you should make your website on the subjects you find interesting and can bring you lot of visitors.

Anyways, welcome to Frihost Community
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